Best Interview Transcript in 2022

Best Interview Transcript

An Interview Transcript provides a well-organized and easily accessible record of what was said. This distinguishes it from pre-recorded audio. You may browse or skim an interview transcript at your leisure instead of fast-forwarding through a difficult-to-navigate soundscape. Transcripts offer cross-platform versatility due to their textual format, allowing all members of a team to study … Read more

Micro-Tasking Audio Transcriptions

Audio Transcription

Micro-Tasking Audio Transcriptions I wanted to spend this week’s post discussing something important in what we’re doing – the concept of micro tasking. I have been talking about micro tasking with our customers and investors over the past few months, and I want to share with you what I have learned.   What is Micro-Tasking? … Read more

Evolution of transcription machine

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Evolution of transcription machine, 2021   A typewriter is a device that records or processes speech in order to translate that speech as text. In the old days of writing, this was done on bulk Dictaphone typewriters. Writers played back-to-back recordings with earphones and typed content as they listened, usually pausing and starting as needed … Read more

SEO why video needs transcription


From  SEO adding value to showcasing your work to new audiences, creating video content can have serious benefits for your website. But if the content is not properly SEO, you will lose a lot of profits. The potential benefits of adding metadata and tags, as well as allowing your video to be shared across the … Read more

When a Real Human Is Needed

real human need Discover why AI cannot replace humans in recruitment and customer service, where building relationships and providing personalized assistance are crucial. For now, at least, the answer is no. Real human interaction is still required in many parts of the business. Here, we’ll look at where a real human is needed. Recruitment While … Read more

Using AI to Help with Customer Service

If you want your business to be successful, you’re going to need to make sure your customers are happy. These days, customers expect a high level of customer service. While it can be difficult to keep up with customer demands, there are ways to make it easier. AI technology can be a great tool to … Read more

Using AI to Generate Content

Discover how news sites and financial institutions are using AI to generate timely articles and reports with minimal effort. One of the latest ways AI is helping businesses is by generating content. While it can’t create long-form content right now, it can certainly help to generate small narratives and rewrite existing content. Here, we’ll look … Read more