When a Real Human Is Needed

real human need Discover why AI cannot replace humans in recruitment and customer service, where building relationships and providing personalized assistance are crucial.

For now, at least, the answer is no. Real human interaction is still required in many parts of the business. Here, we’ll look at where a real human is needed.


While AI technology can automate some of the recruitment process, it cannot replace humans entirely. This is because employers need to build up a relationship with candidates. Real Human Is Need

You can’t just hire a person based on experience and suitability alone. Their personality needs to match up with the job too. AI systems are currently unable to measure personality traits. So, part of the recruitment process should still be carried out using the human touch.

Customer Service real human need

real human need

Similarly, the customer service department also needs real humans. Chatbots are great for providing a 24/7 service. However, they can’t answer everything. Consumers still want to talk to actual human beings when they have a question or an issue. Automated systems can only go so far in how much help they can provide. Real Human Is Need

So, if you’re thinking of relying solely on AI to boost your customer service, you might want to think again. Humans will likely always be required in a customer service capacity.

Creative Work

Another thing AI isn’t overly skilled at right now is creative work. They lack emotional intelligence, which means jobs such as psychology are safe. Humans are still needed to recognize body language and emotions. Real Human Is Need

As humans, we can react spontaneously and creatively. AI may be able to predict what you want to say, but it can never take over an actual chat, responding to human emotions in an intelligent and emotionally appropriate way.


Finally, another thing AI can’t take over entirely is innovation. Sure, they are extremely “intelligent”. However, they don’t have the same spontaneous ideas as we do. They are currently unable to think for themselves. Even AI technology that is being developed to make independent decision can’t think the way humans do.

So, if innovation is to continue, it needs to come from humans and not machines. There may be some innovation capabilities in the future with AI, but for now, humans have the advantage.

AI does have the potential to take over some human jobs. There are experts who predict it could take over 50% of the jobs we do now. However, it is also important to note that AI can also create jobs and open up new opportunities.

So, while there are fears AI could become too intelligent and take over from humans, the truth is it’s simply that it’s likely to complement human interaction. Humans will work alongside AI technology in business. This will enhance the business world, improving efficiency without losing that all-important human touch.

The above are just some of the reasons why AI isn’t likely to replace humans entirely.real human need

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