24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED Cloud Solutions Platform

Based on 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED core products, with years of accumulation of technology and experience of services and operations in cloud services, 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED has meticulously established a simple and reliable solution platform to help you realize business needs quickly and create more business value.

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Application Quality Monitoring

24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED solution to application quality monitoring is used to manage the quality of mobile and video applications. Through the monitoring, analysis, alarming and optimization of key business systems, it constantly improves the reliability and stability of business and provides end-users with good experience to increase core competitiveness.

Storage in Private Cloud

The solution to storage in private cloud is designed on the framework and operation experience of 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED object storage services in public cloud to enable enterprises to build independent storage systems with the level of hundreds of EB which has high reliability, strong security, low costs and scalability to satisfy various requirements of unstructured data storage. Meanwhile, it offers mature system management, operation and maintenance to meet enterprises’needs in capacity, performance and stability with more inexpensive products and costs on maintenance.

Unstructured Data Management

24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED unstructured data management platform is built based on Kodo, which can easily achieves the storage of hundreds EB level unstructured data and its structured business date. This platform has high availability, high concurrent reading and writing and linear expansion. It also offers document retrieval and other services based on structured business date and has permission administration and security mechanism of PaaS level. It can cooperate seamlessly with Dora to provide services like image and video processing, intelligent recognition and analysis.

Short Videos

24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED one-stop solution to short videos has powerful capability in the clouds consisting of quick upload, transcoding, pornography identifying, storage and distribution and gathers components in the client ends with shooting, beautifying, special effects, filters, editing, composing, local compression, upload and broadcasting. It has features like complete functions, excellent performance, light packs, flexible interfaces and rich ecology. Also, it supports high customization and secondary development to meet enterprises’development requirements in various business scenarios.

Smart Device and IOT

With the development and popularity of smartphones and mobile internet, more and more hardware is intelligent and equipped with connectivity through the combination of software and hardware. Both a strong support from the clouds and the value analysis and data mining of big data later are required to load internet services. 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED solution to smart device and IOT provides smart device manufacturers with stable and reliable technology services, including unified cloud storage, strong computing power, high-efficient data distribution, application capability of plug-and-play, big data analysis and intelligent recognition. It helps innovate hardware manufacturers and transform traditional device manufacturers into smart device manufacturers.

New Media Industry

In the era of mobile internet, traditional radio & TV business and internet business are combined more and more closely, bringing great challenges to radio & TV media, and thus they have to complete the deployment of new media strategies quickly and transform themselves into integrated media. In order to achieve multi-dimension distributions and presentations of contents in radio and TV media and the transformation into cloud-based production of radio and TV media, it’s necessary to improve the model of content production and business processing under the new environment. 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED solution to new media strives to make a content management platform for mass data storage and acceleration, adaptive to the video business of new media, and a unified management system for group-level all-media resource. It includes content aggregation from multiple sources, built-in production of tools in multiple forms, identification and auditing of pornography, violence and terrorism, multi-channel distribution across platforms, command and scheduling with unified schemes, task tracking, cross-screen interactive broadcasting with multi-screen terminals and statistical analysis of network-wide big data.

Internet and Mobile Internet

As the most important external resource in the entrepreneurship-supporting industry, 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED solution to internet and mobile internet offers a solution close to business scenarios for various industries and fields such as online education, tourism, O2O, e-commerce, social contact and entertainment. It also provides a one-stop data management service and helps start-ups quickly build technical infrastructures to fairly compete with giants in the industry.

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