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Smart Parking Survey Technology In 2022

Smart Parking Smart Parking smart packing

Smart Parking Survey Technology

What is Smart Parking ?

It is a smart parking strategy that calculates and analyzes the space and allows cars to park themselves in an effective manner. It also helps to manage parking spaces within the city.

How are smart parking surveys done ?

Well, typically it is done by a field observer. The appointed field observer travels around the parking zones with a circuit that records the number of cars present per car parking zone on each and every interval.

Types of parking created by Traffic :

  • On – street parking :

On-street parking is a type of parking in which the vehicles are parked on the sides of the street. It is usually controlled and regulated by government authorities.

  • Parallel Parking :

It is a type of parking in which all the vehicles are parked along the length of the road.

  • 30 degree parking :

30 degree parking is considered one of the best parking methods. In this parking system, all the vehicles are parked at 30 degrees with respect to road alignment. It is considered the best system because in this way, more vehicles can be parked in less space.

  • 60 degree parking :

 In this parking type, the vehicles are aligned at 60 degrees to the direction of the road. In this system more vehicles can be accommodated.

  • Off street parking :

This type of parking is allocated in those areas that are solely allotted for parking and are at the same distance away from the main traffic.

So, there are many different types of systems and smart methods for parking, if we talk about future references then, here are some of the smart parking techniques that may be implemented in the future :

  • With the increase in use of technology, the information of parking availability for the type of vehicles would be able to guide the cars to respective parking slots.
  • With the help of an advanced ecommerce system the government would be able to collect toll tax charges electrically.
  • With advanced technology empty parking spaces would be detected easily.
  • It will help in managing traffic as well as creating new models for effective parking of vehicles.
  • It would be able to provide provision of effective security.

This information would help to provide accurate information about the parking spaces and will also provide provision for advance reservation of the parking slots beforehand through the advance vehicle booking system.

Now, here are some of the techniques for Smart vehicle parking :

  1. Expert based system :

This is a type of system  which helps to solve the problem related to distribution and the problems related to the complex environment of the traffic.

Such a technique is a multi-agent system. It is used to represent those elements which show anatomy, degree of interaction with its surrounding environment and intelligence.

Some systems do not work properly and provide the best parking facility. The reason ? It is because they do not take parking fees into consideration. So, a negotiable margin should be taken into consideration.

It is because vehicle parking is a major problem which will grow more complex in the near future. So we should be prepared with advanced smart parking systems. Expert based systems would be very helpful.

  1. Logic based smart parking systems :

In logic based smart parking systems, there are three steps that are to be undertaken :

  • Motion Planning.
  • Information supply.

This theory is also known as Fussy Theory

  1. Systems based on wireless sensor :

In this system, a number of sensor nodes that do not cost much are connected together to create a Wireless Sensor Network ( WSN ). In this system different types of devices like sensors, storage devices, devices for computation are used.

  1. GPS based systems :

This system is very important in smart parking surveys as it helps to locate the vacant parking spaces and also to monitor parking spaces and traffic. It tells you in advance where a vacant parking lot is and then allows the vehicle to negotiate and book the parking in advance. This is a revolutionary technology that will help smart parking surveys in many different ways.

  1. Vehicle communication :

The sole purpose of smart parking is based on the communication regarding different large parking zones.

It consists of the following things :

  • It shows the real time parking navigation and helps drivers to find parking lots. It saves a lot of time and fuel.
  • It helps to provide friendly parking information to all the mobile cars nearby.
  • It provides a security system that helps to protect cars at the parking space. Any car that tries to get off the parking lot by illegal terms would be caught.


  1. Vision based system :

This is one of the most widely used systems in and around the world. The revenue systems and the parking control systems in some of the big cities are working on this model. In vision based system AI enabled cameras are installed in every part of the city. It captures each and every detail and allows to locate which parking slots are empty. It also helps to control and regulate traffic rules. If a person is found breaking rules, then the Vehicle Identification Number ( VID ) of the car is noted. Each car has a unique VID which links to the other information of the  driver like name, address, etc. After getting the name and address, the penalty money is sent to the driver electronically and that’s how the revenue system works. It helps to maintain law and order and reduces time and energy of the respective department.


So, these were some of the tips and tricks for smart parking.

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