Best Interview Transcript
Best Interview Transcript in 2022

An Interview Transcript provides a well-organized and easily accessible record of what was said. This distinguishes it from pre-recorded audio. You may browse or skim

Audio Transcription
Micro-Tasking Audio Transcriptions

Micro-Tasking Audio Transcriptions I wanted to spend this week’s post discussing something important in what we’re doing – the concept of micro tasking. I have

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Evolution of transcription machine

Evolution of transcription machine, 2021   A typewriter is a device that records or processes speech in order to translate that speech as text. In

SEO why video needs transcription

From  SEO adding value to showcasing your work to new audiences, creating video content can have serious benefits for your website. But if the content

When a Real Human Is Needed

There have been a lot of grave predictions made concerning the use of AI in business. Even Stephen Hawking warned against the rise of the

Using AI to Predict Customer Behavior

Artificial intelligence offers a lot of great benefits for businesses. One of its main features is being able to predict customer behavior. The more you

Using AI to Help with Customer Service

If you want your business to be successful, you’re going to need to make sure your customers are happy. These days, customers expect a high

Using AI to Generate Content

Computers have gotten a lot smarter over the past decade. AI technology has helped to transform every aspect of our lives. For businesses, it’s opened

Trendspotting Using AI

By now, you know AI technology can deliver a lot of benefits to businesses. Most benefits are focused around customer service. However, did you know