Real-time Video Communication Service

24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED real-time communication network service is a powerful platform, which includes a real-time communication SDK, self-developed real-time interactive streaming media network and a range of capabilities in the cloud. Based on our experience in live broadcasting product, 24X7 OFFSHORING PRIVATE LIMITED real-time video communication service provides clients with the cross-platform, high-quality and customizable one-stop solution, which supports typical scenarios such video calls, online meetings, interactions in live broadcast.


150ms Global latency

270ms accessing

99.93% high connectivity

99.95% high availability


Self-developed RTC Acceleration Network

Information can be shared in real time globally with the self-developed solution to edge acceleration.

Global Nodes

More than 180 nodes all over the world  Supporting interactions in more than 200 countries and regions in the world

Real-time Performance

Delays in about 150ms

Transport Protocols

Based on Web RTC Easy access, high compatibility and excellent user experience

Acceleration Solutions

Fully self-developed solutions to edge acceleration  Real-time sharing and interaction of information in the global network

Scheduling Strategies

Intelligent allocation of streaming media servers and acceleration circuits Promptly responding to global real-time demands for interactions

Quality Monitoring

Network quality monitoring and automatic scheduling systems  Real-time optimization of transmission quality


Key Features

Confluence of Servers

Confluence of Servers

Solve the bottleneck in upstream and downstream bandwidth and the problem in coding and decoding in the scheme of mainstream and multi-stream and reduce computing resources and costs on network bandwidth

Bypass live broadcasting

Bypass live broadcasting

Support the global accelerated dispatch of audios and videos and transcode upstream data into RTMP, HTTP and HLS protocols, easy for users to watch through Web or streaming media players

Real time recording

Real time recording

Support the record, storage, transcoding, dispatch and on-demand services of audios and videos and record the streaming audience has watched for video-on-demand and playback.

Personalized management

Personalized management

Support multiple administrative powers such as dynamic invitation, kicking and muting, to keep chats and interactions in a more orderly way.

Intelligent processing of rich media

Intelligent processing of rich media

Provide basic data processing services, like watermarks, transcoding of audios and videos, clipping and editing, and user-defined data processing services, to satisfy various audio and video interaction scenarios.

Auditing of pornography, violence and terrorism

Confluence of Servers

Automatically identify images with pornography, violence and terrorism in the clouds and effectively avoid risks from contents of pornography, violence, terrorism and politics, to operate the platform


Application Scenarios

Various application scenarios can be supported with perfect solutions.


Online Customer Services

Demands for video calls to technical staff are supported. Those technical staff can instruct users to operate as well as quickly locate and solve problems through videos, to improve service quality and product reputation.

Application Scenarios

opening accounts in banks or of securities, online customer services of E-commerce and obtaining evidence for insurance companies

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