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Audio Data Collection Service

The creation of chatbots, virtual assistants, and other NLP technologies relies heavily on audio annotation. Mindy Support offers a full range of audio annotation services, including the sorts of annotations indicated below.

While audio/speech data collecting ensures that insights are available, providing datasets to models blindly won’t assist them much unless they know the context.

This is where audio/speech labeling or annotation comes in helpful, ensuring that previously gathered datasets are perfectly labeled and equipped to handle certain use cases such as voice assistance, navigation support, translation, and more.

Put, voice/audio annotation for NLP is the process of identifying recordings in a manner that machine learning systems can understand. For example, they were first given massive amounts of annotated audio for voice assistants like Cortana and Siri to comprehend the context of our requests, emotions, attitudes, semantics, and other subtleties.

We provide a variety of audio annotation services


Sound Labelling

With sound labeling, data annotators are given a recording and must extract and name all required sounds. These might be specific terms or the sound of a particular musical instrument, for example.


Event Tracking

Event tracking assesses the efficacy of sound event detection systems in multisource environments analogous to our daily lives, where sound sources are rarely heard alone. There is no control on the quantity of overlapping sound occurrences at any given moment in this task nor training or testing audio annotation data.


Transcription of Speech to Text

Speech-to-text transcription is a crucial component in NLP technology development. It entails converting recorded audio to text while meticulously categorizing both words and sounds that the speaker pronounces. It's also critical to utilize appropriate punctuation.


Audio Classification

Listening to and analyzing audio recordings is known as audio classification. The machines can distinguish between noises and speech instructions using this information. Virtual assistants, automatic voice recognition, and text to speech systems all benefit from this form of audio annotation.

Audio Classification Service

The growing growth of information necessitates new content management requirements. Audio classification aims to address the ever-increasing demand for effective audio content management. 

The audio collecting, annotation, and classification services are part of our entire suite of audio data 

services for machine learning. We have a simplified audio categorization method, which allows us to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their content.

Many AI-based technologies, such as automated voice recognition, virtual assistants, and text-to-speech apps, rely on it. Large quantities of tagged audio data are required for machines to learn, comprehend, and discriminate between different sorts of sounds. The annotation process includes classifying audio files, and this audio classification data is done depending on project-specific needs.

For their categorization needs, businesses frequently select dedicated automatic audio classification services. However, you may hire pros and specialists to help you with your audio categorization assignment if you outsource it. Outsourcing also saves time and resources while lowering total project costs.

We provide audio classification services

Acoustic Data Classification

Acoustic event detection is another name for Audio classification. After analyzing vast audio data sets, our professionals use aural event recognition to filter out irrelevant information.

Our experts adjust to various background disturbances while maintaining great sensitivity to the audio of interest. This entails distinguishing between offices, streets, marketplaces, schools, hospitals, and parks, among others. The goal of acoustic data categorization is to create and manage audio multimedia sound libraries.


Acoustic Data Collection

The audio data gathering services encompass a broad acoustic spectrum, from low decibel levels to very high decibel levels. audio data collection from the environment, public locations such as marketplaces and stations, and the sound of various animals, birds, and objects are among the many types of audio data we gather.

Music classification

Music categorization is the process of categorizing music based on various characteristics such as the performers involved, the genre, or the instruments used. When it comes to developing and managing music libraries, categorization is crucial. It aids in the discovery of distinct listener patterns and preferences.


Natural Language Utterance Classification

We categorize natural language recordings according to spoken, dialect, semantics, or other linguistic characteristics. This type of Audio classification is most widespread in chatbots and virtual assistants, but it’s also common in text-to-speech software.

The Benefits of Contracting Out Your Audio Classification Services

The quality of your dataset has a significant impact on the accuracy of your audio categorization. As a result, a vast volume of high-quality, accurately-annotated data is required to assure excellent audio categorization. Our audio data categorization and annotation services might help you out in this situation.


The audio collecting, annotation, and classification services are part of our entire suite of audio data services for machine learning. In addition, we have a simplified Audio classification method, which provides our clients with the most cost-effective solutions.

Audio Transcription Service

Audio transcription is the process of converting an audio recording into text. Generally, the audio files are in mp3 or au format. Many businesses employ a transcription service to create a written version of audio recordings previously stored on CDs or MP3s. It’s also common to be forced to meet legal requirements when they apply.

Promotional audio materials are frequently transcribed and emailed to clients or posted online to improve search engine results. Businesses that employ printed materials for delivering alternate formats to individuals who are deafening.

Outsourcing audio transcription services save businesses a lot of money and time. Transcription professionals handle interviews, manuscripts, reports, meetings, forums, dictations, script letters, articles, presentations, teleconferences, and telephone calls.

A transcriptionist must be well-versed in grammar and punctuation to ensure quality. They must also analyze disorganized speech and comprehend the author’s intended meaning.

Why Would You Choose Us For Audio transcription Service?

Rate of Accuracy: 99 percent

Our transcription accuracy rates are regarded as among the best in the business. To achieve this, we exclusively recruit Audio transcription from the United States and Canada. They are better at understanding the intricacies of the English language than a non-native English speaker. Before being employed on our team, all transcribing job hopefuls are put through a series of examinations.

Transcription That Is Completely Based On Human Instruction

Many small transcription companies rely on voice recognition software that produces subpar transcripts. On the other hand, at our Transcription service, every word of your transcription is typed by a human.


Quality Assurance Without Compromise

To guarantee that our clients receive high-quality work, we have a strict quality control system in place for each project. These safeguards also assist us in retaining only the most qualified Audio transcription.