No – SMALLER is Better!

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No – SMALLER is Better! SMALLER  SMALLER. Scientific studies have shown that we learn best by absorbing small morsels of information, applying them in a practical manner, then building on what we know. As we add more chunks of information our minds correlate, collate, and link everything, referring back to previously learned facts to form … Read more

The best Learning Styles And Their Effect On Language Learning

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Learning Styles And Their Effect On Language Learning Learning Styles Learning Styles.  Note: This article makes special reference to the effect of learning syles in the learning of Spanish but the principles are valid for all language learning. ¡LEER ES PODER! ¡Learning Spanish! How can you best learn Spanish? It depends on your particular approach … Read more

How to Choose Exactly the best and RIGHT Foreign Word

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How to Choose Exactly the RIGHT Foreign Word Foreign Word Foreign Word. English has many words with more than one meaning – for example: ‘can’ – to be able to; tin receptacle. Many foreign language words also have multiple definitions. How can you ensure that you choose the correct one? Mistakes can be embarrassing! English … Read more