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Benefits Of Clinical Documentation Improvement

Benefits Of Clinical Documentation Improvement

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What Is Clinical Documentation ?

Clinical documentation is a process of creating digital as well as analogue records that contain a medical treatment, a medical trial, or a clinical test. Since these documents should be accurate and updated on a time to time basis, it should be visible to the doctors as well as to the patients.

There are different types of data that the health organisations around the globe have to maintain so as to provide positive patient experience. For hospitals for a medical clinic adequate building practices are the top most priority so that no problem is faced in the end.

It is a part of medical coding, and now if you do not know about medical coding and what exactly is medical coding, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. Below is the definition of medical coding.

What Is Medical Coding ?

Medical coding is known as a process in which transformation of Healthcare diagnosis, Medical Services and equipment occurs into Universal medical alphanumeric codes. The diagnosis reports  are taken from Medical records such as transcription of physicians notes,  basically medical coding professional help to ensure that the codes are applied correctly during the billing process that usually include assigning the proper codes and to create a claim that can be paid by insurance carriers.

Along with medical coding, coding audit is also important with clinical documentation. A coding audit is known as a review of coding done by the medical coders in the medical office, by reviewing all patient’s medical records. It usually targets diagnosis and procedural code as it was determined by the physician’s documentation for accuracy.

Now, let us move to the topic and discuss the benefits of clinical documentation.


Benefits :

The benefits of clinical documentation are :

  • Deduction in claim denials- Many times a situation occurs that the insurance companies deny a request for the health care coverage for recovery of Health Insurance just because the information is missing, or the information is not filled on time or updated properly, if this occurs then the patient went into a huge loss. With the help of accurate clinical documentation, claim denials can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Deduction in physician queries- It helps to decrease the queries of the physician when the get to know that the language in the documentation affects other departments of the hospital or the clinic like in the field of quality data and reimbursements where all the medical coders in charge of of reviewing and assigning current procedural terminology.
  • Coding Accuracy : Accurate clinical documentation helps  to to develop coding accuracy of the medical coders, it helps improve the healthcare process for each and every organisation that is involved in the medical process like medical coders for the insurance companies. Coding accuracy helps recorders with their medical reviewing work and then they assign the code with precision.
  • Better Communication : Clinical documentation helps in the betterment of communication between the Healthcare organisation and the insurance companies, with the help of clinical documentation all the information can be added timely and precisely and so it decreases the chance of miscommunication between the two parties.
  • Improvement Of Quality Patient Care : Clinical documentation helps in improving the quality of patient care. If the Healthcare staff and Hospital has all the important information about the patient and all the history of the patient’s medical performance then the hospital staff will be able to provide that particular patient the best care possible. All Healthcare solution workers, specially experts that provide clinical documentation services do the job of updating patient records and ensure that the safety of the data is the topmost priority and then after doctors in the Healthcare organisations can use that particular data in the diagnosis process.

So, these were some of the benefits of improvement of clinical documentation. It is really important that all the work is done with precision so that there is no problem faced in the end.

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