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Natural language processing (commonly abbreviated “NLP”) is a type of machine learning specialized for analyzing human languages. Unlike more conventional forms of machine learning, NLP utilizes advanced forms of unsupervised learning to effectively “read” or “listen” in a way similar to humans.
NLP uses several algorithms to deconstruct language. These algorithms (referred to here as forms of “evaluation”) work primarily with the syntax and semantics – or structure and meaning, respectively – of human language. On the syntax side, common NLP algorithms include those for lemmatizing words and relating them to their basic forms.
While most businesses implementing NLP will not need to take a formal course in the subject, software engineers or anyone working directly with NLP software might benefit from reviewing the course material. NLP software can be a powerful tool for effectively analyzing human languages.
In essence, where voice recognition software identifies spoken words, NLP software identifies both spoken words and their meanings, all based on the context in which the words were spoken. However, the capability of NLP software extends far beyond the spoken word; human language takes on many forms, after all!