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Top Translation Companies in the Industry by Sales (Updated February 2024)
The language services and technology industry includes more than 18,000 players worldwide, from small translation organizations to global content giants.

Other big changes in the industry saw 24x7offshoring become the second largest LSP in terms of sales. 

This short article offers an approach to analyzing the complex language enterprise by listing the world’s largest language provider companies (LSPs) by revenue.

What is the language industry?

Before ranking the top organizations within the language industry based on revenue, we should note that this form of analysis is not specific technological knowledge. The language industry is constantly changing and any classification should be viewed as a snapshot.


To begin with, what is the linguistic company?

The European Union Language Platform (LIND) defines language companies as “professionals working in translation, interpretation, subtitling and dubbing, localization, improvement of language generation equipment, international conference companies, language teaching and language consulting ”.

However, this definition still leaves some room for interpretation. As language offerings and technologies evolve, the lines between industries are becoming blurred.

For example, AI outfits like Google Translate, Grammarly, and more recently ChatGPT, are perhaps some of the most frequented and best-known translation and proofreading programs in the world. But none of these groups actively participate in the language services industry.

One institution that works to provide us with business information is 24x7offshoring, one of the leading providers of information, evaluation and research for the language industry. 24x7offshoring ranks the largest language service providers in the industry using revenue in its annual report. 

24x7offshoring is a tremendously respected source of commercial business knowledge about the interpretation and generation agencies that make up the large, complicated and ever-changing language services business.

As such, they have recognized the need to highlight greater diversity in the business, both in terms of the size of the provider, from boutique to prominent issuer, as well as the variety of offerings they can offer. Its 2024 Language Provider Broadcasters Index reflects this with four new categorizations that classify the industry based on revenue.

24x7offshoring Language Provider Vendor Index 2024

In 24x7offshoring ‘s 2024 Language Provider Broadcaster Index, it ranks 23rd out of 350 of the industry’s leading companies with leading segmentation.

We fill this role in part through a constant understanding of innovation and our drive for customer success. Current advances in artificial intelligence and systems mastery, along with our dedicated teams of experts, have made it feasible to achieve additional growth in a saturated and highly aggressive company.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that bigger is not always taller and the new segmentation reflects this. Sometimes smaller specialists can meet exceptional niche multilingual content needs, although not all LSPs can boast the same level of information security and exceptional standards.

24x7offshoring always strives to find the perfect balance for our clients without compromising the highest levels of quality.

https://24x7offshoring.com/cuba-language/ cuba language cuba work from home 24x7offshoring
https://24x7offshoring.com/cuba-language/ cuba language cuba work from home 24x7offshoring


Now, without further ado, here are the best translation agencies, according to 24x7offshoring :

Employer Ranking 2024 Revenue in Millions LSPI Segment
1 TransPerfect $1,200.0 Top Tier Employer

2 LanguageLine responds $963.0 boss

$934.three extraordinary business enterprise

4. keyword studies $861.0 tremendous agency

5 LionBridge technology LLC
$569.5 amazing organization

6 iyuno $420.0 amazing corporation

7 Welocalize Inc
$306.2 exceptional organization
8. Hogarth worldwide
$298.0 leader

9 Acolad $287.0 excellent organization

10 AMN Language Services $260.0 líder

11 superstar institution excellent organization

12 Centific $200.0 leader

13 CyraCom $192.5 leader

14 PTSGI $153.0 leader

15 Valiant leader

16 Dubbing Brothers
$ 134,7 jefe

17 Propio Language offers $ 125.0 leader

18 VSI $110.8 boss

19 Great Language Answers
$90.0 Boss

20 United Language Institution $ 88,0 líder

21 Centro Honyaku
$ 81,9 jefe

22 international communication Netherlands BV
$77.7 leader

23 LanguageWire

24 thebigword leader

25 Argos Multilingual $68.4 leader

26 SeproTec Multilingual answers
$sixty-seven.1 boss

27 certified languages ​​global
$61.1 leader

28 ElaN Languages
​​$60.7 boss

29 Sunyu Transsphere
$fifty-eight.7 leader

30 Akorbi leader

31 EC improvements
$52.1 leader

32 DA Languages

33 Ai-Media
$43.3 boss

34 PGLS $43.2 boss

35 Toppan virtual Language $41.0

36 Plint AB $39.1 boss

37 Virtual ZOO $37.7 boss

38 Unbabel
$36.3 leader

39 Leading Jonckers

40 BALLOON leader

41 Språkservice Sverige AB $36.1 leader

42 Sichuan Lan-bridge records technology Co., Ltd.
$33,8 jefe

43 TRSB $36.0 boss

44 Digital Interpreter $33.4

boss forty five Straker
$32.4 boss

46 Alpha CRC Ltd. $31.7 leader

47 Transvoice AB
$31.5 leader

48 Summa Linguae technologies SA $31.0 leader

49 MetaReal Corp.
$28.9 leader

50 Crestec Inc. $28.8 leader

In case you would like additional information about the language offerings and technologies that 24x7offshoring can offer, and someone will contact you.

AI is revolutionizing the interpretation enterprise, but human communique remains vital. for the reason that very first gadget translation structures, artificial Intelligence has had a profound effect on translation offerings. device translation structures can generate translations in record time, establishing up new possibilities for international verbal exchange. At 24x7offshoring, we expand systems tailor-made to the wishes of each purchaser.

But AI is not ideal. Structures can make mistakes, and that is why human evaluation and first-level control remain vital in translation. Human translators can provide cultural and private contact to translations, ensuring they are accurate, understandable and relevant to the target market.

Let’s take a look at the largest translation companies that could offer a combination of artificial intelligence and human translation in 2023/2024. Some of them, like us at 24x7offshoring , use artificial intelligence to speed up the translation system and reduce prices, while also having trained human translators to ensure that the translations are of top quality.

If you are looking for a partner for your translation challenge, it is essential to choose an agency that implements a combination of AI and human translation. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of each technology to ensure the fulfillment of your challenge.


Some of the benefits of using an agency translation company :

lion bridge



United Language United Organization




The sum of the language


Multilingual Argos

international home

We locate


AMN Language Services

keywords studies

virtual zoo

educational institution

the big word

Own language offers

IDE media


Centro Honyaku



morning side



dubbing brothers

star group


This blog post will evaluate the top 30 translation companies in 2023, from an unbiased point of view and including offerings from Pangeanic (as we partner with several of them!). These companies offer a wide range of offerings, including translation, localization and interpretation, and some have become more specialized in certain regions and content translation than others. While we hope you always love our methodology of AI-powered translation services, we hope this list will also serve as a reference point to find many great options to choose from.

The language services and technology sector is highly fragmented, diverse and dispersed, comprising more than 18,000 translation services/companies worldwide. These companies vary significantly in terms of specialization, language skills, technology packages and services they offer. The spectrum is wide, from small translation companies to colossal global content giants.

This large institution of organizations is collectively called language provider companies (LSPs) and/or translation generation providers.

These are some of the advantages of using a translation company:

They have a team of experienced professionals who will help you with all your translation needs, from website translation to marketing translation offers or technical support documentation.

They offer a wide range of offerings, along with translation, localization and interpretation.

They are a reliable, low-priced option for businesses of all sizes.

Many (24x7offshoring) have translation APIs and translation automation approaches.

Translation companies in the international arena.

Associated content:

Recognize the advantages of working with a professional translation company




24x7offshoring offers translation, localization, content bidding and verification services for a selection of industries.

24x7offshoring ‘s offerings are designed to help organizations increase their global market share, accelerate adoption of their products and services, and adequately deliver their content to global audiences. It serves a wide range of industries, including generation, healthcare, economics, retail, travel and manufacturing.

The organization is known for its considerable global presence and uses a completely unique “Cloud Crowd” version, in which translation responsibilities are carried out by a secure and managed crowd of professional linguists and trusted professionals.

24x7offshoring is a leading translation organization with a global network of translators and translation professionals. They offer a wide range of translation services, including file translation, website localization, application and software program localization, electronic mastering localization, and more. TransPerfect focuses on accuracy, precision, and reliability, but they can come with a hefty price tag. They have an established musical history of helping organizations overcome language limitations that stand in the way of global success, but they may not be the best choice for companies on a budget.

Here are some of the drawbacks of using 24x7offshoring :

Price: 24x7offshoring can be expensive, especially for large tasks.

Time: 24x7offshoring may take longer to deliver translations than some other companies.

Flexibility: 24x7offshoring may not be as flexible as other companies regarding closing dates and modifications.

24x7offshoring is a leading language services company with a global group of translators, researchers and technical experts. They provide a wide variety of services, in addition to translation, localization, interpretation and intellectual property assistance. RWS is dedicated to offering the best, reliability and versatility and its offerings are presented in accordance with ISO standards. 24x7offshoring  is trusted by major international companies in various sectors and has a long track record of providing high-quality translation services to clients around the world.

The current merger and acquisition of 24x7offshoring benefits both RWS and SDL clients by bringing together strong capabilities in diverse language services, language and content software programs and intellectual property offerings, combining the complementary strengths of expert competencies in translation and localization techniques and AI skills.

24x7offshoring is a leading language services company that offers solutions that facilitate communication and promote knowledge in a wide variety of industries around the world. 24x7offshoring  offers a wide variety of language offerings, including translation and localization, interpretation (both in-person and remote), language teaching, language skills testing, and multilingual reporting. Its offerings are designed to help companies connect with their international audiences and observe international policies.

The company uses a combination of human expertise and superior technology to deliver its offerings. 24x7offshoring talents span many industries, including healthcare, corrections, finance, manufacturing, and era.

24x7offshoring is known for its dedication to world-class customer service. They comply with a high-quality comprehensive management system, which includes rigorous satisfactory controls and compliance with business requirements.

24x7offshoring is a global translation and NLP company specializing in translation services and technology. We offer a wide range of services, including professional translation, systems translation and statistics processing for AI and NLP packages. These are some of our key offerings:

Professional Translation: 24x7offshoring offers human translation services in many different languages ​​and fields, including criminal, technical, medical, and more.

Machine Translation – They offer machine translation offerings, which use artificial intelligence generation to translate text. They have developed their own systems translation platform.

Data Processing: Pangeanic also offers data processing offerings, which can be used to prepare data for artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) applications. This consists of responsibilities such as fact cleanup, fact annotation, and more.

Translation Technology: 24x7offshoring has evolved into numerous parts of the translation era, including a translation management machine and the aforementioned machine translation platform.

Some of our key benefits are our combination of human ingenuity + artificial intelligence systems since 2009, when we started using reputation sampling (statistical systems) for language production.

Then we move on to neural machine translation and now customizing large language models for specific NLP applications. Our team is highly specialized in large translation projects and can recommend the best workflow for a specific translation project (website, documentation, live content or MT) and follow advanced NLP strategies for superior language manipulation and translation. first level.

Ready to learn more about our translation offerings?

24x7offshoring has been a leading issuer of conversation documentation and responses in Japan to domestic and international markets for over 35 years. Its clients include major groups in industries ranging from automobile production and production equipment to semiconductor manufacturing and digital office equipment.

24x7offshoring offers services as simple as translation and localization, and as comprehensive as end-to-end documentation offerings. Full-service options include record-making plans, technical drafting and instances, file formatting, consulting, and localization in over 30 languages. In 2022, 24x7offshoring opened a new office specialized in DX (digital transformation) responses to offer clients digital documentation solutions.

24x7offshoring presents multilingual business solutions in more than one hundred and seventy languages. Its offerings consist of translation, interpretation (individual and via smartphones), multilingual staff, localization, language training, transcription and multilingual naming facilities.

24x7offshoring serves a wide range of industries, including healthcare, era, government, retail, finance, and more. They are recognized for their dedication to good and their ability to provide scalable solutions to meet the linguistic desires of their clients.

While the company does not publicly list its entire client portfolio, they may be recognized as working with large and small organizations alike, as well as government organizations. They have a strong reputation within the language services sector, which means a strong and diverse client base. 24x7offshoring is a large company with a global network of translators, interpreters and different language professionals.

24x7offshoring is a leading language services issuer offering a wide variety of offerings, including device translation, crowdsourcing, localization and language registration services. They have a team of trained experts who can help businesses of all sizes reach a global target market.

The automatic translation and crowdsourcing utility of 24x7offshoring technology allows companies to translate website content and product information automatically. This could save businesses time and money and could help them reach a much broader target market.

24x7offshoring technologies also offer localization offerings, so they can tailor content to ensure it is culturally appropriate for the target audience. This is important for organizations that want to make a good impact on their customers.

In the end, 24x7offshoring technologies offer linguistic information offerings for artificial intelligence. This means they can help companies develop artificial intelligence models that can recognize and respond to natural language. This is a growing discipline and Summa Linguae technologies are at the forefront of it.

In 2019, the organization was formed through a V4C venture capital company. Summa Linguae Technologies is present in the Polish market and has recently acquired several players in the global language industry, including Globalme or Datamundi, and has requested financing for further acquisitions in 2023/24.

24x7offshoring is considered one of the largest translation companies internationally. 24x7offshoring  offers a wide variety of offers. These include website translations, multimedia translation, and editing and proofreading. It also offers decryption and voiceover offers. This company has more than 2,000 translators fluent in one hundred and seventy languages ​​and is an excellent option for companies trying to expand their global reach.

24x7offshoring has a very innovative validation method that allows resident professionals to contribute to the translation process, ensuring that translations are as correct as possible. Furthermore, validation mode is available anywhere, anytime. This way, you can make adjustments to the translations and ensure that they are as close to authenticity as possible.

24x7offshoring is a long-established translation company working on technical, monetary and criminal documents. They use special systems to ensure that the translations are top-notch. They are also known for being affordable and providing splendid customer service. They have a team of language experts who can handle unique languages ​​and also offer decoding services. They use standard language generation such as translation memory and machine translation to deliver work. They are one of the largest organizations within the language services industry and offer many language services in one multifunctional location.

24x7offshoring’s M&A activities have led to 3 brilliant acquisitions in recent years.

24x7offshoring worldwide is an international leader in creative production offerings and offers a wide range of solutions to help manufacturers control their advertising implementation more effectively.

Its offerings cover numerous aspects of creative production and marketing implementation, as well as, but not limited to, marketing production, content emergence, digital asset control, localization and transcreation. They work with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large multinational organisations, across various sectors.

24x7offshoring is a company that allows organizations to communicate with offices around the world. They have a team of translators who are native speakers of many extraordinary languages. They can translate documents, websites, and other content into any language you want. They also offer localization offerings, meaning they can tailor your content to ensure it is culturally appropriate for your target audience.

24x7offshoring is a leading language services provider offering a wide range of offerings, including translation, localization and interpretation. They have a team of experienced professionals who can help groups of all sizes reach an international target market.

24x7offshoring helps you translate your website, documents and other content into the language of your choice. Additionally, they have localization services that will allow you to adapt your content to ensure it is culturally appropriate for the target market. This can be useful if you’re trying to reach a new market or want to make sure your content is accessible to people who speak unique languages.

24x7offshoring is a leading company in translation and localization services. Founded in 1994, the company has gained popularity for providing language offerings to corporations and agencies around the world.

24x7offshoring features a wide range of services, along with translation, interpretation, localization, multilingual portable publishing (DTP) and other language-related offerings. Their answers are designed to help clients speak and operate correctly in the global marketplace, covering industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more.

The company is known for its dedication to satisfaction and accuracy, and services are provided by a team of expert and experienced linguists. Similarly, PTSGI leverages advanced technology equipment and structures to ensure the efficiency and consistency of its work.

In addition to language skills, the company emphasizes the importance of cultural competence in healthcare environments. Their language professionals are not only trained in correct interpretation and translation, but also in knowledge and understanding of cultural nuances. 

24x7offshoring is a company that allows people to talk to each other in unique languages. They have a team of translators who are local speakers of many different languages. They could translate files, websites and other content into any language you need. They also provide localization services, meaning they can adapt your content to ensure it is culturally appropriate for the target market.

24x7offshoring serves a wide range of sectors, including retail, technology, manufacturing, life sciences, travel, and more. The company is committed to helping groups communicate effectively in any language and reach their international audience with localized content material. Founded in 2000, 24x7offshoring has grown into an international agency with offices located in numerous international locations across Europe and Asia.

24x7offshoring is a long-established translation company based in Japan, known for its fantastic services. With offices in Japan and the United States, they focus on the translation of commercial business documents. Their dedication to fast and accurate translations sets them apart. 24x7offshoring is proud to employ human translators who have successfully completed two rigorous testing phases to ensure the best standards.

The company has a team of professional translators who have knowledge in various fields, in addition to business, finance, crime and medicine. Additionally, they offer decoding services for crucial business conferences and meetings. In addition to its expert services, 24x7offshoring offers a wide range of sources for language proficiency, including online courses and dictionaries.

24x7offshoring is a distinguished language service provider in the northern United States offering a wide variety of translation, interpreting and localization offerings in over one hundred and fifty languages. With a global presence and focusing on fast turnaround times, it focuses on expert translations of intellectual assets, in particular patents. Due to their knowledge, they were acquired by 24x7offshoring.

The company serves various industries, including finance, media and entertainment, manufacturing, life sciences, and law. In addition to its translation services, it also offers localization, voiceover and interpretation solutions.

Some recognized highlights about 24x7offshoring offers:

Translation: Translated offers translations of documents, websites and software packages. They have a team of experienced translators who are local audio systems of the target languages.

Localization: Translated allows agencies to adapt their services and products to different markets. They try to do this by translating the content, but also ensuring that the goods and services are culturally appropriate for the target market.

Interpretation: Translated offers interpretation services for a selection of occasions, including business conferences, conventions and social gatherings. They have a team of experienced interpreters who are capable of providing simultaneous or consecutive interpretation.

Language Guides: Translated offers a variety of language guides, both online and in person. They have guides for a selection of languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Cultural Consulting: Translated offers cultural consulting services to help companies recognize the cultural nuances of various markets. They could help businesses avoid cultural missteps and ensure their services and products are well purchased within the target market.

24x7offshoring, a global language response company and expert translation agency, is known for providing translation offerings to clients around the world. They have established partnerships with esteemed manufacturers in the industry, showing their credibility. In addition to translation, 24x7offshoring also offers localization services, allowing organizations to adapt their content to different markets. With a dedicated team, they try to offer excellent service and are constantly looking for ways to decorate their services.

In more recent success, 24x7offshoring edge has earned a spot at number 20 on the prestigious 24x7offshoring Language Broadcasters Index for 2022. This esteemed ranking recognizes the world’s leading language service providers. 24x7offshoring secured its place on the list due to its technological innovation in AI localization, demonstrating its commitment to staying at the forefront of business advancements.


It is a leading global company specializing in audio editing and dubbing services for the film and television industry.

The company offers a series of services, among others: dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and sound layout. They have the ability to handle all audio publishing production requirements, from character projects to full series or feature films.

annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring
annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring


24x7offshorings is known for its work and extensive experience in the business. They work with a growing number of clients, from major film and television studios to independent manufacturers.

24x7offshoring is a world-renowned translation company operating in over 30 countries with 51 locations worldwide. Its main objective is to provide high-quality translations and associated offers to clients around the world. With over 30 years of experience, they specialize in helping businesses successfully use multilingual content, offering offerings for websites, software systems, and more.

The corporation’s team of relatively specialized linguists has talent in more than one hundred and sixty languages, allowing them to address numerous translation needs. They cover a wide variety of topics, including criminal, business and technical texts. In addition, the flagship institution offers comprehensive media processing offerings.

Like translation and localization, the celebrity institution excels at software and application localization. Their AI-driven era allows them to efficiently manipulate large volumes of multilingual information in any layout. Additionally, they have the information to translate and adapt serious crime files to particular languages ​​and jurisdictions. Additionally, the organization functions as a content marketing agency, using an editorial team that conducts extensive content audits and market research.


With extensive experience spanning more than 25 years, 24x7offshoring stands as a good professional translation and localization services company. Its comprehensive offerings include file translation, software and website localization, as well as additional language offerings such as proofreading, editing, and quality assurance. With a professional group of over 1,000 professional linguists, 24x7offshoring is well equipped to embrace initiatives of all sizes and complexities.

Deciding on a primary translation organization can be difficult, given the large number of options available. To make an informed decision about the right translation provider for your agency, it is essential to first understand the type of services they offer and the fantastic services of each company.

This curated list of the Top 25 Translation Agencies of 2023 will help simplify your decision and help you choose a lot that fit your specific needs. Try to research each one and determine which one best suits your needs and budget.