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Artificial Intelligence Development

In challenging times, see how our business process outsourcing experts can create your business continuity for better intelligent workflows to transform your organization.


AI Services are a set of services that include pre-built machine learning models, making it easier for developers to incorporate AI into their apps and business processes. For more realistic business results, the models may be customized. Models, datasets, and data labels may be reused across services by teams inside an organization. 24x7offshoring AI Services allows developers to easily integrate machine learning into their products without slowing down the development process.

24x7offshoring AI Services give your apps and workflows ready-made intelligence. Personalized suggestions, updating your contact center, boosting safety and security, and increasing client engagement are all prominent use cases for AI Services. You receive quality and accuracy from continuously-learning APIs because we employ the same deep learning technology that drives our ML Services. Best of all, our AI Services doesn’t require any prior knowledge of machine learning.

Learn about 24x7offshoring AI, a collection of AI services aimed at developers and data scientists. Take advantage of our AI’s decades of groundbreaking research, ethical AI standards, and flexibility to design and deploy your own AI solutions. Create your own machine learning models using tools like Jupyter Notebooks, Visual Studio Code, and open-source frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, and access high-quality vision, voice, language, and decision-making AI models through easy API calls.



Application Scenario

Sales prediction + operation optimization

Overall Planning


Intelligent Monitoring on Equipment Operation and Maintenance Management

Supply Chain Decision-making Analysis and Intelligent Assistance

Full Lifecycle Intelligent Monitoring of Order Performance

Intelligent Inventory Turnover Optimization

One-stop Coordination and Cross-functionality Modularized Integration

Tailored to Meet Customers’ Diverse Requirements



User Tag

User Portrait

Intelligent Automatic Marketing


Intelligent Supply Chain Analysis

Intelligent Data Collection

Solution advantages


Driving and Riding Experience

After-sale Service


Brand Operation

Industry-leading Big Data Integration Capability

Outstanding Data Science Service Capability

Rich Experience of Concrete Technological Adoption of Scenarios




Member Grouping & Potential Customer Mining

Customer Group Expansion

Member Operations


Marketing Placement

Data Analysis of Business Analysis Systems

New Building Pre-sale Customer Retention System

Site Management System

Dynamic Accurate Pricing of Real Estate

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