Seven application scenarios of NLP annotation [illustration]


1. What is NLP annotation NLP (Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Processing) is equivalent to the translation between machine language and human language, and realizes the purpose of human-computer communication by building a communication bridge. From the perspective of natural language, NLP can be divided into two parts: natural language processing and natural language generation, … Read more

What is voice annotation and the best specific application scenarios of voice annotation


As the cornerstone voice of the development of artificial intelligence, data annotation is an important link in the development of artificial intelligence. Audio or speech recorded in any format can be understood by machines through machine learning. NLP-based speech recognition models require annotated audio so that applications such as chatbots or smart devices can understand the … Read more

What are the best application scenarios for 3D point cloud data annotation?

Machine Learnings

  Point cloud data is generally obtained by application 3D scanning equipment such as lidar to obtain information of several points in space, including XYZ position information, RGB color information and intensity information, etc., which is a multi-dimensional complex data collection. Compared with 2D images, 3D point cloud data has great advantages. It can provide … Read more