Speech Recognition

For all your voice recognition requirements, the Most Accurate Speech-to-Text APIs The speech-to-text APIs from 24x7offshoring AI enable companies to create robust downstream applications. We use more than 50,000 hours of human-transcribed information from a variety of topics, industries, and accents to train our speech engine. The outcome? You have access to the most precise voice recogni4tion tools available.

What 24x7offshoring Provides



Transcription by humans

Text to Speech1


Language Recognition

Extracting the Topic

Sentiment Assessment

Why 24x7offshoring

1.Most Accurate, Fewest Word Errors

2Ethnic and gender accents are least biased

3.The WER of more languages is lower.

4.TitlSTT and NLP combined into one solution


Highest-caliber accuracy

Implementation is simple

Modular Deployment



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