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Best Using Labelbox For Optimizing Crop Production Process in 2022

Using Labelbox For Optimizing Crop Production Process


The need for food production is increasing day by day and it will nearly double by the mid – century and will reach about 10 billion. Now, one question arises that how will the world be able to feed all the people in a sustainable manner at that point of life where even the land that is under cultivation is shrinking. There is one answer though, digital farming.
What Is Digital Farming in Crop Production ?
Digital Farming is Labelbox defined as the technology that farmers use to integrate the Labelbox financial level and field level of the records so as to manage the activities in the farm.
Digital Farming can help to get the information about the Labelbox following things :

  1. Topography : It is the slopes, inclination of crops to the sun, precipitation, etc.
  2. Hidden Artifacts : Compaction zones, rocks, or buried geological formations.
  3. Soil Sampling : Validation of different soil types, horizons, composition etc.
  4. Electrical Conductivity Mapping : It represents the indication of soil types and the capacity for carrying hydration.
  5. Historical Stress Locations : Geo locations of earlier escape of weed, nematodes, etc.
  6. Previous Supplements Or Treatments : It gives the info about crop failure Labelbox that happened earlier in the past, nutrient applications, etc.

To do all these things, there are many devices, the best one is xarvio. It was founded in 2015 and is at the forefront in the digital agriculture transformation. It provides apps like SCOUTING that helps to identify weeds, counts the number of insects in the traps, it recognizes plant diseases and analyses damage done to the leaves and also manages nitrogen emergence levels. With the help of xarvio farmers can also see the history of the scouting trips and can have access to the scouting radar so as to get an overview of the crop stress in the area that is surrounded.

The radar function also permits and helps farmers to see the diseases that are being spread locally and then they receive alerts so that they can protect their plants from the upcoming diseases.
It requires computer vision to examine all these things.
Now, if you don’t know what computer vision is then, do not worry, we have got Labelbox you covered.
What is Computer Vision ?

Computer vision in simple terms is a computer based system for visualising its surroundings and helps computers to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other types of visual inputs. It takes actions according to the retrieved information. If AI helps computers to think on its own, then, computer vision helps computers to visualise, observe and understand its surroundings. This is known as computer vision.
It is very useful if done with the help of drones. Drones can detect or recognize objects with the help of computer vision in AI. Flying in the mid-air, drones can detect and recognize various types of objects obtaining and giving information on various things about crop production. Drones closely monitor the conditions of crops and soil.
Labelling Process In Crop Production :

Now, field management is very important to increase crop production in an effective manner. It is very important as it impacts the field, and field zones.
The process of labelling is iterative in nature as the new training data keeps increasing in order to make it more accurate and efficient.
First, the data is annotated for the computer vision so as to make the computer or software analyse the crop production.
Second, the annotated data is put to use and then it is tested on a variety of crops by monitoring them in different conditions and taking readings.
Third, the final model is ready for the farmers to use. As we have said the new training data keeps coming and so this process can be made more efficient by the future software Labelbox updates.
So, these were the ways and the steps used in farming to increase crop production.
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