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2D Animation Services

2D Animation Services


What do you mean by 2D Animation ?
2D animation is an art of creating videos containing movement in a two – dimensional space. iIt can include anything like characters, FX, backgrounds. The main aspect is that all happens in a 2D i.e. Two – Dimensional space.
2D Animation is created by drawing characters, backgrounds frame by frame and then these drawings are sequenced together. If we go into the details then, one second ( 1sec ) of time is divided into 24 frames. Animation is really a careful process, so sometimes tiresome. One second of animation can have as many as 24 drawings, characters, creatures, FX, etc. That means if we calculate 1 sec = 24 fps.
This was a general description about 2D animation. Now let us dig deep inside it and let us see how animation is used today.
2D Animation in today’s world :
2D animation is becoming more popular nowadays. It is seen usually in TV shows, video games, in educational videos, feature films, advertisements, in mobile apps and as well as on websites. Some popular examples of 2D animation are the very famous TV shows like, Rick and Morty and F is for Family. Some of the well known and famous social media platforms such as Snapchat are going to launch 2D animated series with 1-3 minute episodes.
“Animation nowadays is an emerging field that is used in many different fields whether it is corporate or it is an entertainment industry. Some of the fields where animation is widely used are : advertising sector, entertainment sector, and now even in education sector.
Nowadays, the demand for 2D animators who are able to create entertaining and engaging content has grown so much that it is now an emerging industry. There’s a high demand for skilled artists who can create motion graphics and can create original as well as appealing content.
One more emerging industry where 2D animation is widely used is content creation. Many content creators are hiring animators for their videos to make them more appealing and entertaining. In the future, this is also a field which will give rise to more opportunities for the animation industry.
What do 2D Animators Do ?
From the above description you may have got some idea of what 2D animation is and what 2D animators do. Well, basically their work is not just to move characters or add some effects, but when we dig deep inside of it then, the work of 2D animators is to create motion graphics to convey stories or messages with their talent.
There are some responsibilities of an animator. They are :
● Designing characters
● Creating special Effects
● Design sketching
● Developing storyboards
● Animating scenes
● Making transition of backgrounds
Well, this might seem like a lot, but to be frank, this is just one part of the job. Their job is divided into three parts :

  1. Pre- production : In this process a project is in the early stage and the team is working usually on the development of character and the story. There is a huge team working in the process,so all the work goes hand in hand like, script writing, dialog recording, layout of the video and character animation.
  2. Production : This is the main process, animators do their main job by giving life to the characters by adding movement animation into them. In this stage figures are being coloured and backgrounds are being set.
  3. Post- production : This is the final stage in animation, in this stage animators add final touches to the project like adding sound, adding appropriate flow to the animation, etc. After these processes the final project is being exported and the 2D animated video is ready to watch.
    Animators work in a team as there is a lot of work that consumes a lot of their time and so if all the work is to be done by a single person then, it will take a lot of time to complete the project. There can be many people in the team depending upon the amount of work and the deadline given.
    So now, if you know about the process of animation, then, we should now discuss the career options of animators.

Career Opportunities for Animators :


There are multiple career opportunities in the field of animation.
Some of them are :
● Animator
● Animation Supervisor
● Animation Director

● Character Designer
● Storyboard Artist
● Illustrator
● Graphic designer
● Motion designer
Now, let us see some of the service providers offering 2D animation services :
Buzzflick :
It is a storytelling 2D animation company which provides creative and innovative 2D animations to its clients. It covers almost all the aspects of an engagement driven 2d animation. It helps you to grow your audience by making interesting animations that attract its viewers.
The technologies used by Buzzflick are :
● Spine
● Adobe Animate
● Adobe After Effects
It provides complete support for all of your animation services.
Outsource 2 India :
It works and creates animation for both the corporate as well as entertainment sector.
Marketing Sector :
● Production of products and service demonstrations.
● Logo animation for corporations.
● Animation for the education sector.
Entertainment sector :
● Animation for short films.
● Animation for TV episodes.
● Animation done for storyboard progressions.
Outsource 2 India gives complete support for the 2D animation service.
PGBS Animators :
It provides complete support for your animation video in multiple ways.
It provides multiple services like :
● Gaming animation.
● 2D Cartoon animation.
● Videos including explanations.
● Motion graphic animation videos.
● Logo animation
● Whiteboard animation
● Flash animation
So, PGBS Animators provide you with a complete solution for your animation work.
So, these were some of the 2D animation services offered by different companies.
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