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Online Community Forum Moderation Services in 2022

Online Community Forum Moderation


What do you mean by Community Moderation ?

If we online dig down in the definition then, community moderation is the process of managing discussion and comments from all the members of the society that are on the platform so that it aligns with the terms and conditions of the community guidelines or the code of conduct. It is done by community moderators or by a team of community moderators.

If you want to become a good community moderator then the first thing you should know is to strike the balance between controlling conversations and maintaining order. You should know how to contribute yourself to keep the conversations fresh while at the same time giving your customers, members, employees the required freedom so that they can express themselves.

There are some things community moderation involves, three of the important elements are :
Elements of Community Moderation :

● Participating in the online environment where rules and regulations of the engagement of the people are established and protected.
● Maintain an atmosphere to encourage open and appropriate conversation.
● And, curating user generated content in the community so as to ensure the quality and alignment of the rules of engagement of the organization.

After these elementary steps, a framework should be established so as to maintain the above three elements.
Now, let us deeply look into steps of community moderation in the online mode.

Community Moderation Steps :

  1. First, Establish Rules For Member Participation : The first step is to create a code of conduct that should be written and be downloadable. These rules and regulations should be reviewed by the attorney before you launch it.

  2. The members of your online community should feel that it is a genuine place to express themselves without being stifled by fear or hesitation. They should feel that the community guidelines and the rules are there to protect their privacy and themselves.
    There are a few things your guidelines should include :
    ● It should clearly state what is expected from the customers, employees, members in advance and what are the things that would not be tolerated from them.
    ● It should define what type of community it is and what it means to you being in this community,
    ● It should identify and outline what type of content is allowed and what type of content is banned like obscene or pornographic content is banned in the community.
    ● It should describe community usage that is unacceptable like commercial ads or over self promotion, etc.
  3. Second, Create Clear Escalation Path For The Sake Of Moderation : In this, the members of the community agree to the user guidelines and the policies of the community. But there might be some users who do not follow the rules, for that you can use three – strike policy :
    ● Educate : Provide the users with written policy which should include everything regarding the user code of conduct. If the user breaks the rule then, give a personal notice of explaining how it is against the guidelines.
    ● Moderate : This can be referred to as the second warning. But then also, listen to what the user has to say about the violation. Also do not forget to send a second notice requesting humbly to not to break any rule and giving a warning to ban the account if they break the user guidelines the next time.
    ● Remove : At this time, if the user is still not following the community guidelines then, send them the final notice telling them that their account has been banned due to violation of the community guidelines three times, and then, remove the account from the community.
  4. Deal With The Violations Publically : If the thread is seen by the people before you can remove it, then just respond to that particular thread and close the thread by saying that it is a violation of the community moderations. Then just close that particular thread and remove it if necessary.
  5. Set The Tone : Community Moderation is not just following rules, it is managing everything including in the community. As a community moderator, you should be the example for the rest. So set a tone by yourself and let people follow that.
  6. Recruit Good Volunteers : As you work hard, your community grows with time and you will need people to regulate and moderate the content on your online platform. So, when you hire the people for managing and moderating , they are not just employees nymore, they are a part of the community now and so treat them equally and train and motivate them to do their best.
  7. Listen : Now, it’s just a small word, ‘ listen’, but does wonders if applied correctly. There may be instances when you would be wrong about something or if a member of your community has a valid reason for the activities they have done, do first listen to them before taking action.
  8. Do Not Fear Change : It is one of the crucial factors in any community. Rules change when the times change and so you don’t have to be the one who never accepts change. Assess everything and fill the gaps, that’s it .
    So, these were some of the steps in the community moderation that you should follow to grow and maintain your community.

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