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Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Services-MEP Services

Mechanical, Electrical And Plumbing Services-MEP Services


What is MEP ?
MEP means engineering in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. The three fields are very important in making and constructing buildings that are in the end habitable for human beings.
These three different fields are written in the same line and constituted together because these three fields are usually designed and installed together because of the high degree of interactiMechanicalon between them.
It also helps to prevent clashes and conflicts between the location of equipment as these three systems are designed in isolation.
Since these three are designed in isolation, let us discuss these three fields separately to get a better understanding of the three fields.
Mechanical Engineering :

Many buildings use many different types of mechanical systems and most of the design work in mechanics in the commercial as well as residential buildings are dealt with HVAC i.e. Ventilation, Space heating, and AC’s i.e. Air Conditioning systems. There are two main functions of these systems :
● Mechanical Ventilation provides a constant supply of fresh air so as to decrease the pollutants and keep the safety levels.
● Mechanical Systems help to keep the humidity and indoor temperature within a comfortable and a healthy range.
When the capacity of the equipment is adequate then, the mechanical installments operate at their best pace and levels. It contradicts the fact that over engineering has many bad consequences and results. If we take up an example then, oilers and oversized chillers cycle rapidly, causing indoor temperature variations and making them wear down faster. It also results in poor controlation of humidity indoors. If you want to know more about over engineering then click on the link given below :
There are two more important things in it :
● There are some of the bad or we can say negative effects when the humidity falls for extended periods outside of its range. If the humidity is low, then it can irritate the skin and if the humidity is high, then it may stimulate the growth of bacterias and molds.
● ASHRAE always recommends to keep the humidity between the range of 30-60%. It will help in decreasing airborne bacteria and also viruses while at the same time it is comfortable.
Electrical Engineering :

In constructions that include high rise buildings, knowing about the optimal routes for the conduit of electricity and for wiring can save a lot of time, and also material. It has more flexibility in electrical circuits than mechanical systems as they use less space in comparison and also routed around the obstacles easily without much effort. With the help of MEP designing softwares, it can save lengths of the total circuit and at the same time it helps to avoid location conflicts with the plumbing and mechanical installments.
The highest energy consumption in most of the buildings is done in lighting installments. Energy consultants are always recommending LED lighting as it saves almost 30-90% depending upon the type of lamp that is installed and replaced.
HVAC collaboration that needs are :
● Mechanical engineers do the calculation work of the heating of the space and air conditioning so as to determine the capacitors of equipment.
● The electrical engineers do the work of designing electrical circuits and also making protective measures that makes equipment safe and easy to operate.
To know more about LED lighting, click on the link given below :
Plumbing Engineering :

Like mechanical and electrical installations, Plumbing Installations are subject to code requirements and involve processes like piping routing, that is very similar to duct work. Plumbing installations react and interact the mechanical as well as electrical designs at almost all points and that is why their collaboration is must :

● The higher buildings require water boosting pumps that run on electricity.
● The hot water systems use water heaters that are solely dedicated for this purpose or maybe it might use a heating boiler.
So, these were the detailed explanations of the three elements of MEP, i.e. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering.
Now, let us come to the services part, there are many firms providing MEP services, if you want to hire one of them here are their descriptions :
Design Buildings :
It is a reputed service provider on the internet which provides services related to designing and manufacturing of buildings and the stuff related to that. It provides good quality mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. If you wish to visit their site, click on the link given below :,_electrical_and_plumbing_MEP
Vee Technologies :
It is also one of the best service providers providing services ranging from tech to med. It also provides good quality MEP services.
Do visit their website for more info :
TUV SUD Services :
It has provided MEP services to a lot of clients and also provides services related to designing and manufacturing of buildings and the stuff related to that.
Click on the link given below :
Nearby Engineers :
It is a great quality service provider providing MEP services. It has served a lot of clients and provides best value for money.
Do check their website :

Now that you have reached this far, I assume that you liked the blog and you have got some value from it. To continue embracing yourself with similar knowledge, just click on the link below:
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