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Chatbot Intent Classification

Chatbot Intent Classification


What is a Chatbot ?

Chatbot is a program on a computer that copies or imitates natural human conversations. The users can talk with a chatbot through the chat interface either by typing or by voice.

Now, a chatbot can be very important to an organization as there might be numerous questions in your users or customers mind and it’s really hard to set up a large team to solve the queries of them.

Well a customer call service is great but it costs money and time. If you are a small business owner then it is very difficult to set up a customer call service but it is much easier to set up a chatbot who answers some basic questions of your customers and sends the complex ones to your backend team.

What is Intent Classification in Chatbot ?

It is a process done to classify the intent of the customers by analysing their language. The machine of the software first understands the intent of the customers and then directs the respective customer to the agent or a bot to handle their different queries.

Why is Intent Classification important for chatbot and customers ?

It is important for the customers as well as for the chatbots as it is very important to correctly classify the customer intent so that the company can provide a better customer service and satisfaction. The time of the agent is also not wasted on poorly directed queries and also the time of the customer is also not wasted.

It is also used in automated Q&A systems as well as in chatbots, it helps the organizations and companies to focus more precisely on their customers.
It also helps assist to react with leads easily and cope up with high volumes of different types of queries of different customers.

How Does It Work ?

Two important things are used in intent learning i.e. machine learning and NLP so as to connect all the texts and phrases with a certain purpose. The intent classifiers are first taught everything that is related and required by using text examples that are also known as training data.

What is NLP ?

To be precise, NLP is a modern technology that provides a computer system the ability to understand, learn, and interpret the human language, process it and show us in the same manner.

NLP is used in computers to help them communicate with humans in their own language and help them on a daily basis with other language related tasks.
For Eg :- NLP process is used by computers and systems to read, hear speech, understand it and also determine which parts are important.
Recognition In Chatbots ?

Chatbots make use of the NLP i.e. Natural Language Processing so as to comprehend the purpose of the user. NLP allows chatbots to interpret the message of the user and on the other hand machine learning helps to classify algorithms that are based on training data and helps to give complete and correct answers of the queries of the users or customers.

Now let us look on to some service providers giving chatbot services :

Cogito :
It is one of the reputed service providers on the internet. It provides various services including chatbot intent classification.
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Intercom :

It is also a reputed service provider on the internet. It provides various services including chatbot intent classification.
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Knowlarity :

It provides different services at an effective price. Its services include Facebook and Instagram business, voice to message website and app managing whatsapp business, etc.
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So these are some service providers that you might visit or try.

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