What is ASR automatic speech recognition technology? What does it do?


What is ASR automatic speech recognition technology? ASR refers to automatic speech recognition technology, which is a technology that converts human speech into text. Its goal is to convert the lexical content of human language into computer-readable input. If a machine wants to have a dialogue with a human, it needs to complete three steps: corresponding … Read more

Introduction to best automatic driving data labeling, automatic driving data labeling process


Self-driving automatic car companies hope to collect a large amount of data, which can provide more useful references for autonomous driving. This data set has two main parts: 1. Collect data through various means such as vehicle detection, lane change, road traffic sign recognition, pedestrian and bicycle detection; 2. Data annotation through visual recognition. Challenges … Read more

How to label autonomous best driving data (the importance of data labeling for automatic driving)


  Autonomous driving is an important direction for the development of future automotive technology, and data labeling is also an indispensable step. Autonomous driving systems require a large amount of real-world data, which is often irregular and often disorganized. Therefore, in order for the machine to distinguish different objects and correctly understand their meaning, we need to … Read more