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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by a computer system.

How to use  AI in real business world.

Artificial intelligence approaches and concept less than a decade.AI is the branch of computer science that aims answer turnings question affirmative. It is the endeavor to simulate human intelligence in machines.

When people think AI , they often think big such as curing cancer or solving climatic change  everybody is dreaming up the biggest problem possible and attempting to solve them with AI. JUST 20% of surveyed executives use AI related technologies in their business.

With the right business case and the right data ,AI can deliver powerful time & cost savings as well as valuable insights you can use to improve your business.


Each business problem asks for a specific method with artificial intelligence with easy and deep learning techniques headlining today’s news & commercial applications being powered by ever more complex models.

An organization may be tempted to try to solve their cases with state-of-the-art AI models.

However, whether you should use such complex method are likely to benefit more from simpler approaches depends on a variety of factor.


The expansive goal of artificial intelligence has given rise to many question and debate, so much so , that no singular definition of the field is universally accepted..


  • Is AI Really intelligent ?

Even though the above-mentioned capabilities are mind-blowing and specially a hundred times better than humans. Human could perform on these task , not  many people would call the algorithms actually intelligent.


  • AI in Education !

AI in education is more than science fiction .one study found that 34hours on Duolingo’s app are equivalent to a full university semester of language education  as with many other AI domains  China has already leapt to the font of the pack in advancing AI -centered education.


REMARK: china is investing heavily in AI for education.

AI adoption in education will explode to reach global expenditure of $6B by 2025.much of the growth will come  from China followed by U.S.A.AI in real business world


  • Importance of AI

Ai is actually the need of the hour. Its important that all student should start giving these diagnostic test and understand  their specific needs and learning style so that they can enjoy their journey.

This technology is important because it enables human capabilities, reasoning, planing, communication to undertaken by software increasingly effective. Intelligent machine help in daily life to help us improve our work it also helps in increasing efficiency which is one of the greatest advantage of artificial intelligence and improved also helps in human error rates, deeper data analyzing and 24 hour availability. This has helped fuel an explosion in efficiency and opened to entirely new business opportunities for large  enterprises. Prior to the current wave of artificial intelligence.

In today’s life, most successful and largest enterprises have used AI to improve their competitors.

How AI works in real business?

AI requires a foundation to specialize hardware and software for writing and training machine algorit6hm, and no one programming is synonymous with the general AI work by large ingesting labelled training data, analyzing data. These patterns  make prediction about the future this way a chatbot that is fed an example of text chat.

A guide to the AI in the enterprise which also include 4 main types of AI explained and 7 key benefit of AI business and even the criteria for success in AI.

Reactive AI, limited memory machines, theory of mind and the fourth one self-aware AI.









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