5 Best Transcription Services of 2022 Compared (Cheap & Accurate)

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Transcription services permit you to simply convert speech to text. you’ll be able to use these transcripts for video captions, podcast notes, different written content, and video annotation 5 Best Transcription Services


In this article, we’ve handpicked a number of the most effective transcribing services that you just will use to transcribe your existing audios and videos. 5 Best Transcription Services

The best transcription services compared

Why use a transcription service?

Using an internet transcription service can prevent the time you’d pay making an attempt to transcribe your audio and video files yourself.

The automatic transcription service helps you simply transcribe audio and video content into written language with simply many clicks.

Transcribed audio helps you keep in mind vital details from conferences, calls and webinars. Moreover, it additionally offers you a simple thanks to remodel and utilise your existing content into completely different formats. 5 Best Transcription Services

5 Best Transcription Services
5 Best Transcription Services

There ar other ways you’ll be able to use rewritten text on your WordPress web site. Here ar a few:

Create podcast notes to publish as diary posts
Summarize Zoom meeting notes for your remote team
Add correct captions to your videos to boost accessibility
Quickly produce written materials to boost your on-line courses
Create content upgrades and grow your email list

That being aforementioned, let’s take a glance at a number of the most effective transcription services on the market nowadays.

1. Rev


Rev may be a transcription service supplier that provides a spread of transcription connected services.

You’ll find support for audio transcriptions, video transcriptions, subtitles, subtitles and translations for a good form of audio and video files.

Rev is that the best transcription service in terms of error rate and transcription speed. it is not the quickest supplier, however it’s quick enough to deliver near-perfect text.

In general, straightforward transcriptions will be completed during a few hours with ninety nine accuracy.

This is a singular service in this they need human transcribers that use AI for speech recognition. this offers you the most effective of each world.

Additionally, all transcriptions created through this service ar FCC and ADA approved and Section 508 compliant, therefore your transcriptions are going to be absolutely compliant with accessibility pointers.

In addition to transcripts, captions, and subtitles, there’s a singular feature that gives live captioning for Zoom conferences and webinars.

This makes your conferences and on-line displays accessible to everybody.

Another distinctive feature Rev provides is support for foreign subtitles. If you’ve got a world audience, you’ll be able to simply produce polyglot subtitles for all the videos you edit.

Finally, there’s an excellent mobile app for iPhone and golem. It helps you to capture your concepts, meetings, lectures and additional on the go. you’ll be able to then transcribe your sounds with one click from at intervals the app.

Price: Rev transcripts begin at $1.25 per minute and $0.25 per minute for a machine-generated transcript with eightieth accuracy.

Rush transcriptions ar offered for an additional charge per minute of audio or video and can be completed five times quicker.

2. Scribe


Scribie may be a nice transcription supplier that provides each automatic and manual transcription services. you will find a good vary of options and transcription choices for any budget.

The manual transcription service is ninety-nine correct and includes a thirty six hour work time. you furthermore might have the choice to feature a file of subtitles, time committal to writing, precise subtitles, speaker trailing and additional.

You can track the progress of your transcription and even transfer versions as they’re completed. this may be helpful if you wish a operating version of a document for immediate use.

They additionally stand by the standard of their transcripts. If you’re not glad with the standard, you’ll be able to request a free revision, which is able to have a fast turnaround someday.

The transcription method with Scribie is super straightforward. All you’ve got to try and do is transfer your file, select an idea, create a payment and you will get your Word file back in your chosen timeline.

Pricing: Scribie valuation starts at $0.80 per minute for manual transcription and $0.10 per minute for automatic transcription.

Files wherever the speaker has associate degree accent, the audio file is of quality, or there’s background ar charged a further $0.50 per minute.

3. GoTranscript


GoTranscript is one amongst the foremost correct transcription services.

They provide terribly correct transcriptions of audio files with hard-to-understand accents. additionally, there’s support for forty eight completely different languages and files that have multiple accents in one sound.

If you’ve got audio that’s tough to decipher, includes a heap of background, or is otherwise poor quality, then GoTranscript is value a strive.

They do an excellent job handling complicated comes like STEM, educational and technical documents.

There is a fast turnaround, particularly with respect to his manual transcription of complicated and intensive topics.

However, if you’re not within the UK, the temporal order is also completely different because the time quotes ar supported their zone.

The price is kind of reasonable, considering the accuracy of the transcription you get.

Cost: GoTranscript starts at $0.90 per minute of audio. costs increase thanks to quick turnaround, low sound quality, variety of speakers and your language preference.

4. Sonix


Sonix is machine-driven AI transcription code. Since it’s supported computing, it’s improbably quick and you will not ought to await human transcribers.

However, this additionally implies that you will not get constant level of accuracy as an individual’s transcription. However, the easy-to-use writing tools and low value might form up for it.

You can use the in-browser editor to shine the transcript. it’s options like word-by-word timestamps, comments and notes for you and your team, speaker tagging, multiple export choices, and more.

You’ll additionally notice automatic translation tools, subtitles, and collaboration options. Plus, there ar loads of integrations with tools you already use, like Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, and more.

Price: Sonix valuation starts at $10 per hour of audio, that is simply beneath $0.17 per minute of audio.

5. Transcription of GMR

Transcription of GMR

GMR Transcription may be a versatile audio transcription service. they provide commonplace transcription services and solely work with US-based human transcribers.

Here you may notice different connected services like video transcriptions and Spanish transcriptions.

In addition, a singular text transcription service which will transcribe physical documents into electronic documents. Ideal for corporations transitioning to a paperless workplace.

The transcription quality is extremely high. However, you may pay additional and therefore the turnaround is slower than different suppliers on this list.

However, same-day transcription is obtainable in bound circumstances.

Cost: GMR transcription starts at $1.25 per minute of audio, with rates increasing reckoning on the amount of speakers, audio quality, and work time elite.

What is the most effective transcription service for you?

After reviewing all the foremost in style transcription services, we tend to believe that Rev is that the best transcription service.

Their transcription quality is ninety nine correct and their turnaround is extremely quick with a really reasonable value.

You can use it to transcribe your YouTube videos, podcasts, add subtitles, and there is even support for foreign subtitles.

Another nice possibility scribe that offers in no time and correct transcriptions at a reasonable value.

In addition to the most effective transcription services on our list, we tend to additionally checked out different transcription suppliers like Temi, TranscribeMe, Trint, Otter, and iScribed.

However, we tend to determined to not list them so as to create your alternative as straightforward as doable and avoid call disfunction.

Frequently asked questions on the most effective transcription services

To help several of our readers notice the most effective transcription services for his or her desires, we’ve answered several queries.

Below ar a number of the foremost common queries we’ve received concerning on-line transcription suppliers.

What is the traditional transcription rate?

Generally, a typical transcription rate can fall between $0.10 to $1.50 and up per minute of audio.

The rate you pay can depend upon things like audio quality, accents gift, whether or not it is a human or computing transcription, and more.

In general, the additional you pay per minute of audio, the higher quality the finished transcription are going to be.

How long will it fancy transcribe one hour of audio?

Individual transcribers usually take four hours to transcribe one hour of audio. this may vary reckoning on the ability of the transcriber, whether or not it uses AI, and therefore the quality of the audio file.

Different transcription services have completely different turnaround times reckoning on what proportion you pay and if you need quick delivery.

What is the most effective free transcription software?

Some of the most effective free transcription programs embrace Google Docs’ dictation feature and YouTube’s automatic transcriptions that you just will transfer when you transfer a video.

However, the massive downside with free transcription apps and code is that they will not be as correct.

If you are looking for the most cost effective possibility, then Rev includes a free trial that helps you to strive half-hour of audio without charge. If the standard meets your standards, then paid plans begin at $10 per hour of audio.




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