Top applications for acadamics

Gone are the days of going to the library, reading a lot of books, writing notes on paper, and doing research. Thanks to technology, we

business money
how to save your business money

23  different Ways how to Save Your Business money Without book ratings, your business will fail. And finding ways to reduce costs can be easier

searchable videos
The future and searchable videos

The future and searchable videos At NPR this morning, Shad’s Farad Banjo is looking at the future of technology, pondering what searchable videos might be

Job websites
Finding job Websites

5 Independent Finding job Websites by 2021 The private sector makes up 36% of the U.S. workforce. in 2020. Not surprisingly, the percentage is still

using Windows in Your Phone

    A great guide to using Windows in Your Phone for Android A to Z to zoom your Android phone and Windows PC  

data service
Best Computer Vision Dataset of 2022

  What exactly is Computer Vision Dataset, and how does it function? Let’s first define computer vision before diving into the field of computer vision

video dataset
data service
Best Video Datasets in 2022

Following on from the last two parts of the Machine Learning Video Datasets series, part three focuses on where to get the right picture dataset