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Benefits Of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare

Benefits Of Big Data Analytics In Healthcare


What is Big Data Analytics ?
If we go on Benefits a simpler note to understand what big data analytics is then, it is considered as the use of advanced techniques for very large, diverse and dense types of data sets that may include different sets like structured, unstructured or maybe semi structured data from all the different sources of all the sizes.

Some examples of big data analytics include social media, cloud computing applications, machine sensor data, etc.

Big Data Analytics In Healthcare Industry :

There is a very significant role of big data analytics in the field of healthcare industry. We all know that the health industry has come very far in advancements and evaluation. So, if there are advancements, there is an increase in the amount of data that needs to be studied and managed. Big Data in healthcare can help to save lives as well as at the same Benefits time decrease costs and improve efficiency.
Now, let us discuss some of the use cases of big data analytics in the field of healthcare.

Use Cases Of Big Data In Healthcare :

  1. Diagnostics : Well, if you are thinking how data can help in diagnostics then, don’t worry, I have got you covered. Normally, how a diagnosis is done, doctors talk to the patients, examine them and then compare their symptoms to disease the pictures that they know, that’s how it works, right. While big data provides doctors a better way for this process.
  2. Doctors can just take the and feed it into some algorithms and then the algorithms will suggest the diagnosis that is most suitable and likely. It will help in the deduction of unnecessary tests. I know what you might think, can a software based on some computer algorithms tell about all the diseases that a human can have. Is it worth trusting, well cannot say about how accurate it is now but if we go on training it then, it will surely be reliable in the future.
  3. Real – Time Patient Monitoring : By using some wearable devices like for example IoTs can help in collecting necessary information like heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, temperature of the body, oxygen concentration, etc on the real time basis. This also provides doctors valuable data that can help them in diagnosis and in treatment.
  4. Modeling And Forecasting Outcomes : It helps in modelling and forecasting by aiming all the future outcomes of the diseases and their respective treatments. If we take today’s example, then it has helped in predicting the outcomes of covid-19 and its consequences.
  5. Treatment Of Difficult Diseases : The data that is collected from the patients of all the diseases and their cures can help in analyzing the trends and patterns so as to find the highest rates of success.
  6. Telemedicine : The concept of big data has a great influence in the field of telemedicine. This is what we call an operation through video conferencing. The doctors can be miles or kilometers away and then also can help doctors operate via high speed real time data.

These were some of the use cases of big data analytics. Now, let us talk about some of the challenges related to it.
Challenges To Big Data Analytics :

Some of the key challenges are :

● Data storage and integration : One of the biggest challenges in Benefits big data is to deal with the storage issues. Storing a tremendously large amount of data can be a real mess and them integrating and managing that data is another problem. Storing data needs a lot of space and costs money. That is why it is hard to do it.
● Big Data Standardization : It relates to collecting and then organizing data like the goods stored in warehouses.
● Mining Of Data : It is also a challenge as it takes a lot of time and effort to mine data.
● Data Sharing : Some sensitive information needs privacy protections and at the same time the important information should be shared in the given time like the information regarding covid-19.
● Security and Privacy : It is important to conceive the private data related to the customers private and secured so that only that customer and the required per respective doctors. So the security check is a necessary thing to do first.
Now let us come to the benefits of big data analytics :
Benefits :
Some of its benefits are :
● Reduction of medical errors.
● Preventative care.
● Reduction of cost.
● Prevention from mass diseases.
● Modulation of spread of diseases.
● Real time data providing.
● Forecasting of risks.
● Prevent unneeded tests and procedures.
● It provides better customer service.
● It also improves staff management.

Now these were some of the benefits of Big Data Analytics in the field of hospitality.

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