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Best Classified Ads Posting Services for Marketers and Business Owners That You Should Know

Best Classified Ads Posting Services for Marketers and Business Owners That You Should Know


Adding your products and Classified Ads Posting Servicesto free advertising sites is a simple, cost-effective, and rapid way for your company to obtain visibility. This is especially true for small enterprises in the community. The bulk of free advertising websites is designed with a classified ads style and structure for local companies.


However, as you’ll notice, the first few items on our list are geared toward other free advertising possibilities that many entrepreneurs looking for free ad space are much more interested inClassified Ads Posting Services. You don’t have to pick between reaching your target audience and spending all of your limited marketing budgets on a single campaign due to free business advertising platforms.


<h2>Here is the list of top Classified Ads Posting Services:</h2>


  1. Facebook Messenger (


If you’re a digital marketer, Facebook is probably one of your primary outlets. But did you realize that Facebook Messenger may be used for business? And Facebook Messenger conversation is used by over 1.5 billion peopleClassified Ads Posting Services. However, less than 1% of firms use this established avenue to engage with their customers.


You’ll need a chat platform to communicate with consumers at scale if you want to make the most of Facebook Messenger marketing. And Mobile Monkey is the most well-known Facebook chat marketing tool, with which you may promote to your whole Facebook audience for free.


  1. Google My Business (


Google My Business is a free online directory that connects you with clients via Google Search and Google MapsClassified Ads Posting Services. To get started on Google’s free advertising site, simply enter the URL of your professional website as well as some other information about your company. As a result, Google My Business includes this data into its rankings, ensuring that your site shows when consumers search for related content categories.


You may use your profile to publish photographs and offers that demonstrate what makes your company special and give customers reasons to select you over the competitionClassified Ads Posting Services. Customers may contact you using Google My Business in a variety of methods, including phoning, texting, and posting reviews. You’ll also be able to observe how customers interact with your company profile, such as clicks, calls, reservations, and followers.


  1. Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shops (


Advertisements on Facebook’s online Marketplace have a high chance of reaching your target demographic. Every month, over 800 million consumers utilize Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketing is a major player in client acquisitionClassified Ads Posting Services, and the company has been steadily improving its platform, with a focus on online commerce. We’ve already discussed how to utilize Facebook Messenger to help you sell your things online.


Since the introduction of Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops, the social media network has offered features that are similar to those found on the finest classified ad sites. It’s free to start up a Facebook Shop, and it just takes a few minutes. Businesses may select goods from their catalog to featureClassified Ads Posting Services, then personalize the appearance and feel of their store with a cover picture and accent colors that reflect their brand.


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  1. eBay (


If you want to reach a huge number of potential clients, eBay is still one of the greatest free high-traffic advertising platforms you can use. eBay is a terrific platform to sell on, especially if you’re trying to extend your business internationally, with over 30 foreign sites and a presence in over 100 countries globallyClassified Ads Posting Services.


eBay listings have more attention than the majority of other websites due to their size and popularity, as well as high search engine optimization (SEO) ranks. eBay also has a sizable social media presence and following. In addition, unlike many other free ad sites, eBay includes an interactive interface that makes it easy to post free ads.


  1. Craigslist (


Craigslist is a popular place to buy and sell goods and services, and it is still one of the top 50 most visited websites as of October 2020Classified Ads Posting Services. Craigslist allows business owners and marketers to advertise both B2C and B2B items and services.


Craigslist is a robust classified ad network with a variety of subcategories including jobs, services, housing, events, and retail. As a result, subcategories allow your adverts to reach a wider audience. They have a strong social presence and are well-liked in most nations. Craigslist, perhaps the most well-known classified site today, is among the top 30 most frequented websites in the United StatesClassified Ads Posting Services. This platform offers a diverse range of categories, allowing you to sell almost any product or service.


  1. Locanto (


Locanto is a free classified ad service with a global reach of 60 countries. You may use Locanto’s online classifieds site to sell goods and services, connect with job seekers, and find/list housing, similar to Craigslist. Locanto, on the other hand, is ideal for businesses looking to grow or those already have a strong community presenceClassified Ads Posting Services. That’s because Locanto sells event tickets, leisure activities, workshops, and community-based services in distinct categories.


Although it is uncommon, certain cities may demand a premium membership to submit classified advertising. For the most majority of users, however, Locanto is a free advertising service. Another difference from Craigslist is that Locanto advertisements are available for 60 days instead of 30. The platform allows you to integrate photos, video, and hypertext markup language in your ads, all of which connect back to your Classified Ads Posting Services.


  1. Oodle (


Oodle is another great free advertising service to use to promote a small business. Because you can link your social media accounts, as well as local listings from sites like eBay,, newspapers, and more, Oodle is one of the largest free ad networks in existence. Oodle was the brains behind Facebook’s first Marketplace.


One of Oodle’s advantages is that it integrates nicely with social networking. You may link your Oodle account to your Facebook Business Page, for example, and send an update whenever you run fresh Facebook Classified Ads Posting Services.


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