Three Types and Contents of Unmanned Autonomous Driving Data Labeling [Illustration]


What is autonomous driving data annotation? Autonomous driving data annotation is the process of marking cars, people, and objects in images or videos by using bounding boxes and defining other attributes, and teaching the model to recognize traffic elements such as pedestrians, cars, traffic signs, etc., to help ML models understand and Identify objects detected … Read more

Best types of Data Labeling for Self-Driving Cars


Data annotation for autonomous vehicles There Driving are multiple image annotation types such as polygons, bounding boxes, 3D cuboids, semantic segmentation, lines, and splines that can be incorporated into autonomous vehicles. The main goal of data annotation in automobiles is to classify and segment objects in images or videos. We’ve seen a lot of buzz about … Read more

10 types of intelligent driving data labeling (detailed explanation with pictures and texts)

data labeling

In recent years, data labeling with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, intelligent driving , as an important part of strategic emerging industries, has attracted more and more attention. Intelligent driving technology refers to the technology that relies on machines to drive and completely replaces people in special cases. It mainly includes three links: network navigation, … Read more

What is autonomous driving, labeling of autonomous driving data


Everyone knows autonomous that self-driving cars are going to run on the road, so it needs a lot of vehicle-road coordination technologies, one of which is very important that it needs a lot of road information markings to guide drivers to drive. This sign generally refers to traffic signs. Some cars can be seen parked … Read more

Why does autonomous driving need data labeling?


Autonomous driving is a challenging technology, the success of which depends on a number of technical factors and experience in this field of technology. Data labeling is an important part of the automatic driving training process, and it is the key to changing the automatic driving technology. Why does autonomous driving need data labeling? Data labeling … Read more

Best application of 3D point cloud annotation in unmanned driving scene


Unmanned driving data labeling refers to the process of labeling road perception data for training unmanned driving systems. Road perception data includes a variety of information, such as camera images, lidar data, ultrasonic data, etc., which can provide road scene information required by driverless systems. Unmanned driving 3D point cloud annotation refers to the process of … Read more

How to label autonomous best driving data (the importance of data labeling for automatic driving)


  Autonomous driving is an important direction for the development of future automotive technology, and data labeling is also an indispensable step. Autonomous driving systems require a large amount of real-world data, which is often irregular and often disorganized. Therefore, in order for the machine to distinguish different objects and correctly understand their meaning, we need to … Read more