SEO why video needs transcription

From  SEO adding value to showcasing your work to new audiences, creating video content can have serious benefits for your website. But if the content is not properly SEO, you will lose a lot of profits. The potential benefits of adding metadata and tags, as well as allowing your video to be shared across the social media platform, are widespread, but one way in particular can help you ride SERPs and get you into that important Google page for easy text insertion.


How do video documents help with SEO?

1. The text attracts Google and other search engines with related keywords

By showing search engines what they want to see, transcripts increase the chances of your page appearing in search results.

2. Link creation will not happen without text. Video has no text. The script will do.

If you do not have a text to paste links, there is nowhere to put backlinks – and backlinks are one of the pillars of SEO strategy.

3. Instant Content: Articles can double as blogs and articles

Reduce the amount of content you have to produce by converting texts into blogs and articles

4. Automatic recording will convert your video to text over time

We’ll save you the technical details: you upload a video file and the automatic recording restores the text.

Why texts?

These days, adding content to your videos is important – even beyond SEO sites. That’s not just bias from us: including video transcripts that open up your content to a wide range of viewers who may not be able to listen to your videos, whether due to a disability, or their native language is non-English. The text brings caption capabilities, allowing your content to be seen by viewers in places where they can not turn on the sound – such as a commute to work in the morning or over time in the waiting rooms.

But aside from these common benefits of video and video content production, why is this content and SEO relevant?


An important way for Google to rank your website with the addition of keywords – and what better way to add keywords to your videos than to write? Because of the textual content and often long, it often contains a wealth of keywords taken from long search queries. In fact, pages with over 2,000 words may appear in the top ten search results on Google, so writing from long videos has a good chance of getting noticed. So while a visitor may be able to view and listen to your content without the need to see your text, it will actually be audio-copied keywords that enable them to find your page in the first place.

 You can also rely on video recording to help shape your SEO strategies. Imagine that your prediction page uses the keyword “business design business,” but you notice that the high traffic on pages with text is labeled “web design agency.” In this case, you can change things to see if the higher statistics translate elsewhere.

Here is an example of a video we built on Trint, hosted by Trint Player. By posting this video on its dedicated page, all recorded content can be accessed by Google, which expands SEO; not only that, but they also make the video easier to watch without sound, which increases accessibility.\

Creating links

There are also great opportunities for creating links when you add transcripts to your video. By extracting the dialogue as a text and posting it on your page, you are compiling references to the various parts of the video, whether it is for real points or quotes. This not only gives your audience a better understanding of what you are trying to say, but also adds the most important links to your entire site and beyond. Your chat becomes more expensive on some websites, opening the way for more related backlinks.



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