Your Children Know More and best Latin Than You

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Your Children Know More Latin Than You  Latin Latin. The beautiful language of Latin has been undergoing an incredible revival of interest lately. Why has this formerly moldy language acquired a new luster? What constitutes a “revival of interest”? Last year 148,000 students applied to take the National Latin Exam, according to their website ( … Read more

Italian and Latin Languages: Differences and Similarities That You Should Know | Best Review

Italian and Latin

Italian and Latin Languages: Differences and Similarities   Most people believe that Italian is the most similar Romance language to Italian and Latin. Latin, of course, originated on the Italian Peninsula and was the first language spoken there; Latin, or a descendent of Latin, has been said in the Italian Peninsula for the last 2000 … Read more


how to speak pig latin

HOW TO SPEAK PIG LATIN How to speak pig Latin: Ey-roughage ere-thay! What? Which language is that? It’s called Pig Latin. It’s a made-up language that has been around for quite a while. Nowadays you don’t hear Pig Latin spoken regularly, however youngsters actually play around with it and numerous grown-ups recall utilizing … Read more