What is best 3D point cloud annotation and what are the annotation methods


The perception algorithm based on 3D point cloud data is the core technology path of some autonomous driving companies, and has created a large-scale demand for 3D point cloud data labeling. So, what is 3D point cloud annotation? What are the methods for 3D point cloud annotation? Let’s introduce it below. What is 3D point cloud annotation? The … Read more

How to label 3D point cloud data, 3D point cloud data labeling method


3D label point cloud data annotation includes: feature extraction, 3D reconstruction and matching, and point cloud model extraction. Feature extraction: It refers to measuring the target surface or internal point cloud, obtaining the target surface or internal data, and comparing it with the original point cloud to determine whether there is similarity between the points. Three-dimensional … Read more

What does 3d point cloud annotation do, point cloud data processing and modeling

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We often see “point cloud” marks on 3D models. In fact, many people don’t know that there is actually a very important point in 3D space—that is, some objects that we cannot see with the naked eye correspond to these feature points. (such as faces, hand shapes, objects, etc. that cannot be recognized by the … Read more