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Web Portal Development Services Web Portal Development Services 

Web Portal Development Services

What is Web Portal Development ?

Web portal development is a completely secure web – based platform / place that only allows specific functionality and content with the help of a simple looking and an easy to navigate interface. There are many platforms that provide web and mobile development, testing, security, embedded analytics, and 24 * 7 continuous support.

In a web portal users are allowed to interact with the database on the page. There are two types of pages on web portals :

  • Anonymous public pages.
  • Authentication public pages.

Both the pages allow and provide multiple integrations and custom and also provides third party tools and websites.

Whereas, a website is static in nature that allows only informational data or we can say that it provides only read only content.

Usually, in many websites users do not have to worry about authentication as it provides information that is accessible to all. In some cases only authorised individuals are only allowed to view the content. It is a simple system which is rarely integrated with other different systems like ERP, CRM , etc.


Different types of Web Portals :

There are different types of web portal development services, they are :

  1. Self – Service Portals :

A self service portal is a type of portal which aggregates the information on various products, services or the important corporate information. It allows users to send a request information, allows to activate or deactivate services and also allows users to schedule services according to their needs and time.

There are two types of self – service portals :

  • Employee Self – Service Portal :

This is a secure platform for different types of employees to send as well as manage requests in the field of HR, IT, and different facility related services. It is also used as the access to structured corporate data. It is usually noticed that the ESS portal is a part of a larger HR portal.


  • Customer Portals :

A customer self service portal is a type of portal that offers information as well as resources that are required and are helpful for customers request services. It allows customers to find or locate information, and to solve service related problems of the customer.


  1. Patient Portals :

A patient portal is a type of portal only for patients of the hospitals. It is a portal that gives you access to your personal health information. It is a special type of portal that enables self scheduling of appointments for you and helps the patients to communicate with the doctors and nurses treating them between your visits.


  1. Ecommerce portals :

Ecommerce portals are the type of portals that support online business and online stores selling products. It offers both B2B and B2C models and facilitates easy buyer – seller transactions securely. It allows communication between a business and customers .

  1. Vendor Portals :

A vendor portal is a special type of portal which helps to aggregate and organize all the supplier related data and helps to provide functionality for consumer’s smooth, quick, and facilitates communication with vendors.

  1. eLearning Portals :

eLearning portal is a portal which is used for education purposes. These portals guide open up the gateway to a variety of educational and learning materials. You can check your specific result for a specific test.

  1. Community Portals :

Community portals are the type of portals that facilitate communication between people living or belonging to the same community. This means the people who share similar interests can communicate with each other and build relationships.

  1. Partner Portals :

A partner portal is a type of portal which provides different tools to be used by the businesses that usually sell through indirect sales. It is exclusively used for the business activities that allow authentication of different business partners.


Steps involved in Web Portal Development :

  1. Planning :

Everything starts with planning. First the business needs of the company is understood for what purpose a web portal is being developed. Then all the resources are gathered and strategy is made. All the expectations of the client’s are heard first so as to make it up to the mark.

  1. Designing :

In the second step different designs are made for the web portal which are basically UI/ UX designs.

  1. Iteration :

After the design is made work on the back end, the front end is started with quick iterations with big releases.

  1. Integration with other softwares :

After the front end and the back end are completed it is linked with platform based tools that you already use.

  1. Testing and quality check :

After all the things are completed, one thing that is most important of all still remains and that is quality check and testing. Before delivering the web portal the company has to make sure that it delivers the best quality product that satisfies client’s needs and expectations and also the company tries to build more that the expectations raised by the client. All checks like the interface check, bug check, and the most important of all, the security check are done. Usually the companies employ automated testing operations to decrease testing time and to save money.

  1. Setup :

After the quality check, the web portal is delivered to the client and is being installed in the IT environment of the client and all the systems and user guidelines and the important things are being explained to the IT and support team.

So, these were the steps involved in the Web Portal Development Services.


If you want a reference company that we would refer you is :

Science Soft, it is a web portal service provider which provides all the services mentioned above.

In addition, they provide after release support as well as web portal management and monitoring support. It is a great platform for you to host web portal management.

After hearing about Science Soft, if you wish to visit the site once then just click on the below link :


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