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Difference between VR, MR, And AR –

All About VR, MR, And AR

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What Is Augmented Reality ?

Augmented reality or AR is a system that does the work of combination of real and virtual realities that are registered in 3d. It superimposes info generated by computer in the form of videos, images, audio and also touch via haptic sensors and then it overlays them in the real time environment. The purpose of DCG i.e. digitized computer generated information on places, objects, and also entities from the real world so as to enhance the user experience. The ability of integrating real world elements and virtual elements makes Augmented Reality more famous and popular in fields like automobile, defence, aerospace, healthcare, learning, etc. So basically, AR is just the set of technologies that help in integrating the real and digital world and there are many ways to blend it but the most common thing of it is computers, displays, input as well as output devices, etc. Vuforia, is a popular Software Development Kit also known as an SDK that is used for building Augmented Reality i.e. AR  applications. It features a simple drag-and-drop feature that facilitates different processes of AR development as well as rendering which indeed provides users the opportunity to work with simple or maybe complex objects.

Now, this was all about augmented reality ( AR ), and now we should probably move forward to our next topic which is Virtual Reality ( VR ).

What Is Virtual Reality ?

It is a very interesting topic and we all have heard about it at least once in our lives. It is known as the use of interactive simulations that are created by a computer software as well as hardware so as to engage users with the opportunity in the environment that gives the same feeling that is similar to the real world. With the help of virtual reality you can enter an entirely new different world or maybe something more. Virtual Reality ( VR) is different from the Augmented Reality ( AR ) that we had discussed above on many different levels, like in applications, the tech used in it and in terms of market opportunities. It is also used in games and it is one of the most interesting as well as best examples to explain it. AR, VR, & MR  are also known as immersive technologies because of their nature. The key difference between the three different technologies is the degree of their immersion. In the scenario of  virtual reality, the user is completely immersed into the virtual world. In AR, the user is only half or partially immersed in the system. Virtual Reality uses fully covered hardware also known as headsets so you can fully enjoy what is shown via headset i.e. a virtual world.

So, this was all about VR ( Virtual Reality ). It was interesting right, or maybe not much if you are not into gaming or visualizing things. Ok so let us get back to the track and discuss  Mixed Reality commonly known as MR.

What Is Mixed Reality ( MR ) ?

Well, let me tell you one thing, that the concept of AR & VR was around a few years ago, but the concept of MR i.e. Mixed Reality is a bit new. It was first discussed by Paul Milgram and Fumio in a research paper, if you want to look into that paper then click on the link given below :

Now, let us quickly get to the point, MR works to combine the virtual and real settings in various different ways so as to enable psychological immersion in a particular setting that kind of blends the physical as well as digital phenomenon. If I give you an example then, the AR using mobile devices can superimpose simulations and videos with the help of a camera in the real world so that you can see the objects or whatever you are seeing in the real life around you.  The interaction between the physical and the interactive world is known as mixed reality.

According to a research done by one of the worlds famous and prestigious universities Harvard, it showed that around 90 % of the companies and businesses are trying to explore MR so that they can use its true potential.

Use Cases Of AR, VR, MR In Real Life ?

The use cases are :

  • Retail industry : Yes, it is used in the retail industry as the branded furniture showrooms allow you to see the furniture and virtually choose the desired furniture. It enhances user experience and helps them to make decisions quickly as they can clearly see the furniture from any angle and how it will look in their home or space.
  • Automobile industry : It is used in the automobile industry to study different parts of the automobile and to demonstrate some finer and legitimate points to a customer. It can help replace some tedious and boring manuals.
  • Manufacturing : If we combine AR devices with advanced image recognition tech, IOT, Big Data, and AI, all the manufacturers can reduce and save a lot of development time and MR assisted devices help in streamlining inventory process by making it a very precise and a quick process.
  • Aerospace and Defence industry : The above mentioned three services are widely and very frequently used in these industries. Flight simulators are used to train aerospace as well as military pilots, it helps engineers to build new gadgets and equipment at a faster rate, and it has many other applications.

Now that you have reached this far, I assume that  you liked the blog and you have got some value from it. To continue embracing yourself with similar knowledge, just click on the link below:

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