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Essential Tools Every Freelancer Should Have

Essential Tools Every Freelancer Should Have

Who is a Freelancer ?
Freelancers are people who are self – employed and do not work for a particular company. A freelancer works for different clients rather than a company or a 9-5 office job. Well, there are many advantages and disadvantages of freelancing that we will discuss on a different blog. For now, let us discuss some of the important tools that a freelancer must have to increase its productivity and to make things a bit easier.
However, being a freelancer means a lot of things to an individual like, to build a professional network while managing time and resources at the same pace in the best possible way.


Some important Freelancer Tools are :
Organizing And Managing Tools :

  1. Asana :

Asana is a tool that can be used to keep your tasks well – organized. In this, you can set deadlines, keep tasks clear, and also can assign tasks to your teammates.
It is useful when as a freelancer you have to juggle between tasks and projects with different teams in the same organisation. If you were to do everything manually all by yourself , it would kill your productivity and would waste a lot of time. So this tool can be a perfect fit for someone who is a busy freelancer, and also for those who have to do multitasking to cope up with the work.
It is available for desktop as well as for mobile apps. You can remotely connect with your team members, can assign them tasks, etc.
But, like everything has its pros and cons, it also has positive and negative sides. I already told you about the advantages, it’s only disadvantage is that you cannot switch accounts if you are logged in with your email for one client, you cannot check another client’s workflow.

  1. Shift :

Shift is a tool that is helpful to freelancers who have multiple email accounts for their client work. It helps you by allowing you to keep all your emails for your different clients or companies at one place.
Shift can also work with extensions and allows you to bring and keep all your important applications or softwares together in an easy to use workspace.
Tools Helpful For Better Focus :

  1. Pomofocus :

We all know the importance of focus while you are working. Either you are a freelancer or not or maybe you are just a part time freelancer, it doesn’t matter, focus is something every person should have while working. It increases your productivity and helps to stay tuned to your work.
So, if focusing on work is so important and is so difficult, there should be an app for it, right!
Pomofocus, is an application that allows you to complete your small tasks by using a timer so as to keep you updated. In this way you will be able to focus better as you would know how much time is required and how much is left now. It’s easy to get things done in this manner.

  1. Freedom :

Although we are free of doing anything we want to do in a day, we can either work on our daily projects, read books or whatever, or either we can spend our entire time using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube, etc for unnecessary things.
So let’s admit it now, we have numerous things in our lives that are distracting us from our daily tasks and hindering our productivity. Spending time on the above mentioned social sites for a few hours or sometimes is ok, but we tend to spend our entire day sometimes as we dont keep track of our time, which kills productivity as well as focus.
In Freedom, you schedule your tasks daily or on the weekly basis, and according to their no’s or data, you can get around 2.5 Hrs productive time each and every day, So it is a great tool for a freelancer.
Tools For Online Designing :

  1. Placeit :

Now, let’s talk about freelancers working in the designing sector. Placeit is a software in the online medium where you can quickly design and produce design posts in a matter of minutes. By using this, you don’t have to pay for expensive softwares.
It provides you with different types of free templates for different fields where you can create and export posts online for your clients.
Tools for Effective Communication :


  1. Slack :

Communication is an important aspect whether you are a freelancer or an office worker. One of the important aspects of freelancing is communication. You have to keep in touch with your client for timely updates and corrections regarding projects.
Now, you may use a messenger tool like whatsapp, but it is not as efficient as it should be for a freelancer. Instead, try using Slack. In Slack, you can create your own chat room for specific topics and projects, you can also create a private group for facilitating discussion regarding projects with your clients.

  1. Grammarly :

Grammarly, as the name suggests, it is related to grammar. We are all humans and we tend to make mistakes while we write. Writing is also a great type of communication. Like we are communicating right now through this blog post, I wrote it and you are reading it.
So while writing, we make some grammar mistakes that we are not able to detect by ourselves sometimes and then, it becomes problematic when we want to convey something and the client understands something else.
It also creates a bad impression if we do some silly grammar mistakes, so for this we have Grammarly. It has both, free and premium service that you can opt for. It is a very good tool for those freelancers who are in the field of content writing.

  1. Miro :

This is a time of lockdown, it’s very difficult to meet someone in this situation. As a freelancer, you understand how important the quality of data or the topic that you are discussing is when you are with your client. It’s very difficult to bring or show your whiteboard in every online meeting, as it is difficult to understand due to visual problems.
Miro, is a software which allows you to invite and have a meeting with your clients and at the same time it allows you to collaborate on a digital whiteboard or a digital canvas so as to demonstrate and sketch your ideas on a real – time basis. Every person who is attending the meeting has access to that same whiteboard or canvas.

  1. Zoom :

It is one of the very famous applications that is used widely over the world for the purpose of online meetings. It has millions of downloads and users worldwide.
Zoom is not only used for just the sake of online meetings, but also for organizing virtual seminars, virtual webinars, online classes, online meetings with clients for business purposes, and also for video conferencing with friends and family.
It is a great tool for a freelancer as you can Freelancers are people who are self – employed and do not work for a particular company. A freelancer works for different clients rather than a company or a 9-5 office job.  communicate with your clients more effectively, and discuss topics related to business efficiently.
For Listening Music While Working :

  1. Spotify :

We all like to listen to music depending upon our music taste. Some of us would like rock music or some of us might prefer melodious music. Different people have different taste.
Many of us who are freelancers like to listen to our taste of music while we work on a project. But it will be very disturbing if we have to change the song again and again to listen to them. While making a playlist of all the songs would be easy and efficient.
For this, Spotify may be a great pick. In spotify, you necessarily not have to create your own playlist, you can select Freelancers are people who are self – employed and do not work for a particular company. A freelancer works for different clients rather than a company or a 9-5 office job.  from multiple playlists that spotify has to offer. It has a collection of millions of songs and thousands of playlists that you might like to try like playlists for : motivation, work from home, melody, rock music, dj, specific language, etc.
Try not to select or play the song with high vocals and try to avoid lyrics so you don’t get disturbed. You may try jazz or classical according to your choice.
It comes with both free and paid subscriptions. If you don’t want to get disturbed by their annoying ads then, a paid subscription is recommendable. Well, it would not be a big deal as you are earning and it is for your own good and relaxation.
So, these were some applications that will be very helpful to a freelancer.

Now that you have reached this far, I assume that you liked Freelancers are people who are self – employed and do not work for a particular company. A freelancer works for different clients rather than a company or a 9-5 office job.  the blog and you have got some value from it. To continue embracing yourself with similar knowledge, just click on the link below:


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