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English to Hindi words


Dr. Ranjana Sharma, word a linguist and author of “The Bombay Schizoid” is found dead in the bedroom of her husband’s house. The police has ruled it as suicide and she seems to be a recent victim of an abusive husband.

Her son, Nivi, suspects that his mother died because she didn’t want to leave behind the book that recorded her life and her linguistic translation skills used by her mother against her husband. He decided to go through the English to Hindi words that she had translated into Hindi.

He finds some interesting words and puts them together in a big pile on his desk where he shouts “I hate you!” and slaps himself hard on the forehead with both his hands (there are pictures of him hitting himself on his forehead). And then he goes through the piles again trying to find more words from Mrs Sharma’s large collection, but he can’t match up with any single word.

A computer with a Hindi accent comes over asking to speak in English, which I can easily understand. The computer gives me the possibility of speaking in Hindi, which I am inclined to do because it sounds very polite. When I take the computer’s suggestions off and start speaking English again, I find it is difficult to communicate.

At first it was just for two minutes, but I keep asking the machine to repeat themselves (‘Hello? Hello?’), and this goes on for many hours. There is no apparent problem with the language yet I still feel it is amazing that this machine can understand me when I speak in English so clearly.

After some days of talking at one another, my wife and daughter came home from their respective jobs early Saturday morning and I knew they couldn’t understand anything at all!

I thought about their understanding capabilities and realized that they can only hear me speaking out loud. They don’t hear the voice of my head. So here’s what happened: When

What happened? The English word “English” was translated by the most famous Hindi translation device in India, the phone translator. The Hindi word “English” came out as an Indian accent. I was shocked,

while thinking that this is a foreign language.

I did some research and luckily found an Indian place to buy a phone translator. I tried it with my words and it worked.

I woke up seeing my computer box being eaten by a pack of dogs. When I realized it was me who could do that, I got scared even more and thought “Now what will happen to them?” This dream is getting longer every day!

It has been a very long time that I have not seen Hindi words in my life. My mother used to teach me English and now that I have retired, I have no time to do so.

I am sitting in front of my computer and am craving to see the Hindi words that I have not seen in years. My handwriting is crude and the spelling is horrible but after a while of doing it, I begin to see them: Aishwarya, Nandini, Sita, Sairat…

If anyone can help me out with that, then please message me or call on my phone. 🙂

It was a cold day in London. I was walking through the center of town when I ended up in an alley where I heard an English to Hindi conversation.

“Excuse me, sir, can you tell me the meaning of that sentence?”

“Please clarify it.”

“Excuse me, sir, but what is the meaning of that word?”

“Sir, please wait outside the shop or the bus stop.”

The “authority figure” was apparently a sort of authority figure who would command respect and obedience. The one who spoke English had to be someone rather important. Some young “authority figure” came running out to stop me. He said “don’t worry about them. They’re playing with us”. Then he turned around and literally threw his hands up in exasperation while stomping away after telling me that I was being lured into easy money by ruffians whose sole intention was to rob me.

As the car drove off

Centuries ago, the English-Hindi translation company was an industry. Today it is an urgent need.

Ivory and jade are the main materials used in translators. In most of the translations, meaning is ambiguous and we are left with “mishli” (broken) words. I personally feel that Hindi words should be divided on two lines: one for English and a second for Hindi. The English words can be translated to both language as needed, but not to put breaks or gaps in between them. The Hindi words should be broken into two lines as illustrated above to make the meaning explicit without any meanings being lost or reinterpreted by later generations of readers.

I would like to see considerable improvement in the work of translators, especially when it comes to this task of making them human instead of computers. They should love their work, care about its success, and want to make their work better than translators who aren’t machines but

A simple prayer to the Hindu Gods asking for the video game Widowmaker to be unstoppable and take care of all the evil enemies in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The video game Widowmaker, starts out as a simple classroom experiment giving students a test of one hundred words. The teacher is impressed but only 40% of her students manage to answer it correctly. She’s frustrated but does not give up on the whole project.

After about half of the students have cheated and failed, she asks them all how many prayers they have answered on different occasions when they were approached by someone offering help with their English or Hindi. Only 1 person told her they had been offered prayers while they helped out someone else at school or college who needed help in English or Hindi.”But there is no point in praying to begin with”. Whoever did such a prayer visited an uneducated farmer who had nothing that could be handed out since it was his mother’s handiwork.”This is your chance”

“All the good movies begin with a preface…” This is a story in development where you play an Executive Agent who is having trouble navigating through a social function. He meets a prominent person in politics, who shares important information that could help him across various hurdles.

He gets nervous because he doesn’t understand the English word and cannot say it correctly. To make matters worse, he can barely talk in Hindi without stuttering and being in pain. After many attempts of trying to have a conversation, he is able to successfully reach out for this influential person for help.

Once the executive agent reaches out, he tells him about his story: “I’m scared to start over again”. The executive agent asks him what’s wrong and the executive agent explains that he keeps putting off starting over again. He says that after all the great life experiences and friendship, it’s time for him to choose between his life full of comfort and peace or having no life at all with nothing but

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