Video Annotation Service

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Make the moving items identifiable for computers or machines by capturing each object in the movie with frame-by-frame labeled lines for video annotation.   What kinds of video annotation services are there? Bounding box annotation, polygon annotation, key point annotation, and semantic segmentation are some of the video annotation services offered by to meet the … Read more

Talking about the best of Annotated Data Labeling


Data annotation is the process of labeling data in various formats to enable machines to understand and process it accurately. Annotated data is an integral part of many machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. At the same time, it is one of the most time-consuming and labor-intensive parts of an ML project, and data annotation is … Read more

What is Data Annotation?

what is data annotation

WHAT IS DATA ANNOTATION What is Data Annotator? what is data annotation Building an AI or ML model that acts like a human requires enormous volumes of preparing information. For a model to settle on choices and make a moveannotator it should be prepared to comprehend explicit annotation annotation services , image annotation … Read more