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Best Pre – Trained AI Models in 2022

Pre – Trained AI Models


What is an AI Model ?
An AI model is an algorithm that is based on certain types of data sets that help it to achieve and arrive at a particular decision that it has made by some sort of calculation. This is known as the AI Model.
It all starts with training of neural networks.
Neural Network Training :
While training a neural network, the initial layers are able to identify very simple things like a straight or a slant line, or maybe something more basic that even a little child can answer.
● So, layer one can identify things that are a child’s play.
● When we move to layer two, it is able to identify shapes like circles and squares,
● Layer three in a neural network is capable of identifying intricate patterns.
● Finally, the deepest layers of the neural network are able to identify some other complex things like for example a dog.
Pretrained models Intuition :
The first few layers can only detect small and childish things and can only tell about slant and straight lines. So, it makes no sense to train them every time whenever you create a neural network.
The final layers of the network only can learn to detect and identify the classes that are specific to the project that require and need training.
Now, let us talk about Progressive Image Resizing.
What do you mean by Progressive Image Resizing in an AI Model ?
One method to improve computer vision performance is to train another model for images with low resolution like for example images of resolution 128 and then use these weights as initial values for the images of higher resolutions like images of sizes 256, 512, etc. This method is known as progressive image resizing.
Now, let us look from a company’s perspective, that why many companies, big or small, prefer pre – trained models.
Why Do Companies Prefer Pre-Trained Models ?
So, many companies prefer pre trained AI Models for their work. The major reason is that creating an AI Model from scratch requires a lot of time, money, and effort.
In this world of innovations where major technical changes are occurring in such a short period of time and with an increased number of competition, focusing on building an AI Model from scratch can prove to be very counterproductive. If we talk about finances, then for a startup may be a bad decision as it can backfire financially.
Creating a predefined model for AI involves various practices like collection of training data, feature extraction, developing frameworks, creating interfaces and many other different functions.
Custom models can be a very good idea for fields like medicine, cybersecurity, autonomous vehicles, as it gives them competitive advantage.
There is a role of transfer learning in a pre-defined AI Model.

What is Transfer Learning ?
Transfer Learning is something which takes knowledge that is taken from the pre-trained datasets and models and then applies it to another task in the same domain.
Some technological companies like IBM, AWS, NVIDIA, and Microsoft use transfer learning toolkits so as to eliminate the need of building models straight from the scratch.
There are many companies providing pre – trained AI Models, they are :
● Amazon AWS Marketplace : It is a cloud based service that helps to provide pre – trained models for purchase as well as for deployment through a software named sagemaker.
● ModelDepot : It provides pre-trained weights and models and allows deployment of various pre-trained image classification softwares with the help of REST API. It is free as well as a paid software. Its free software provides training of images around 20,000.
● Modzy : It offers pre – trained models to many leading companies and firms. It is a good company providing different services that you would want to try. It offers training data, architecture, validation, and also performance metrics.
● BigML : The AI Models provided by this company offers classification, regression, and time series forecasting. It serves many different fields like energy, electronics, IOT, financial services, etc.

So, these all were some of the reputed companies and service providers that you might want to hire for your work.
Well, in all these things there is an involvement of computer vision, you can look in the link given below :

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