Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created

10 Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created

Do you have a problem that you can’t solve? Is there a future campaign that really needs to kick things off? Brainstorming should keep your mind out of the box, but sticking to basic procedures can also keep you stuck there. There are a few tips you may need to learn to even start thinking, knowing where to start and when – and with whom – to engage – before you put a pen on paper.


Communication methods can range from putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, to “Brain-Netting” remotely on social media platforms, or Round Robin (by gathering to share and explore other people’s opinions). For all of us who need something more or different, here is a guide to unleash your inner intelligence in mind-blowing sessions.


  1. Mind map Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created

There is a whole process you need to know before you start making a mind map. The mind map needs careful planning before, during, and after and can be of different shapes and sizes. All in all, mind mapping is one of the best ways to organize your ideas as a visual representation, and there are tons of great tools to help you get started (we are part of Minnow itself).


Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created


Since the central area is the main idea of ​​the connection, this simple way of making your point helps to produce a well-integrated view based on many ideas. Add color in the right ways to each other, and decorate your ideas with various doodles or fonts!


  1. Right Brain

The right side of the human brain is associated with creative thoughts and behaviors, hence the term “right brain.” This method allows you to start specific drawings that represent your problem or possible solution.

Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created

They say that doing incomplete photo dooding can help improve comprehension by taking unfinished images and merging them into a completely new concept. Sunni Brown, author of the Doodle Revolution, suggests that you reach out to the emotional part of your brain when engaging in visual language, which is not possible if you are in “language mode.”


  1. Provocative actions…

If you change your surroundings or unexpectedly change your way of communicating, both can create responses to draw your answers to them – this provides a good guide to open new leads for your complete solution. Do this by literally changing the design of the room you are thinking of, or moving some objects to dump them a bit. Something as simple as inviting new plants or art to the workplace can inspire a different track of thinking.

Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created



  1. Record and Record Your Times

many  app allows you to record audio and submit it for recording, reduce the time spent typing afterwards and never miss a view again. Sometimes the simple flow of the topic of discussion ideas creates a tree of very uncontrollable branches. The mobile recording app will always translate into text, so you have a stable, complete, text-based application that you can work with.


  1. Pessimist vs. Optimist

This may seem absurd to some, but what is it like to combine creativity with creativity without trying something new? It has been said that bringing together both the hopeless and the hopeless into a conversation can have a positive effect, while also having similar results.


You will probably find that the self-proclaimed optimist (or realist) will present a practical or realistic impression of the future, while the self-proclaimed optimist usually tries to solve the whole problem eagerly. Draw results from the whole discussion, based on the problems and solutions found in both.


  1. Word Organization

Mental thinking yourself is random, don’t you think? So why not start by making this your primary goal, and then take it for granted? Look at a familiar topic or main idea and think of all the related words you can find – you will find that transforming your brain into a temporary Thesaurus can help you build new artistic connections and come up with completely different conclusions. or solutions.


  1. Location

Deciding to position yourself will affect the way your brain works – leading to a creative result. Make sure you are away from an unpleasant room with basic stationery and boring view. In fact, neurobiologists believe that advanced environments can contribute to the speed at which people build new neurons and emotional connections. Find yourself in a place that will open your mind!




  1. Get up and stretch

Why do you still want to sit down? Standing encourages flexibility of thought, allows your body to flow freely and this activates the brain. Studies show that living is “New Smoking” and is labeled as a disease. Companies like Alphabet, AOL, and Facebook all offer standing desks, for the purpose of establishing but also health guidelines. Try it, even if it’s just a break from a consultation meeting.


  1. Music

Sorry psychiatrists, but artists Bruno Mars and Celine Dion will only disturb you. Depending on the environment or work culture, the right music at the right volume can help to facilitate dialogue and create new ideas well. There are guidelines to help you choose the right music, but you need to decide which one fits best. You can find some suggestions here, depending on the type, note, and volume you choose.


Tips To Make Your Mind Chat Session More Created


  1. Word and Vision Games

If you try to get more out of the idea, make it fun! Start with the word storm to start making the flow of new related words. Work with someone else to jump ideas and get inspired to stay as long as you feel it’s enough. To help you, whether individually or as a group, there are a number of apps on the market that integrate the flow of classic Scrabble and other structures such as comic book comparisons.


You may not find yourself tearing your hair out for creativity either


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