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Chinese Mandarin

Essential Things About Mandarin Chinese Is The World’s Most Widely Spoken Language

Mandarin Chinese is being studied by millions of individuals all over the world. China offers a vast potential for corporate expansion and growth and is a fascinating country with a rich cultural background.

If you’re thinking of studying Mandarin (or Standard) Chinese or one of the other dialects like Cantonese, these fascinating facts about China’s language and history can surprise you – and possibly help you with your studies!

Here are the facts about Mandarin Chinese

According to Ethnologue, there are over 1.3 billion Mandarin Chinese speakers worldwide, with Chinese being their first language for many of them. Given the present global population of 7.7 billion people, that implies one out of every six individuals speaks a Chinese dialect!

Thirteen nations speak Mandarin.

It may not necessarily be the first, native, or official language spoken in those nations, but Chinese is commonly spoken in 13 of them.

Usually, a ‘red envelope’ or ‘red package’ denotes money???? and good fortune!

If you receive a red package in China Mandarin Chinese, it is most likely stuffed with cash. Red envelopes are commonly given at family reunions, weddings, and Chinese New Year, particularly from elder to younger and unmarried relatives.

The vivid red color is supposed to bring good luck and fend off evil spirits. As a result, many Chinese New Year decorations are red, nearly literally painting the town crimson in celebration!

Chinese New Year occurs early in each new year. Still, because it is computed according to the lunar calendar Mandarin Chinese, it can occur between early January and late February. It was on the 5th of February in 2019, but it will be on the 25th of January in 2020.

The ‘Spring Festival’ is another name for Chinese New Year.

Late February is barely Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but the spring aspect has more to do with ringing in the new year than with the season itself. It also marks the beginning of a new season of sowing crops, new life, and a fresh start Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin is one of the numerous Chinese dialects, but it is the most widespread — 70 percent of Chinese citizens speak Mandarin. It is the lingua franca (or ordinary language) that will enable you to communicate in any area of China.

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In Hong Kong and Macau, Mandarin is not an official language.

Many persons who are fluent in Cantonese can comprehend Mandarin to some degree. The same is not valid in the other direction: Mandarin Chinese speakers may struggle to understand the more complicated Cantonese dialect. Due to its widespread use, Mandarin Chinese remains the most beneficial Chinese language to learn.
Dim sum may be served in the cutest of ways.

These delightful bite-sized Chinese delights will delight your eyes (and satisfy your stomachs) — they are officially a Cantonese pleasure, but they can be found throughout China. Traditional dim sum, such as dumplings and pork buns, may be recognizable Mandarin Chinese, but in Hong Kong and Macau, the craze for ‘cute’ dim sum has skyrocketed. From swans to hedgehogs, frogs to aliens, look for funny dim sum varieties!

Being ‘tone-deaf’ can make learning Mandarin difficult.

There are five tones in Mandarin (four primary tones and a neutral tone). Some words have the same appearance and spelling, but the style of crucial letters distinguishes them. You may easily mix up terms like ‘mother’ and ‘horse’ if you get the tone incorrect — oops!

In Southeast Asian nations, Mandarin Chinese is widely spoken.

Around 40 million Chinese citizens live outside of China, with the majority (about 30 million) residing in neighboring Asian nations. Mandarin, for example, is widely spoken in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The humble fortune cookie is a Japanese delicacy.

The fortune cookie has somehow become a must-have component of any genuine Chinese supper — even though it is anything from authentic, having originated in Japan. Fortune cookies soon made their way to San Francisco and were associated with Chinese cuisine in the United States.

In three nations, Mandarin Chinese is the official language.

Mandarin has overtaken Cantonese as the most popular vocabulary in New York’s Chinatown.

For a long time, Cantonese speakers-controlled New York’s Chinatown, one of the largest (and oldest) outside of China. However, as time has passed and more have arrived in the city, Mandarin has emerged as the primary language used to communicate among Chinese speakers in New York.

Epic tales were once written from top right to bottom left.

Chinese was traditionally written vertically from top to bottom Mandarin Chinese, right to the left, so you’d start at the top right and end at the bottom left. The impact of Western terms and languages, on the other hand, has resulted in a move toward more familiar and horizontal left-to-right lettering.

There are 50,000 Chinese characters in written form.

Wow, where do I even begin? Before you get too worked up, keep in mind that just a few thousand of them are in regular usage, and simplified Chinese characters are now widely used in Mandarin Chinese classes.

Are you still perplexed by Chinese characters? Pinyin is a Chinese writing system that you should become familiar with.
Because Pinyin is a Latinized form of Mandarin, it may be simpler to understand when you first begin learning the language. In addition, Pinyin employs diacritics to indicate the tones of certain words, which can aid in proper pronunciation and comprehension Mandarin Chinese.

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