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The following is a rundown of regular inquiries and answers normally posed to when hoping to study Managed Services Providers (MSP), IT uphold, and the administrations we give. In the event that you have different inquiries not replied here we’d love to respond to them, and you can reach us here.

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Various worldwide businesses requisite sustenance in enhancing translation developments. Conferring to Mutual Intellect recommendatory, nearly 90% of company’s contract out their translation and localization projects. Whereas some establishments select to handle localization in-house, not everybody has the resources, proficiency, or time to handle translation effectually. By choosing us as your localization companion, you achieve immediate scale & skillful excellence data. You can emphasis on your essential business and let us effort on o

Software localization enclose the user interface, help files, “read me” files, installers, legal assurances, user controllers, particular locale’s language, ethos, legal requirements, and any connection instructions. In the software application, the subsequent UI components would frequently be translated:

  • Dialog boxes
  • Menus
  • Strings

At all voice-over necessities in equally the apps and the eLearning possessions must also be measured. Training materials, user credentials, customer support websites, and many more other online resources are also fragment of the sequencer.

When conclusive on voice aptitude you should deliberate the sort of project and the spectators. Is it training for employees or an marketing piece with possibly high visibility? Is it a computer built eLearning segment or a video for YouTube. Does it make intellect to use a female British English talent or a male American talent, or an accented voice, such as a Spanish voice speaking English. The voice must signify the right entreaty for the audience.

The crucial modification has to do with how the transcript is recorded in relation to the shade slides or video images.  If a detailed audio speed is obligatory, then you would essential a timed script verbalizing the extent of time a detailed verdict, phrase or segment will need to span.  Whereas a free current script will sanction the voice talent to precise the memorandum in a natural speed not tied to time restraints, yet elegant within the video or screen slides.

When localizing multimedia projects the conclusion to use subtitles or voiceover will be contingent on the content and budget.  For example, when creating an eLearning piece, a more inspiring learning involvement can be formed by using both pictorial and listening nods.  Videos tend to be more actual exhausting voice talent when there is lots of dialogue or description.  When occupied within strict budget limitations, consuming subtitles can be operative

The learning familiarity can vary extremely based on exhibition. Localizing eLearning substantial will be contingent on the type of gratified, the staging platform, and the objective culture. Lengthways with content, deliberation should also be given to the user edge, voice narration, and multimedia platforms.   Selecting the right voice and delivery speed can make a modification to the training involvement. The goal is to make the learning practice operative for the spectators.

Localizing multimedia content will be contingent on many things comprising the cradle material and the impartial languages.  Deliberation should be given to text, colors, images and sounds.  Dissimilar cultures have unlike connotations regarding visual images and colors. For example, white connotes transparency in some Western principles, but in some Asian cultures it is preserved for death.

Yes. We also maintenance open basis pleased management systems.  We influence our API with a plugin which links the backend of a Drupal or Word press website to our conversion supervision system. Clients can send contented straight to us for version using the related CMS plugin.

Test, test, test again, and test more… your last step before you move to your next market is to test. Test your app on each stage, as well as for main mobile browsers. This will validate how well an app works on numerous effective systems and confirm reliability.

The answer will be subject to on where your client base is situated and which audience you need to appeal.  The top languages often entreated are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese; add Portuguese, Russian and Arabic and your web resources reach concluded 80% of the online market, permitting to study of language influence posted on MC Marketing Graphs.

We are familiar to intelligent that computers & software are productivity-enhancing tools. MT potentials to reduction the cost of translations from any language to any language; with the availability of free online MT tools like Google Translate, it is attractive universal.  For clients who previously practice machine translations, we propose review, post excision and QA amenities.  If you are involved in consuming machine renovation for your business we can assess program to examine the possibility of applying MT successfully.

There are lots of attitudes about consuming unrestricted transformation software such as Google or Bing. Google Translate is a permitted translation tool that offers instant translations lid different languages.  It can translate words, sentences and web pages. When Google Translate creates a translation, it aspects for forms in millions of documents to aid decide on the finest translation for you. This course of seeking forms in huge amounts of text is called statistical machine translation. Meanwhile the translations are produced by machines, not all translations will be faultless.  Source: Google Translate

When our localization team obtains a file for translation, the file is examined beside your translation memory database to regulate whether a pre-existing translation is accessible for an assumed phrase.   Exact matches, also known as 100% equals, deliver the maximum amount of cost savings because the text already has a translation on record. The translator would merely essential to prove that the pre-translated match is precise and fits the framework.


Yes. WorldAccent suggest a translation proofreading service. We can proofread a impartial document or check a translation beside its original.

  • To each project is exclusive, and because of a number of aspects it is nearly incredible to predict the distribution deadline without seeing the source text. Please send in your files and permit one of our project managers to formulate a quote and get back to you personally.
  • Yes, we do! We can even integrate with your CMS system, so that translations are continuously coordinated with your content.
  • Every translator is required to pass a very strict qualification process which includes a subject-specific language test, confirmation of past involvement, a reference check, and a trial period in which potential translators are curtained not only for language ability, but also for technical knowledge, their aptitude to trail instructions, and on-time distribution. Only the greatest translators are accepted and engaged in our database of lively linguists.
  • All of our staff, our linguists and other specialists have contracted inclusive confidentiality agreements and/or non-disclosure agreements. We are also ready to sign your own NDA agreement. 
  • Attend to samples and select your voice from our talent database. Typically all voices on our website are accessible (every so repeatedly there is a vacation or two).  We can also propose talent and send you MP3 examples if you’d like.  Basically fill out this no obligation estimate form.
  • We can offer you an idea by knowing some details about your project in addition to the assessed length.  We can also use non-final script to offer you with an evaluation.  Basically fill out this formwith what details you have and we’ll get back to you.
  • You can always appeal a free custom demobefore contracting me. This will give you a decent indication how you project will work, and it will give you a chance to request changes in tone, stroke, etc.

This site delivers guidance on how to write a voiceover script, as well as some sample voiceover scripts. For your convenience, you can download an MS Word file with a standard script template.

• You can vision a comprehensive infographic about the recording procedure.


Our specialized counsels are only a tick away. Round out the structure underneath to begin!

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Our call center services are accessible 365 X 24 X 7.

Furthermost of clients come from English speaking nations like US and UK, but we have sufficiently trained multilingual staff that speaks different languages like French, Spanish, German, English and Dutch among others.

We work with highly regarded clients who may or may not be Fortune 500 companies. We stress on building long enduring term relationships with small, medium and large companies equally.

24×7 offshoring  has been in the outsourcing business since 2002, influence extremely acknowledged outsourcing illuminations to its global customers.

Our contact center mediators are per-trained at control calls and overwhelming different circumstances, but they are so long as a short refresher before they embark any new project. Your website, product and service manuals, and previous samples of your email correspondence with your client’s aid them understand your business better and make them equipped to go live.

We sustenance all types of chat software and our agents are also skilled at using all types of software.

All the calls are shifted and recorded onto the voicemail throughout non-service hours or when the phone line is busy. As per the service agreement, our mediators answer to those voicemails, so a call is never misplaced .

We understand that you may have apprehensions about outsourcing your job to a foreign country; therefore, we recommend you talk to our representatives and get answers for all your queries before offshoring your requirements to us. Only after satisfactorily understanding our business model, skills of our personnel, prices, turnaround time, and the way we work with our clients, you should outsource your needs to us.

We never compromise on the security of your data, credit card details, logins, and/or passwords and have implemented stringent data security measures to ensure complete confidentiality of your information. Our staff is made to sign non-disclosure agreements and any data security breach is severely penalized. You can be certain of your business’ safety with us.

This is easy. Fill up the sign-up form or talk to one of our representatives. It will help us draft a customized service contract for you. Once you receive the contract, accept it, and email us the signed copy along with the payment. We will then start training our staff for 1-2 weeks as per your specialized business needs, and will start answering your customer’s emails, chats and/or phone calls thereafter.

Though our call center agents are billed on timely basis, they can’t multitask or provide additional facilities in free time as it will make them mixed-up and upset the eminence of our solutions.

There is no slightest agreement period and you are free to terminate contract after sending us notice for the same in written at least 30 days in advance. This will aid us channelize our resources improved.

Work is originated only after the receipt of payment in advance. We have the right to terminate, suspend, or put work on-hold in case of payment interruptions.

  • Massive Cost Savings
  • Enlarged Profits
  • Prerequisite to Hire Less Resources
  • Reduced Administrative Bothers
  • Extremely Expert Personnel With high experience at Low Cost
  • Quicker TAT and Superior Results

Outsourcing will not only save you money, but time as well – time that can be recycled to focus on rising and refining your business. A communal executive’s time is best spent emerging strategies in core business areas, not worrying about the day-to-day events that keep the business running.

Outsourcing not only saves time for the executives, but it saves time largely, BPO employees are experts in their respective areas and can handle projects more efficiently and effectively than an internal employee with limited training and nonexistence of entrée to classy technology.

Just like you are an professional in your industry, BPO hires and trains experts in the operational processes that will enhance your business consequences. Confie BPO has aided complex organizations enhance efficiency, mend customer relationships and reduce costs for nearly 20 years. Confie not only excels at elevating operations and achieving results for our clients, we have won numerous awards for our positive workplace.

BPO focuses in the funding industry, but serves a extensive array of industries with automotive, energy and practicalities, healthcare and insurance, retail and e-commerce, technology, media and communications, and travel and hospitality.

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Are you forecasting to set active a call center but don’t know how to go about it? Having queries regarding outsourcing your call center necessities to us? Have a look at some of the often asked questions by our customers while outsourcing call center services to Flat world Solutions:

Flat world Solutions has been contribution call center solutions for the past 17 years. We offer high quality call center services to our customers global

Our employees are pre-trained at handling calls and different circumstances. They are provided a fresher course before they jump on working of a new project. Your website, product and service guides, and previous mail correspondence with your clients aid them comprehend your business enhanced. Read more about call center training at Flatworld.

Office space

A serviced office is a fortified and fully-equipped pay-as-you-go office space that’s located in a accomplished building. There are usually some mutual areas used by all tenants, these usually take in reception areas, lounges, kitchens, break areas and bathrooms. Usually all costs together with it, but not limited to, rent, business rates, property taxes, utilities, facilities management, furnishings, IT, refreshments are included in a fixed monthly fee.

We do not own or rent offices directly, our objective is to find the idyllic workspace for your business and assist your signing-up process. This means we are the faultless tool to aid you find the resolution you prerequisite.


Congratulations – your office search just got at ease! Finding your ideal office solution is as easy as giving us a call or sending us an enquiry.

Tell us where you want space, when you need it, and how many people you need it for and we’ll do the rest. You’ll get prices and data about office spaces that meet your search standards; we’ll assemble your observing, help tailor a solution to your requirements, and guide you through the discussions and into your different workspace.

AllOfficeCenters is Europe’s leading flex office consultancy – backed by a team of knowledgeable real estate specialists and driven by a craving for serving companies maximize their office space understanding.

Our amenities range from verdict creative coworking offices for small teams, to assigning hundreds of workstations for enterprise clients, from brokering thousands of square meters of commercial space for flex office operatives, to guiding stuff landlords through the incorporation of flexible perceptions into their assortments.


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