Audio Compressor – best Ways to Reduce audio size

Audio Compressor – Simple Ways to
Reduce Audio File Size
You know what, device storage space usually comes at a great price right now. As you look forward
to reducing the size of a large video file, when faced with less-lost digital music, you will breathe a
sigh of relief due to insufficient storage on your devices.
Compared to those DJs, audiophiles, artists, ordinary listeners will not be able to tell the big
difference between lost and lost sound without special high quality speakers or headphones. They
therefore have a strong need for sound compression as small files mean little memory used on the

Two Ways to Minimize Audio File

How to reduce audio file size? There are several ways to compress an audio file. But it all depends on
the quality of the source file. If you purchase or download audio files that are not lost near the audio
CD quality such as WAV, FLAC, ALAC, etc.,
you can convert them to a lost audio format such as MP3,
WMA, AAC, etc. to compress the audio file size and save. very satisfied level. But there is one thing
you need to know: converting lost audio into lost format is much easier while converting lost audio
back to top lost formats is not possible now because this will lead to a large audio file file with very
poor sound quality. .
Another situation is when you have audio files in the lost format, making them even smaller is still
possible. An effective and efficient way to reduce audio bitrate. You know, bitrate is a very
important parameter for determining your size and quality for both audio and video.
The higher the bitrate, the larger the file, and the better the quality. Take MP3 as an example, you can compress
the MP3 file size by changing the MP3 bitrate, but it is best not to drop below 128 kbps. It’s too bad!
Besides, it also works when you cut audio, change sample volume and bit depth of audio file and
extract metadata.

How Can You Compress Audio Files With A
Little Click?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only a video-size compressor, but also an easy-touse audio compressor software that enables you to compress an audio file without any hassle.
Download and install this audio file compressor on your Windows PC, and let’s get started.
Step 1. Add Audio Files
Open the audio compressor software, select “Converter”, then click “Add Files” or drag and drop to
import your audio files. This program supports bulk processing mode to save time.
In addition to compressing the audio file size of your computer, the software can also download
audio files from 1000+ websites for compression.
Step 2. Select Exit Format
Distribute the right output format list and select any audio file format missing under Audio Tab, such
as MP3, M4A, WMA, OGG, AAC, etc.
Tips: As well, not only popular audio formats, this audio compressor comes with 500+ presets
tailored to your various needs. Just click on a specific profile without any complicated settings.
Step 3. Press Music
Specify the path of your exit folder below and then press the “Run” button to start compressing
audio files.
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If the applications you are importing are lost audio files, open the Parameters Settings window, this
music compressor lets you convert bitrate the way you want. Yes, low-bit audio can make files
smaller, but the sound quality is usually supplied.
So be careful not to fix it below 128 kbps. If you do
not know the parameters, just keep the default values already set to the perfect balance between
size and quality. Equally, here you can change the encoder, audio channel, sample rate, improve
audio volume.
Congratulations! The whole process will be completed in an instant due to the mass conversion
mode. Click “Open Folder” to find your output files, and then you can transfer, upload, and stream
your audio files as you wish.

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