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Best Jigs and Fixture Design Services in 2022

Jigs and Fixture Design Services

jig fixture design

What are Jigs and Fixture Design ?

Before we discuss the different jigs and fixture design services offered by different service providers, first we should discuss what jigs and fixture services are and where it is utilised and being put to work.
It is mainly used for industrial purposes, the impactful running of a mass production industry depends upon interchangeability to facilitate easy and effortless assembly and reduction of the unit cost.
Jigs and Fixtures are known as the production tools that are used to accurately measure interchangeable as well as duplicate parts. Jigs and fixtures are designed in such a manner that a large quantity of components can be assembled identically.

What are Jigs ?
Jigs are known as the work holding devices designed to hold, locate and support the woerpieces and helps to guide the tool used for cutting for specific operations. Usually, jigs are commonly fitted with hard steel bushings so as to guide the cutting tools working with it. Basically, a jig is a special type of tool which is used to locate and control the motion of other tools.
For example, when a key maker has to duplicate a key he uses the original key as a jig so as to provide the same path as the original key.

What are Fixtures ?
Like jigs it also holds locates and supports the workpiece for a specific operation but unlike jigs, it cannot control and guide the cutting tool, this is the key difference between jigs and fixtures. Its work is to only provide a surface for reference.
Some examples of fixtures are, vises and chucks.
Now, you know what jigs and fixtures are, so  let us discuss their advantages also.

Advantages of jigs and fixtures :

  • It improves and increases productivity by eliminating the individual marking and positioning. It also decreases the operation time which is very beneficial.
  • Jigs and Fixtures help in the production of articles and objects in large quantities with great accuracy and in less time. It also provides uniform quality as well as interchangeability at really competitive costs.
  • It helps in the reduction of skills, so there is not much requirement for skillful workers which in turn reduces the cost as well.
  • It helps in cost reduction as it provides high production and also helps in reduction of scrap materials, saves the labour cost.

Now, after advantages let us talk about the process and how it functions and works effectively and efficiently.
Jigs And Fixture Design Process :

  1. Gathering Of Requirements :

First the nature and the type of work is understood and only then after gathering of raw materials and useful materials starts. This helps in making a design that suits the customers and also saves time and money.

  1. Drafting plan and strategy :

In this stage, the drafting process takes place. It is ensured to make such a design that fits and suits you perfectly.

  1. 3D Visualization :

After 2D drafting is done, 3D visualization is done for the client so that they can also have a look of what exactly the model design will look like when it will be created finally.

  1. QC Test :

After all these processes a qc test is conducted. It is a high quality in – depth qualitative analysis of the fixture design so as to ensure that all the works are being done as per the client’s requirements and needs.

  1. Final step, Delivery :

Once all the processes are completed then, only one task remains, i.e. delivery of  the design that the client is eagerly waiting for.

Now, after knowing the whole process let us now come to the service providers that are providing the best service in this sector.

Jigs and Fixture design Service Providers :

  1. Flatworld Solutions :

If you are burdened with a genuine need and urge to optimize your existing resources then, you can try Flatworld Solutions.
Their Jigs and Fixture services include :

  • 2D / 3D Visualization of all the mechanical parts.
  • Billing of materials.
  • Assembly of fixtures design.
  • Industry compliance.
  • Boring and Drilling jgs.
  • Preparing Process Sheets.
  • Quality checks.
  • Verifying datasheet specifications, and many more.

After reading all these specifications and features offered by Flatworld Solutions, if you have made up your mind to hire them, then do check their website.

  1. Raj jigs and fixtures design :

Raj fixture and jigs design company use fully equipped softwares tools and modelling to ensure client satisfaction.
They provide :

  • High accuracy.
  • High precision.
  • Tight tolerance.
  • Budget cost.
  • Maximise productivity.
  • Time and expense minimization.
  • Use of sophisticated software which helps to reduce lead time.

It works in various sectors like mechanical, aerospace, automotive, consumer, defence,elite support, energy, industry, marine and also in the medical sector.
So, you see, it works in multiple fields and so if you want to know more about their works, do mind to click on their site link.

  1. Vee Technologies :

It is a brand that works in multiple sectors and provides quality services in all the different fields it is working in.
Its jigs and fixture services include :

  • Welding and machine fixtures.
  • 2D / 3D visualization of mechanical parts.
  • Checking fixtures and checking gauges.
  • Creation of 2D drawings.
  • Process sheet preparation.
  • Boring and drilling jig.
  • Open or closed jig.
  • Testing fixtures.
  • Quality check.

By leveraging their expertise they provide you with great support from conceptualization to the design process. So if you are willing to work with their experts then, do ming to check their site.
So, these were some of the Jigs and Fixtures Design services that you would like to hire.
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