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Data Collection

At 24x7offshoring, we think that data quality is one of the most important components of project success. Our online data collecting services let clients access the information they need from thoroughly vetted sources. We maintain the high quality of our data responders and online sources.

Only relevant data is uploaded to your database after we filter out duplicates and redundant/obsolete information. We’ve created automatic technologies that scrape a big amount of data from any website. Our quick and flexible data collecting solutions save time and money for our clients by reducing operational costs.

We use common survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, Zoho Survey, Google Forms, and others to conduct traditional postal surveys, on-site paper surveys, interviews, and online surveys. For web data collecting, we’ve worked with a variety of sectors like healthcare, insurance, automobiles, food industry, retail, and more.

Types of Data collection


Text Collection

Text data collection is the process of gathering text or text-like data from a variety of sources to aid in the development of technology that can understand human language in text form. Computers and apps must consume massive amounts of text data to get to this stage.

Image Collection

Because a machine learning model will never outperform its training data, focusing on obtaining the best image data collection services for your models is crucial. We offer one of the most comprehensive image datasets and deep learning image data collections accessible at 24x7offshoring, allowing you to train computer vision models with one of the most comprehensive image datasets and deep learning image data available.

Audio Collection

For humans, practice makes perfect. It all comes down to how much data AI can access. The more data you supply, the better the results will be. The quality of audio data gathering for machine learning is very important since it gives your automatic speech recognition system an advantage by allowing it to comprehend human speech more accurately.

Frequently Asked Questions

The practice of acquiring quantitative and qualitative data on specified variables with the goal of analyzing results or gaining actionable insights is known as data collection. To guarantee that the data you gather is clean, consistent, and dependable, you need a defined method.

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