What Is the best a Medical Transcriptionist?

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Play a key role backstage of Healthcare

Medical Transcriptionist


The Medical Transcriptionist is very important. Get ready for a brand new profession in health insurance billing and coding or a profession in scientific coding with Herzing university. Earn a diploma in 10 months or an associate diploma in 20 months.

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Clinical Billing and Coding Pathways

At Herzing, we’ve designed our scientific billing and coding packages to reflect what industry leaders assume access-degree people must recognise—and what employers need them to realize. Scientific billing and coding is an evolving discipline that requires each professionals and widely professional professionals.

This is why we offer two tracks:

Insurance Billing and Coding professional – expand your schooling and construct a robust basis in both billing and coding.
scientific Coding – recognition your have a look at on creating, updating and preserving correct digital fitness records.
Whichever route you pick out, you may have the choice to pursue a diploma or diploma, plus become eligible to probably take a seat for eight one-of-a-kind certifications, inclusive of the certified Billing & Coding specialist (CBSC), certified expert Coder (CPC), and licensed Coding expert (CCS).

The Herzing distinction
Whichever program you choose, you’ll benefit from:

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Job duties

What are a scientific transcriptionist’s requirements? usually speakme, they turn audio recordings into reliable written scientific records. For either transcribing and editing, you’ll need to develop the subsequent abilties:

  • paying attention to doctors’ audio notes
  • interpreting clinical language
  • correctly typing and documenting notes in an authorised format
  • analyzing text files generated by means of speech-recognition era
  • deciphering clinical language
  • identifying and correcting not unusual tech-transcribed errors
  • appropriately documenting notes in an permitted layout
  • paintings environment

Maximum clinical transcriptionists and scientific transcription editors do business from home, setting their personal hours and getting paid by using what they produce. So we’d say the ecosystem is at ease, the hours are bendy, and the dress code is casual—except you’re the sort of person who hangs around the house in a suit. pro tip: set up a quiet, distraction-free workspace in which you could pay attention and crank out clean documents. (be aware that a few medical transcription editors do paintings on-web page at hospitals or clinics, in a more professional, controlled ecosystem.)

Pay Scale

How a great deal does a scientific transcriptionist make? Their median annual profits is $30,100, however your yearly profits rely on how a whole lot work you produce. The more influenced you’re, and the extra time you could devote to transcribing, the extra money you’ll make.*

Enterprise demand

The healthcare enterprise is healthful. in spite of a projected decline for this position, there are anticipated to be over nine,000 openings for clinical transcriptionists each yr over the next decade*. Employers require nicely-educated applicants for clinical transcription editing roles, and CareerStep’s hiring partners trust the training this software gives, placing you in a quite sweet spot.


clinical Transcription modifying One Sheet
scientific Transcription enhancing getting to know targets

12 medical Transcriptionist skills: Definition and Examples

A clinical transcriptionist is a notably professional expert who converts audio recordings of up-to-date-affected person encounters inupdated written reports. To be a a hit medical transcriptionist, one up-to-date have exquisite listening abilities, strong English grammar and punctuation competencies, and know-how of scientific terminology. further, a scientific transcriptionist need upupdated be updated kind speedy and as it should be, and feature a strong interest updated detail.

Medical Transcriptionist skills

  1. Typing
  2. Listening
  3. Comprehending
  4. medical Terminology
  5. English Grammar
  6. Punctuation
  7. Accuracy
  8. pace
  9. awareness
  10. attention
  11. Multitasking
  12. up-to-date

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A clinical transcriptionist desires up-to-date have brilliant typing skills up to date be updated produce correct and blunders-loose transcriptions of scientific reports. this is important up-to-date mistakes in transcription can cause severe results for patients.

Listening is a ability this is crucial for scientific transcriptionists because they want up to date understand what the physician is saying upupdated transcribe it correctly.

Comprehending is the ability updated understand what’s being said. that is critical for medical transcriptionists because they need up-to-date apprehend the audio recordings they’re transcribing.

clinical Terminology
clinical transcriptionists want up-to-date have a robust information of clinical terminology in an effort upupdated as it should be transcribe up-to-date’ notes and other medical files.

English Grammar
scientific transcriptionists want updated have a robust understanding of English grammar up to date be able upupdated accurately transcribe scientific reports. This includes being up to date become aware of and correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Punctuation is a set of symbols which might be used up-to-date the structure and enterprise of a text. They can be used up-to-date pauses, emphasize sure words or phrases, and clarify the that means of a text. clinical transcriptionists need a good way upupdated use punctuation correctly up-to-date create accurate and understandable transcriptions.

Accuracy is essential for clinical transcriptionists up-to-date they need up to dateupdated recognize and transcribe medical docupupdated’ notes effectively. if they make a mistake, it is able upupdated have serious effects for the affected person.

pace is an critical talent for clinical transcriptionists due upupdated they need up-to-date kind quick and accurately that allows you upupdated hold up with the audio recordings of docs.

The skill of recognition is vital for scientific transcriptionists due upupdated they need up-to-date up to date the audio recordings they’re transcribing. This requires being up-to-date filter out distractions and attention at the mission up-to-date.

awareness is the capacity up to date cognizance on a challenge up to date and block out distractions. As a scientific transcriptionist, you may need up-to-date concentrate up to dateupdated as it should be transcribe audio recordings of up to datedocupupdated’ dictations. This ability is essential due upupdated even a small mistake could have severe effects.

The ability up to date multitask is an important talent for medical transcriptionists, as they often must listen up-to-date audio recordings of clinical methods while additionally typing out notes. this can be a up-to-date task, because it requires the transcriptionist up-to-date pay near attention up-to-date the recording while additionally retaining up with the typing.

A scientific transcriptionist needs up to date be skilled in using a up-to-date, as they may want up to date a up to date up-to-date transcribe clinical reviews. they’ll additionally want up-to-date use word processing software program and have good typing abilities.

up-to-date enhance clinical transcriptionist talents
As a scientific transcriptionist, you play an vital function in the healthcare enterprise. you are responsible for transcribing updated’ dictated scientific reviews, which can be then used up to date diagnose and treat patients. up-to-date be successful on this profession, it is crucial updated have robust transcription talents. right here are a few recommendations on up-to-date improve your scientific transcription abilties:

1. concentrate cautiously: while you are transcribing a dictation, it’s miles vital up-to-date pay attention carefully. this indicates not most effective up to dateupdated the words that are being stated, but additionally information the that means in the back of them. if you are unsure approximately something, ask the speaker updated clarify.

2. Use proper grammar and punctuation: up to dateupdated produce correct transcriptions, it is crucial up-to-date right grammar and punctuation. this could be complicated whilst transcribing speech, however taking the time updated proofread your work can help make sure accuracy.

three. recognise medical terminology: As a medical transcriptionist, you will need up-to-date have a sturdy understanding of clinical terminology. make an effort up-to-date analyze common prefixes, suffixes, and root words. this will help you understand complicated medical phrases and efficaciously transcribe them.

4. Use reference materials: while transcribing dictations, you can stumble upon unfamiliar phrases or terms. whilst this happens, don’t hesitate up to dateupdated reference materials up-to-date dictionaries or on line resources up-to-date look up the precise spelling or definition.

five. live 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa: The healthcare enterprise is constantly changing, so it’s miles crucial up to date live 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa on new traits. One way up to date do that is by means of subscribing up to date enterprise publications or taking persevering with training guides up to dateassociated with medical transcription.

up-to-date highlight medical transcriptionist capabilities
up-to-date your capabilities as a clinical Transcriptionist, you have upupdated listing your experience transcribing clinical reviews, which includes dictation from up to dateupdated and other clinical specialists. You up-to-date also list your expertise of scientific terminology and enjoy operating with distinctive types of clinical software. further, you up to dateupdated describe your ability up to date type fast and correctly, and your attention updated detail.

On a resume
consist of your revel in as a scientific transcriptionist in the paintings up-to-date phase of your resume. make sure up to date consist of the call of the organisation, your task identify, and the dates you worked there. within the Description section for each activity, spotlight your abilties as a medical transcriptionist. include information about the sorts of medical transcription you’ve got revel in with, which includes dictated reports, discharge summaries, and operative reports. additionally mention your enjoy with specific medical specialties, along with cardiology, orthopedics, and neurology. in the end, include any applicable coursework or schooling you’ve got finished up to dateassociated with medical transcription.

In a cowl letter
Up to date yourupdated cowl letter, make sure upupdated your capabilities as a medical transcriptionist. encompass your revel in transcribing clinical reports, up to date your know-how of clinical terminology. mention your attention updated detail and accuracy, and the way you’re updated paintings independently with little supervision. be sure up to date sayupdated your typing pace and proficiency in the usage of transcription software.

In the course of an interview
When you are interviewing for a function as a medical transcriptionist, you’ll want up-to-date be sure up to date focus onupdated your abilties. you will want up to date have amazing listening abilties, as you’ll be transcribing audio recordings of medical docupupdated’s appointments. You have upupdated additionally be up to date type quick and appropriately, as you’ll be transcribing the recordings verbatim. finally, it’s far important updated have a very good expertise of medical terminology, as you will want with a purpose upupdated understand the recordings a good way upupdated transcribe them as it should be.

What medical Transcriptionists Do
medical transcriptionists use digital devices to convert voice recordings from physicians and other healthcare people into formal reviews.

Paintings surroundings
Many medical transcriptionists work for hospitals, physicians’ workplaces, and 1/3-birthday party transcription agencies that offer services to healthcare institutions. most are full time, but component-time paintings is commonplace.

A way to emerge as a clinical Transcriptionist
clinical transcriptionists typically want postsecondary education that leads to a certificate. potential medical transcriptionists ought to understand simple medical terminology, anatomy and body structure, and rules of grammar.

methods or techniques translation

The median annual wage for scientific transcriptionists was $34,730 in may additionally 2022.

Activity Outlook
Employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to say no four percent from 2022 to 2032.

Notwithstanding declining employment, approximately eight,one hundred openings for medical transcriptionists are projected every year, on average, over the last decade. All of these openings are predicted to result from the need to update people who switch to other occupations or go out the exertions pressure, along with to retire.

Kingdom & area information
discover assets for employment and wages by using state and place for scientific transcriptionists.

Comparable Occupations
compare the task responsibilities, training, task increase, and pay of clinical transcriptionists with similar occupations.

Greater statistics, including hyperlinks to O*net
analyze extra about medical transcriptionists by means of travelling additional resources, together with O*net, a supply on key traits of people and occupations.

What is a clinical Transcriptionist?

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    What Does a scientific Transcriptionist Do?
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Medical statistics record all components of someone’s hospital treatment, upupdated their up to datems, health updated, the effects of their healthcare companies’ assessments, their diagnostic tests, as well asupdated their remedy plan. they’re important for continuity of care and communication amongst healthcare vendors.

Errors in clinical data can affect insurance insurance or maybe up to datelead upupdated mistakes in treatment and care. Caregivers have a felony obligation up to date maintain correct and 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa records on all patients.

Medical transcriptionists work with healthcare vendors up to date ensure that each go upupdated is documented in order that there may be a whole report of the analysis and remedy plan up-to-date any follow-up care that can be wanted.

Clinical transcriptionists concentrate updated carriers’ dictated notes and translate them into a clear, organized document of the go upupdated. They make sure that each one up-to-date of a person’s up to datery, diagnoses, and remedy are recorded. Then they use the ability’s documentation gadget up to date document the medical statistics up to date be accessed at the following up to date or despatched updated any other facility if necessary.

What Does a medical Transcriptionist Do?
updated, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare companies dictate their confidential notes about every up-to-date. Transcriptionists take those notes and transcribe them into a complete record of the up to dateupdated.

They use a template up-to-date on the form of practice, with maximum specialties having unique requirements. sometimes they get hold of files which might be unedited speech-up-to-date-textual content translations. They then edit and layout those notes and turn them into a completed report

Even as they’re transcribing, medical transcriptionists use their huge clinical terminology knowledge and crucial thinking talents updated make certain mistakes are minimized. in the event that they encounter conflicting information, up to date someone listed as taking a medicinal drug that they’re allergic up-to-date, they up-to-date and get rationalization up to date ensure the file is correct.

Training and education
most medical transcriptionists entire a certificate software that includes guides in clinical terminology, anaup-to-datemy, body structure, clinical specialties, diagnostic studies, and pharmacology.

A few whole an accomplice’s diploma software. clinical transcriptionists are every so often up-to-date medical language experts, and they need up-to-date have an notable command of grammar and punctuation.

up to date save you detrimental Your Kidneys
they also have up-to-date apprehend complicated medical terminology in addition upupdated clinical and surgical approaches. in addition, they want up to date have correct audiupdatedry processing abilties and be up-to-date apprehend accents.

The affiliation for Healthcare Documentation Integrity is the expert employer for clinical transcriptionists. medical transcriptionists are eligible for one among certifications, relying on revel in.

New transcriptionists, once they have graduated from a scientific transcription application, can sit for the examination up to date grow upupdated a Registered Healthcare Documentation expert (RHDS). The exam is open up to date transcriptionists with much less than two years of revel in or transcriptionists who paintings in only one strong point.

When they have the RHDS certification, clinical transcriptionists are eligible up-to-date up to date an authorized Healthcare Documentation specialist (CHDS). To gain their CHDS certification, transcriptionists up-to-date have at least years of experience in an acute-care or multi-distinctiveness health center setting.

In addition they up to dateupdated have acquired their RHDS certification. To keep their certification, RHDS transcriptionists shouldupdated complete 20 hours of continuing schooling each 3 years or retake the exam. To maintain the CHDS certification, transcriptionists up to dateupdated entire 30 hours of continuing education every 3 years.

Motives to look a scientific Transcriptionist
medical transcriptionists work behind the scenes along with yourupdated healthcare issuer up-to-date ensure your health up to date is correctly documented and transferred updated other vendors as needed. you will probably in no way see them inside the regular route of your remedy.

However, you could see their work with the aid of requesting your medical data. it’s a great idea up to dateupupdated your scientific facts up-to-date make certain their accuracy.

The health insurance Portability and duty Act (HIPAA) offers you the right to peer and get copies of your health facts, with some exceptions. Many providers offer on line up-to-date on your digital clinical report (EMR) via their web sites.

If they don’t, you are nonetheless entitled updated up-to-date your statistics, maintain them private, and request a exchange if you sense there may be an mistakes.

What’s medical transcription (MT)?
scientific transcription (MT) is the guide processing of voice reports dictated with the aid of physicians and different healthcare experts ineveryday textual content layout.

The MT crew of a medical institution generally receives the voice documents with dictation of medical files from healthcare vendors. The voice files are then transformed inevery day text.

The transcribed clinical reviews are normally created in digital format and submitted daily the clinic’s digital health file (EHR) or electronic medical file (EMR) machine.

These days, the medical discipline relies on speech recognition software program and clinical transcription software program (MTS) for transcribing.

Duties involved in a clinical transcription provider
scientific experts require a extensive variety of transcription services on a 66b34c3da3a0593bd135e66036f9aef3 foundation. Their obligations involve the subsequent:

Transcribe the voice recordings of a patient’s medical day-to-day for a diffusion of medical specialties along with Radiology, Acute Care and Oncology. Interpret medical statistics and categorize the statistics in notes, operative reviews, affected person data, consultations and discharge summaries.

Review and edit the transcription of speech reputation apps day-to-day make certain the accuracy of clinical terminology and optimize affected person care. Enter affected person statistics ineveryday the enterprise’s medical statistics system.

Chart of 5 AI technology that offer commercial enterprise price
The medical discipline is based on speech popularity software — one of the 5 AI technologies riding corporations price these days — and scientific transcription software for transcribing purposes.

The way dayeveryday every dayeveryday a medical transcriptionist
There are numerous schooling packages dayeveryday for capability medical transcriptionists, despite the fact that there is no unmarried, standardized direction day-to-day attaining the education required daily be an MT.

But, in many cases, an MT will go through put up-secondary schooling at a vocational college or network university. along side this, the MT could have skillability in English or regardless of the healthcare gadget’s number one language is, an knowledge of scientific terminology, and amazing typing and listening capabilities.

Applicants can daily certified medical transcriptionists through the affiliation for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). The AHDI offers certificates: the Registered Healthcare Documentation expert (RHDS) and the licensed Healthcare Documentation professional (CHDS).

The CHDS is simplest supplied everyday medical language professionals who’ve already attained the RHDS certificates.

The future of medical transcription
The healthcare industry is an increasing number of adopting scientific transcription offerings and software program daily create greater fee-performance for their agency.

This has brought about rapid increase in the transcription enterprise as a greater price-powerful, on-demand solution. by way of outsourcing transcription services, healthcare professionals now not incur fixed charges for managing their desires in-residence.

together with outsourcing, speech recognition era has seen and could maintain to see an increase in adoption, with many groups and MTs the usage of it as a method everyday simplify and streamline the scientific transcription procedure.

See additionally: hybrid health document, ambulaevery dayry scientific report, clinical documentation, Amazon Transcribe medical, fitness IT and virtual health.

scientific Transcriptionist
A medical transcriptionist is a expert who converts voice recordings from healthcare appointments into written reports. you see those reviews in your digital fitness records, and that they help your company provide you with the best viable care. scientific transcriptionists get hold of training in anatomy, physiology, medical phrases and grammar.

what’s a medical transcriptionist?
A scientific transcriptionist is a healthcare expert who converts voice recordings into written reviews. number one care physicians and other healthcare providers create voice recordings to fast keep appointment notes. in preference to being attentive to those recordings, you’ll see reviews to your digital scientific facts or fitness portal. medical transcriptionists probably play a position in developing these records so you and your provider can get right of entry to them later.

You notice your healthcare vendors in character and feature conversations with them. however you’ll likely never meet your medical transcriptionists. They’re just like the stage crew in the back of the curtains that makes sure the show is going on smoothly and safely.

Transcriptionists have to know scientific concepts and phrases to ensure your clinical notes are accurate and clean. It’s a high-stakes activity. mistakes in clinical reviews that appear small should have a extreme effect for your health. This sense of duty, in addition to the quick-paced nature of the activity, may additionally motive strain for scientific transcriptionists.

Advances in generation are changing the sector. as an example, transcription software program can convert voice recordings to written transcripts with increasing accuracy. As a end result, employers (like hospitals) may not need to lease as many new transcriptionists.

But it’s nevertheless an crucial function that’s well worth understanding approximately, whether you get hold of care in a medical placing or are inquisitive about operating within the field. scientific transcriptionists are part of the larger group that helps your health and facilitates you get the care you want.

Any other call for a clinical transcriptionist is a healthcare documentation expert.

Wherein do clinical transcriptionists paintings?
medical transcriptionists work in many distinctive settings, inclusive of:

Administrative offices (for organizations that offer transcription offerings).

  • Healthcare carriers’ workplaces.
  • Hospitals.
  • medical and diagnostic labs.
  • a few medical transcriptionists make money working from home. maximum jobs are full-time.

What does a medical transcriptionist do?
Scientific transcriptionists use technologies to convert healthcare providers’ audio recordings into written reports. for example, they may use speech popularity software program to transform a recording into a written document draft. but the usage of era is just one a part of their process. They should additionally draw upon their information and essential questioning abilties to:

Concentrate carefully to every recording and examine it towards the record draft, making sure the report is accurate.

  • accurate mistakes in reviews.
  • discover inconsistent or lacking facts that might positioned your health at risk.
  • change jargon and abbreviations that providers might use into complete words or phrases.
  • post reviews to providers for approval.
  • placed reports into your electronic health records.
  • observe prison recommendations to preserve your statistics secure and personal. scientific transcriptionists deal with the information
  • they transcribe as exclusive.

What’s the difference among a medical transcriptionist and a scientific scribe?
medical transcriptionists paintings behind the scenes. They’re not with you at some point of your appointment. alternatively, they document data after your appointment from another place.

Scientific scribes, or documentation assistants, work alongside healthcare vendors in real time. They’re gift at some point of your appointments and report info as they show up. Scribes assist your issuer store time and recognition on you for the duration of your appointment. university students often paintings as scribes to benefit revel in earlier than making use of to scientific college.

What knowledge and talents does a medical transcriptionist want?
clinical transcriptionists should have:

  • Familiarity with anatomy, physiology and medical language.
  • critical wondering talents to locate and attach mistakes in completed reviews.
  • Writing competencies and knowledge of grammar to check reports for accuracy and readability.
  • Listening capabilities to choose up the phrases and intended meanings of healthcare companies’ recordings.
  • pc competencies to apply electronic fitness information (EHR) systems and software program for developing reports.
  • Time control competencies to create reports quickly and with the aid of time limits.

How do I end up a clinical transcriptionist?
you may grow to be a clinical transcriptionist via:

  • Earning a excessive faculty diploma or GED.
  • Taking lessons to earn a scientific transcriptionist certificate.
  • Taking an examination to earn a medical transcriptionist certification (an non-compulsory credential).
  • Scientific transcriptionist education commonly includes taking classes online or in individual. you can entire many programs in

Beneath a yr to earn a certificates. Your software can also take longer if it includes earning an partner’s degree. Your training will give you expertise in:

  • Anatomy and body structure.
  • scientific language.
  • prison issues and the way to protect sufferers’ privacy.
  • Grammar and punctuation.

The association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (the expert society for medical transcriptionists) gives a list of authorised applications on its website. in addition they offer different sources to help you choose a application and expand your career.

Scientific transcriptionist certification
You don’t necessarily want a medical transcriptionist certification to work inside the discipline. however, many employers prefer to hire people with certification because it shows you’ve got the abilities and education to do your job properly.

The affiliation for Healthcare Documentation Integrity offers numerous certification options. You need to skip an examination to earn each credential. Your certification will closing for a certain number of years. understand that you’ll need to earn continuing education credit to stay certified.

The forms of credentials you can earn consist of:

Registered Healthcare Documentation specialist (RHDS): This credential is appropriate if you’ve lately graduated from a clinical transcription application or have fewer than years of enjoy in acute care. It’s additionally appropriate for transcriptionists with revel in in a single type of forte (like personal practice or a lab).

Certified Healthcare Documentation expert (CHDS): that is a next step in case you have already got the RHDS credential. You need to have as a minimum years of experience transcribing in an acute care setting (sanatorium, emergency branch or urgent/express care) or in more than one specialties.

Certified Healthcare Documentation expert (CHDP): This credential is for anybody who plays a role in healthcare documentation, including allied fitness professionals and scribes.

clinical transcriptionist profits
Most clinical transcriptionists within the U.S. earned among $22,810 and $forty eight,190 in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of hard work data. Salaries can vary broadly depending on wherein you work. for example, transcriptionists running in scientific and diagnostic labs generally earn greater than those operating within the administrative and support services industry.

task outlook
The U.S. Bureau of labor statistics predicts that employment for scientific transcriptionists will decline by means of 7% from 2021 to 2031. Advances in generation are a first-rate reason. some new technologies either update the need for transcriptionists or make their paintings greater efficient (meaning fewer humans can do the identical amount of work).

However there’s nevertheless right news. specialists are expecting a median of 9,three hundred clinical transcriptionist process openings each yr within the U.S. from 2021 to 2031. That’s because a few human beings transfer jobs or retire, and employers want others to fill their roles. So, if you’re interested in this career, there’s room with a purpose to explore and find a task in which you can make a difference in others’ lives.

A observe from Cleveland health center

Reflect onconsideration on an vital cellphone name you’ve had these days. proper when you ended the decision, the info had been in all likelihood sharp for your thoughts. however a few days later, they could begin to fade. Recalling them some months later could be hard, if no longer not possible. It’s comparable in healthcare.

Conversations take place each day. providers give you records and advice, and you listen it within the moment. but the ones phrases may begin to fade for both you and your company without a written file.

Clinical transcriptionists assist make feel of all the ones phrases and collect them in a clean, prepared format. these reviews make their way into your electronic clinical statistics. And these facts permit you and your healthcare company to recollect crucial information lengthy after your appointments. This records facilitates you receive the exceptional possible care tailored to your converting wishes. if you have questions about your medical facts or the way to access them, don’t hesitate to ask your company.