What is text annotation and what are the best annotation methods


Natural language text dialogue is one of the main challenges in the semantic understanding of network big data, known as the jewel in the crown of artificial intelligence, and text data annotation is the most basic and important link in this series of work. So, what is text annotation? What are the labeling methods? Let’s introduce it … Read more

What is best 3D point cloud annotation and what are the annotation methods


The perception algorithm based on 3D point cloud data is the core technology path of some autonomous driving companies, and has created a large-scale demand for 3D point cloud data labeling. So, what is 3D point cloud annotation? What are the methods for 3D point cloud annotation? Let’s introduce it below. What is 3D point cloud annotation? The … Read more

What does image annotation do, best including what types


With the continuous image development of artificial intelligence in recent years, the algorithm of its core competitiveness has attracted people’s attention and has been applied to the work of all walks of life. By strengthening the use of artificial intelligence core algorithms, it can provide more thoughtful services for people’s work and life. In this process, … Read more

What is the best use of Computer image annotation, the type of image annotation


Computer vision is considered to be one of the important areas in the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. In short, computer vision is the field of artificial intelligence research dedicated to giving computers the ability to see and interpret the world visually. Image annotation is a subset of computer vision and one of the important … Read more

What are the methods of artificial intelligence data collection (text collection, image collection, voice collection)


Data is the cornerstone of machine learning, without data, there is no model. Three types of data commonly used in the field of artificial intelligence: text, image and speech. Data collection refers to the process of collecting specific raw data of the target field and scene. The collected data is mainly unstructured data such as images, texts, voices, … Read more

How to label 3D point cloud data, 3D point cloud data labeling method


3D label point cloud data annotation includes: feature extraction, 3D reconstruction and matching, and point cloud model extraction. Feature extraction: It refers to measuring the target surface or internal point cloud, obtaining the target surface or internal data, and comparing it with the original point cloud to determine whether there is similarity between the points. Three-dimensional … Read more

What does 3d point cloud annotation do, point cloud data processing and modeling

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We often see “point cloud” marks on 3D models. In fact, many people don’t know that there is actually a very important point in 3D space—that is, some objects that we cannot see with the naked eye correspond to these feature points. (such as faces, hand shapes, objects, etc. that cannot be recognized by the … Read more

What does artificial intelligence data labeling mean, and which data should be labeled


In recent years, artificial intelligenc  data has developed rapidly, and the application of AI in various industries has become more and more extensive. However, data labeling is a job with a very high technical threshold. Many novices do not understand the AI ​​industry, and often cause mistakes due to labeling mistakes. So today I will take you … Read more

What is autonomous driving, labeling of autonomous driving data


Everyone knows autonomous that self-driving cars are going to run on the road, so it needs a lot of vehicle-road coordination technologies, one of which is very important that it needs a lot of road information markings to guide drivers to drive. This sign generally refers to traffic signs. Some cars can be seen parked … Read more

Best Artificial intelligence data sets generally include several categories


Artificial intelligence data sets refer to the data sets used to process and train AI models. Currently, the most used data sets in machine learning are: 1. Face image: face detection and feature extraction (including face recognition, gender distinction, age classification, etc.). 2. Speech Artificial recognition, language processing (natural language processing and speech recognition). 3. Video … Read more