Using AI to Generate Content

Discover how news sites and financial institutions are using AI to generate timely articles and reports with minimal effort.

One of the latest ways AI is helping businesses is by generating content. While it can’t create long-form content right now, it can certainly help to generate small narratives and rewrite existing content.

Here, we’ll look at how you can use AI to generate content for your business.

How Does AI Actually Write Content?

In order to write content, AI technology uses something known as natural language generation (NLG). It first has to determine the type of content that is needed. Each type, such as social media posts and news articles, requires a slightly different writing style. The end user typically has to control this aspect, filtering in relevant data to the AI. It then uses this data to create content.

How Are Businesses Using It?ai

There are a number of ways businesses are using AI technology to write their content. You’ll find the biggest users of this technology are news sites. They require a high level of articles in a short space of time. AI technology has helped them to deliver timely content with minimal effort.

The Commerzbank in Germany is also using AI for its content. While it isn’t yet fully automated, they are utilizing AI to create equity research reports. Financial institutions are also using the technology to create 10-15-page financial reports. These are just some examples of how it is currently being used to create content.

What AI Content Tools Are Available Right Now?

While using AI for content generation may be pretty new, there are currently some tools available. The most popular and effective AI content tools available right now include:

Wordsmith is one of the most popular, used by big businesses such as Yahoo and Microsoft. It converts data into narratives. The only downside is the cost, with plans starting at $250 per month.

Articoolo uses an effective algorithm to create content based upon specific topics. You can set the word count and give it a topic, and it will automatically create the content. It is one of the most advanced content tools available.

Canva meanwhile is a tool to help you create visual content. This includes infographics, leaflets and presentations. It doesn’t take the place of humans, but it can drastically improve your visual content.

Top Things to Consider before Using AI to Write Your Content

While using AI to write your content can save a lot of time, there are things to be aware of. Firstly, and most importantly, AI software cannot take the place of humans. Consumers want a human touch and AI technology tends to lack that. So, the content created by these tools doesn’t always have the human element which could be off-putting to customers.

Until AI technology gets smarter, it’s likely going to be more beneficial to hire a writer or write the content yourself. For now, the technology should be used sparingly to aid content creation, rather than replace the process entirely.

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