How Much Does an Editor Cost? | Proofreader Services
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How much does the best editor cost? | Proofreader services

How Much Does an Editor Cost? | Proofreader Services

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Mary continually added high quality paints within the promised schedule. She provided unique notes for her changes.
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Helpful editing which made my passage follow the flow better.
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Insightful, thorough and professionally done.
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Mary C. did a remarkable activity improving my file. She left a comment on almost every edition that provides suggestions for improving language writing.
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Awesome editing done with the help of Niki.
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I recently used your editing service for my assignment and I must say it was a great experience. The service kept its promise of punctuality, which became a great solution. The editor provided many valuable tips that greatly improved the quality of my paintings. His professionalism became evident throughout the duration of the process. However, my most effective minor issue was the meticulousness of the edits. While attention to detail is essential, it is also essential to ensure that the writer’s voice remains intact.

There were times where the editing felt a bit pedantic and I felt like some of the original essence of the artwork might have been lost. Although, despite this small consideration, the overall quality of the edition was amazing. I respect the dedication to the task and I am happy with the final result.

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Niki’s glowing review certainly made me smile. She edited my admissions essay as if it were her own, showing utmost dedication and information. I absolutely recommend her editing services!

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 Editor Cost

What is the revision fee according to Word for my paper or essay?

Our proofreading prices are decided based on the type of editing service you need, the word range of your report, and the turnaround time you choose. Our updated modification costs will depend on your type of service and response time. Enter information about your registration into the rate calculator above. Choose your editing provider, the phrase to count and the turnaround time and we will provide you with an accurate price quote in your report.

  • Do you offer reductions for a couple of files or longer orders?
  • What types of payment do you receive?
  • How can I verify my review request once I make a purchase?
  • How fast can Wordvice edit my document?
  • How much does the review cost per hour?
  • How do you ensure enjoyment of your publishing offering?
  • What do your online editing and proofreading services include?
  • What type of files can you edit?

Editing and proofreading costs are last updated: January 29, 2024.
We typically get asked about editing and proofreading fees company-wide. the solution is that citations can vary a lot and there is no standardization (until EditorNinja came along!).

That said, the EFA put together a survey in 2020 with averages and rate levels in various forms of editing, including playback improvement and proofreading.

PlayStation: EditorNinja is a flat-rate, on-demand editing and proofreading service. Schedule an introductory call to see if we’re the right choice for you or get a quote for your file.

Text editing rates Text editing Average charge by time Average charge per phrase Average work time
  • Text editing, fiction $36-40/hour $0.02-0.029/wd 7-10 pages/hour
  • Copy editing, non-fiction $41-$45/hour $. 03–$.039/wd 4–6 pages/hr
  • Proofreading, Business Enterprise/Revenue $46–$50/hr $.04–$.049/wd 4–6 pages/hr
  • Proofreading, medical/STEM $46–$50/hour $0.04–$0.049/wd 4–6 pages/hour
  • Review Fees
  • Review Average hourly rate Average charge per word Average work time**
  • Proofreading, fiction $31–$35/hr $0.02–$0.029 /wd 11–15 pages/hr
  • Proofreading, nonfiction $36–$40/hr $.02–$.029/wd 7–10 pages/hr
  • Proofreading, Business/Sales $41–$forty-five/hr $.04–$. 049/wd 7–10 pages/h
  • Proofreading, medical/STEM $41–$45/hr $.03–$.039/wd 4–6 pages/hr
  • How much does it cost to edit 1000 words?

With an average hourly rate of $35 per hour, and the average editor editing and proofreading 2,000 words per hour, it costs approximately $17 to edit and proofread 1,000 words. This is the industry standard, of course, with senior editors (who can edit faster) charging more and less experienced editors taking longer, so costs can also range from a few dollars per hour to either. jobs.

For the purposes of the EFA survey and this chart, a web page was defined as 250 words, the industry trend for a handwritten web page.

How much does an editor cost?

The value of professional editing varies widely and depends on issues including the level of experience an editor has, their demand, and their location. However, as with any international matter, you get what you pay for.

Costs of professional editing services

As a guiding principle, you should assume that you should pay at least $12 per 1,000 words for proofreading, $25 per 1,000 words for editing, and $70 per 1,000 words for editing or rewriting content. As the number of phrases increases, many modified offers will charge a lower rate per phrase. This is just a guide, but it’s worth knowing what kind of fee you’ll be expected to pay. Some online improvement offers charge the following rates for 5,000 phrases and a 1-day delivery time starting in 2023: Scribbr: $355; Notary: $223; – $one hundred ninety; Real paper: $185; Global Editor: $170. Choose your professional editor today and get started.

Fees for modifying a dissertation with 80,000 sentences range from $1,680 to $2,800. For more information on dissertation editing costs, see How much does dissertation editing cost?

Some editors charge per word, other editors charge per thousand words, and others charge per hour. It is very important that you look at how the publisher you choose sets prices so that you can be clear about what the price will be before you start.

You could find an editor who is willing to edit your 50,000-word book for just a hundred dollars, but how can you be sure they will edit your book well for that view? In short, you can’t. but, if you know the editor you are trying to use, take a look at any testimonials they have from previous work they have done, and check their qualifications and delight, you can be sure that they are probably going to be tough paints for your book. For a 50,000-word book, for example, you should expect to pay at least $1,100 for editing services.

The fee you pay for enhancement services is also affected by the level of editing you require. Modifying the content or extensive editing (also known as rewriting) can be the most expensive, and replica editing will cost more than the last stage of revision. This is due to the magnitude of the work involved in these procedures.

Have your document edited so that your painting can be in the best possible country, so it is essential to use professional editing services. If your essay, article, or ebook is full of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors, they won’t take you seriously. In any case, first impressions matter.

Because of the above, it’s worth spending money to make sure your file is the best it can be. You took the time to write the document, so you want to make sure it reaches its intended audience in the best way possible. Knowing editors who will help you choose a high-quality one for your work can be very important.

If you need to edit an extended report right away, you should expect to pay a higher price. If time is not an issue, then the rate could be less. This is because an editor who expects to change his job immediately will not be able to take breaks or take on any other work. All of these elements should be taken into account when thinking about offer editing pricing.

In conclusion, the price of expert enhancement offers varies widely. Your schedule and the registration period you want to edit are the main elements to affect the price. The level of your document and the type of editing required is another element. Editing and proofreading are essential activities for every file.

Approximately Editor World’s fees for improvement and revision offers.

Editor Global offers experts at a less expensive price. We serve as your private guard. Starting November 2023, get your 300-word document edited in 2 hours again for $17.40. Discuss more about expert document improvement fees, as well as fees for rewriting or using our. Also available is the global editor for thesis editing, thesis review, and more!


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Are you new to the review industry?

One question you might have is how much your services should cost.

You can set your revision rates by phrase based on your skill level, deadline, writing genre, and other factors. I created this guide to help both proofreaders offering services and writers looking to lease.

Discover ways to charge for review services by using this complete breakdown.

Who should use a proofreader?
Grammarist Article Photo V2 39
Professional proofreaders can be used in many ways, and an expansion of things can determine this wide range of services.

  • Writers who do not speak English
  • Writers, authors and academics usually trying to find suitable proofreading offers online
  • A professional writer who needs primary modifications
  • for almost anyone who works in the publishing industry
  • instructors and students writing instructional documents
  • a person looking to review Learn more about realistic review skills.
  • Those who need private essay review.
  • Authors use a ghostwriter and need a basic style modification.

Take your grammar talents to the next level

Take our editing path

What is the average price for Hourly Revision?
Hourly review fees are not common because reviewers cannot bet on how long it will take to finish their document. You’ll only see a few freelancers do this, ranging from $10 to $100 an hour for specialized review offerings where the scope of work is set prematurely.

Charging by the hour is not the best because honesty can be a problem. The proofreader may deliberately take too long to publish so that we can charge more.

Some clients propose a quick deadline to pay less. But they are usually postponed before the contract, mainly if the price is higher than normal.

The time you spend modifying does not necessarily determine the quality of your paintings. If you are a beginner and writing in English as a second language, it will take you longer to complete. Meanwhile, experts take much less time to get the job done.

Another thing to remember when charging by the hour is to buy the full service, even if you don’t find it irresistible.

Invoices will be much less complicated and fairer when you pay for words in bulk. The final price is easy to calculate and you can pay in advance. Just keep in mind that upgrade requirements and the degree of upgrade offered differ from provider to provider.

How much does it cost to correct a thousand words?
The most talented proofreaders charge alteration fees. The common review fee according to Word is $0.013 to $0.016. That roughly equates to between $thirteen and $16 per thousand words. However, prices can also depend on several factors, including turnaround time, knowledge of the proofreader, and writing style.

Here’s a guide to common revision rates for extraordinary writing genres so you can recognize an improved charge quote.

  • commercial or self-service company
  • price consistent with word: $.0158
  • rate consistent with 1000 words: $15.80
  • children
  • charge according to phrase: $0.0148
  • price according to a thousand sentences: $14.80
  • historical fiction
  • price per word: $0.0139
  • price according to a thousand words: $13.90
  • literary fiction
  • word-consistent rate: $0.0147
  • charge per thousand sentences: $14.70
  • Memory
  • price according to phrase: $zero.0152
  • price consistent with 1000 words: $15.20
  • Romance
  • rate according to phrase: $0.0135
  • charge according to a thousand sentences: $13.50
  • Science fiction or delirium
  • word consistent rate: $0.0130
  • rate per thousand words: $13
  • mystery, suspense or crime
  • price per word: $0.0137
  • Rate according to a thousand words: $13.70
  • young person
  • charge per word: $0.0131
  • price per thousand words: thirteen.10 dollars

Turnaround time is also a crucial aspect when calculating service review fees. Here is a pattern of review quotes according to a thousand sentences.

Response time fee based on one thousand words
one hundred twenty hours (5 days) $30-$40
seventy-two hours (three days) $42-$70
24 hours (1 day) $51-$90

You may discover independent concealers offering their deals much cheaper. But you will never know if he is an expert or not. There are also a large number of companies and organizations that offer low prices for low-cost services.

Constantly interview a proofreader before hiring them. Ask them about their previous studies, look up their portfolio and take a look at their opinions. Additionally, you should ask them if you can get a refund for mistakes made in their work.

How much should a proofreader charge per website?
Charging through the site is another unreliable way to set review fees. The count number of your web page depends on the file layout. A 500-word essay can take up a few pages if there are huge margins and spaces. Font size and type can affect the recall of the web page.

Average Independent Proofreading Costs
The average independent proofreading rate is $0.013 to $0.016 per word or $13 to $16 per thousand words. Freelance proofreaders who provide proofreading services throughout their proofreading career have better rates.

If you consider freelance proofreading as a full-time activity, you can earn as much as you would with some nine-to-five jobs.

How are review quotes made?
Grammar Article Photo V2 38
Set by word or by time (by phrase is great!)
Hourly prices are best for proofreaders who have been with the company for a long period and are looking for full-time employment. However, hourly charges will no longer please your clients if you are a beginner working on long-form content. It will also cause a lot of conflict and confusion.

Charging by word of mouth is more realistic than an hourly wage for beginners and advanced proofreaders. While hourly rates are difficult to report before completing the process, per-phrase charging is consistent. Clients will quickly sign a contract with you without any risk.

It’s also easier to price depending on your level of information. For example, if you are a beginner, you could charge $0.012 according to Word. As you gain more experience and expand your portfolio, you can start charging $0.1/2 per word.

Determine the amount of work with a
Career Enhancement Review Tip: Don’t provide your freelance fees right away. Alternatively, ask the buyer for an exact replica of the work. This technique is important because some document styles are more difficult to correct than others. You may come across texts with more errors, which preferably cost more.

Some clients will not find the complete file because they will have access to your work without the agreement. You may request an excerpt of the textual content to review and correct. Try going through the small snippet of text and present it to your client to give them an idea of ​​your skills.

This approach is useful for both the concealer and the consumer. Discuss the deadline and payment, sign an agreement and start your work.

Remember the deadline,
some reviewers have strict conditions on how they will be compensated according to the deadline. For example, the charge for a 3-day response time is different from a 5-day deadline. However, from time to time, it is best to increase the price for last-minute deadlines.

Ideally, proofreaders can finish a 2,000-sentence essay in 24 hours. so you shouldn’t receive a 10,000 sentence document that expires in 3 days until you receive an additional refund. The additional charge is essential because it will work during your non-public hours.

It’s also essential to let your client know if they may be setting unrealistic expectations. Make them understand that it is not possible to show a complete research article in 24 hours, especially if the problem exceeds their information.

A proper conversation can make the negotiation go more smoothly. they will be able to understand your situation and you will be able to defend yourself from burnout.

Account based on your experience
Like other services, review fees depend on the experience of the service company. If you have been with the company for a long period of time, you deserve a higher rate. This is due to the fact that you have encountered the same file types and errors during your years of work.

However, it is not always enough to be familiar with the task. Continuous development of experts is also important so that you can justify your higher quotes. Some concealers have been in the industry for years and still have the same level of skill.

You can also start training for a specialization. A reviewer or review organization may specialize in translated files. Others offer special rates for US and UK English review.

Take a look at the format of the file you are reviewing.
Another attention to setting your review rates is the type of report. Even if you are solely responsible for mechanical errors, technique differs by gender. For example, files full of jargon are more difficult to correct than informal writing.

Set your prices according to the difficulty of the style. Or you could limit yourself to one or several types of writing and charge more for them. For example, you are probably a professional proofreader who focuses on academic articles, research reports, and theses.

Other concealers also have subspecialties for which they charge more. You can charge a higher price for instructional articles within the social sciences if you have a degree in this subject. B ut you can set lower rates in case you are no longer a professional in your niche. You will eventually end up being a complicated proofreader in your subject with enough experience and exercise.

Defend your price
There are times when customers set unrealistic expectations and yet have to pay much less. Suppose a buyer objects to a freelancer’s prices, lower fees, believing that any client is better than none. but you should not try this in case you want to be a successful freelancer.

Keep the case to your honor. It helps to be obvious in how you set them up. let them realize that you feel quite in line with the genre, your understanding and response time. You could even evaluate your aggressive charges to other companies.

You have the skills to help these human beings and recognize the company better than anyone else. So there is nothing wrong with negotiating.

Set your proofreading prices with effective and honest payment themes when submitting proofreading work and services. Set your costs according to your capacity, the type of document, the deadline and the duration of the work. You may even remember the cost of living in your location.

I hope this newsletter has helped you decide how much you should grade based on the phrase. Keep honing your review skills to increase your price. Check out our post on ideas for correcting business names.

How much does the review cost? (Independent staff vs. commercial company)

If you need a proofreader to polish your prose, you may be wondering how much proofreading costs and why they vary. As an expert proofreader, I can help you choose affordable proofreading rates and understand the factors that cause base prices to increase.

On average, proofreading costs between 1 and 3 cents per word if you hire a freelance proofreader and between 3 and 6 cents per word if you hire an online proofreading service. However, you will want to pay more if you have a tight response time, a technical report, or poorly written text.

Let’s see how much the review costs depending on whether you hire a freelancer or a commercial company. Plus, we’ll discover why prices vary drastically and how to get the most value for your money.

Table of contents
How much does the review cost?
Before we begin, it is important to understand the difference between correcting and modifying. T he editing comes before the revision, and the editing is much more luxurious.

In short, proofreading involves identifying and resolving errors and inconsistencies in five important regions: grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

I wrote a post on proofreading if you want to know more about what happens during this essential step within the editorial process. As mentioned, proofreading typically costs between 1 and 6 cents ($0.01 – $0.06) per word, although quotes may be better depending on variables we’ll soon take into account.

  • Some freelance reviewers charge per hour or web page, but the maximum charges per sentence.
  • Online review offers rates through phrase.
  • We’ll look at the cost of proofreading if you pay a freelancer by the hour later, but for evaluation purposes, for now, let’s consider the price per word.
  • We will see how much it can cost to correct 1000 sentences in different appointments.
  • but first, let’s get an idea of ​​roughly how many pages we’re talking about with specific word counts.
  • Within the publishing industry, a web page is equivalent to 250 words.

Range of pages consistent with the word remember.

Phrase range number of pages

  • 250 1
  • 1 000 4
  • 2 000 ocho
  • three 000 12
  • 4 000 sixteen
  • 5 000 20
  • 10 000 40
  • 50 000 200
  • one hundred 000 400

Well, now let’s see how much you would have to pay to proofread a 1000-word document in several citations.

Cost to correct a 1,000-phrase record based on exceptional costs

Per word rate for 1,000 words

  • $0,01 $10
  • $0,02 $20
  • $0,03 $30 $0,04
  • $40
  • $0,05 $50
  • $0,06 $60
  • $0,07 $70
  • $0,08 $80 $
  • 0,09 $90
  • $0,1 $100

Next, let’s see how much it would be worth to proofread texts of high word counts at a fixed and fast price.

Since most freelance proofreaders cost towards the lower end of the mentioned rate range, we’ll look at how much it would cost for files with different word counts at $0.01 and $0.02 per phrase.

Price to correct multiple words Counts at $0.01 per word

Variety of value phrases

  • 250 $2.50
  • 1,000 $10
  • 2,000 $20
  • 3,000 $30
  • 4,000 $forty
  • and five,000 $50
  • 10,000 $one hundred
  • 50,000 $500
  • 100,000 $1,000

Value for correcting multiple words Counts at $0.02 per word

number of phrases rate

  • 250 $5
  • 1,000 $20
  • 2,000 $40
  • three,000 $60
  • 4,000 $eighty
  • 5,000 $one hundred 10,000
  • $200
  • 50,000 $1,000
  • one hundred,000 $2,000

In the end, let’s see how much it would cost to fix your record if you hired a web review company, and they charged $0.04 per word.

Cost of revising several sentences. Counts at $0.04 per phrase.

Number of value phrases

  • 250 $10
  • 1,000 $forty
  • 2,000 $eighty
  • and three,000 $one hundred twenty-four
  • ,000 $one hundred and sixty
  • cinco,000 $200
  • 10,000 $four hundred
  • 50,000 $2,000
  • 100,000 $4,000

Now, let’s find out why revision costs differ. What a good deal!

Factors affecting average review charges.
The following factors may affect the base price charged for the review:

  • response time
  • report type
  • high quality of
  • writing education and proofreading experience
  • Response time for your registration
  • The response time (TAT) for your textual content is what typically causes the most significant price changes.

If you have a good TAT, expect to pay a higher rate.

While independent proofreaders charge more for a quick TAT, online proofreading companies charge an exorbitant fee. Get ready for sticker shock!

Let’s look at an example of the ways many TATs affect the price you pay for proofreading services if you hire an internet company.

Below is an example of some TATs provided by Proofreading pal, a good online proofreading company.

Friend Review Fee for 1000 TAT Consistent Phrases

  • TAT price according to the value of the phrase
  • 7 days $0.027 $27
  • 24 hours $0.044 $forty-four
  • ninety minutes $0.149 $149
  • offer: Concealer friend
  • If you want your text back in 90 minutes, you will pay more than 5 as many times as possible if you need it back in seven days. What a huge distinction!

Additionally, if you hire a freelancer, you may have to pay more if you have to work on a weekend or holiday to get your document back before the deadline. however, this is not typically a component of online review services.

The type of document you want to correct.
Another detail to remember is the genre of your writing. Some types of text are more precise to correct than others. For example, it is easier to polish a children’s book than a master’s thesis on language acquisition.

Additionally, business enterprise documents are generally better priced than most other types of writing.

But which genres have the best review rates?

Medical records and people in the STEM (technology, engineering, and mathematics) field are often the most expensive genres to correct due to the understanding required to work with them.

You will pay a better fee each time the proofreader needs specialized knowledge.

The best of writing in its textual content.
I have reviewed files with almost no errors and others riddled with errors.

It takes much more time to correct a piece of writing full of errors than to organize a clearly fluent text.

Most freelance proofreaders will need to look at the report they will run before setting a fee. This way, they can charge a fair rate that depends on the time they will have to spend to get your text into its best shape.

Additionally, in the event that your writing contains errors beyond the scope of what the proofreader corrects, the proofreader will likely inform you that he or she has edited or edited your text.

The education and experience of the proofreader you hire.
If you hire a freelancer, you will find a significant variation between proofreaders’ titles, excellent schooling, and academic training.

Those variations are why common prices vary widely from one freelancer to another.

How much does it cost to rent a proofreader on a contract basis?

As we’ve seen, costs vary among freelancers, but most trained proofreaders cost between $0.01 and $0.03 depending on the phrase, and most proofreaders stick to the lower end of this range .

Reviewers in freelance structures tend to charge low fees
, although there are exceptions, reviewers operating on freelance marketplaces (e.g. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer) generally tend to charge less than those who own their own review business.

If you are looking for the cheapest services available, you can locate them on an independent platform called Fiverr.

You can find reviewers on Fiverr who rate remarkably low costs, but you will be disappointed with the satisfaction of their work. It’s a safer bet to search the platform for someone who pays a price within the normal range and has been specially rated by previous customers.

Upwork is another popular platform for finding concealers.

I wrote an article on how to find lower priced  proofreading services on Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. This article explains how these systems work and shows you how to choose a good concealer based on the platform.

data management platform dmpmarketing crm 260nw 521689087

Proofreaders with their own employer generally tend to charge more
, although good proofreaders can be found on independent platforms, some of the best proofreaders with the best level of training have their own businesses.

These reviewers typically charge higher prices than independent marketplaces.

Their websites provide an explanation of what they offer and most offer statistics on the charges. Additionally, websites usually feature testimonials from users highlighting their talents.

You can locate such proofreaders by searching on Google and searching member directories of reputable publishing agencies, such as the ones I will briefly mention.

How do independent proofreaders determine their positions?
Independent proofreaders set prices by consulting recommended prices from properly connected international proofreading and editing companies. Here are 3 of the most professional institutions:

The Chartered Institute for editing and Proofreading (CIEP), based in the United Kingdom.
The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA), based in the US.
The affiliation of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers (AFEPI), based in Ireland.
These types of institutions have recommendations for hourly costs, so we’ll look at those first. Next, we’ll take a look at a chart published by the EFA that includes price-per-word pricing.

How much does the review cost per hour?
These are the minimum suggested hourly charges for professional proofreaders who have obtained formal education and have at least some experience.

  • Minimum recommended review rates according to time.
  • Minimum hourly price of the publishing corporation
  • The Chartered Institute for editing and proofreading $37*
  • The Association of Independent Publishers $31–$45**
  • The Association of Independent Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers $35*
  • *price converted to dollars at the time of writing / **charge range is not an ALE proposal; It is based entirely on a survey of EFA members.
  • I wrote an editorial about how long proofreading takes and the factors that affect a proofreader’s pace if you’d like to know more.

How much does the revision cost depending on the phrase?
As we’ve seen, well-trained freelance proofreaders generally charge between $0.01 and $0.03 depending on the phrase.

But we know that prices vary for various reasons. Here is a chart from the EFA that will give you an idea of ​​revision costs according to Word.

Again, it is crucial to note that the EFA has not endorsed those costs; They are based entirely on an April 2020 survey of EFA participants. However, the costs are aligned with those positioned through the CIEP and AFEPI.

  • EFA review fees
  • text type Average hourly rate Average rate by phrase Average work rate
  • fiction $31-$35/hour $.02-$.029/wd 11-15 pages/hour
  • nonfiction $36-$40/hour $.02 -$.029/wd 7-10 pages/hr
  • business enterprise/revenue $41-$45/hr $.04-$.049/wd 7-10 pages/hr
  • clinical/STEM $forty-one-$forty-five/hour $. 03-$.039/wd four-6 pages/hour
  • source: The Editorial Freelancers affiliation

The table above makes it clear how the rates of a good business vary depending on the type of history (business, clinical, etc.).

How much is the review worth based on the page?
Sometimes reviewers like to get paid through the website. As mentioned, this is not as famous as charging with the help of word or time.

However, in case you are curious, let’s do a brief review of charging through the website based on special rates.

rate according to the website consistent with unique prices

consistent with the phrase rate price according to the website of 250 words
$0.01 $2.50
$0.02 $5.00
$0.03 $7.50

One way to get your money’s worth with a freelance proofreader
If you hire a proofreader from a freelance platform, the ratings I’ve gotten from previous clients are the pleasing signs of your target’s performance. but keep in mind that those ratings are relative to the fee they charge for the services.

As we understand it, we get what we pay for.

You can also check out a proofreader’s profile to learn more about their history and training. Ideally, hire someone who has received training from a good trading company or publishing corporation.

I talk about credible companies and organizations in my post on how to hire a proofreader in case you want to learn more.

Ultimately, if you have a long text (e.g., book manuscript, screenplay), you can ask the proofreader for a sample edit.

Proofreaders charge top dollar for this editing, which includes fixing a small section of writing from the middle of your document.

Sample editing has a two-fold purpose: it allows you to see if you will be satisfied with the proofreader’s work, and it allows you to determine how much your writing paints in an effort to establish a fair charge.

How much do online proofreading services cost?

Online phrase services
vary in what they offer from their “proofreading” service, so be sure to study the provider’s description to recognize exactly what you are deciding to purchase.


Many companies offer a combination of editing and proofreading for a single fee.

However, some companies allow you to pay for review and modification separately. On average, proofreading companies charge between three and six cents per word. Let’s look at some examples of expenses for online review services based on 12 and forty-eight hours TAT.

Quotes from online review organizations (according to phrase) based mainly on TAT

  • corporation TAT 12 hours TAT ​​​​forty-eight hours
  • Review Partner $0.049 (10 hours) $0.034
  • Revised $0.06 N/A
  • Writing $0.053* $0.041
  • Paper Blazer N/A $0.03 (72 hours)
  • *rates vary depending on the type of document
  • I was curious to know what the best rate you can pay to use one of the four offers above is, so I looked into it. The best price comes from Proofreading Buddy because it provides an ultra-fast TAT of 30 to 60 minutes.

And how much does it cost if you want your review partner to send you your report in an hour or less? The charge is $0.21 depending on the phrase. This means you would pay $52.50 per 250-word page. yes, that’s a penny!

The Concealer Buddy offers Superman-like speed, but they are no longer miracle workers.  Your 30-60 minute TAT is only available if you have text of 800 words or less.

Review teams that offer strict TATs set word limits to ensure you have enough time to shine your writing at a high level.

How to Get the Most Out of a Proofreading Agency
I guess we’ll end on that last factor that sending your text to the proofreading company as soon as possible is the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

A magnifying glass leaning against the word.
Additionally, many organizations offer a loose sample edition, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Ultimately, to get the perfect rate, you need to understand how those teams stack up against each other. But those studies can take endless hours and probably aren’t your idea of ​​fun anymore.

Without worries! I have researched over 70 proofreading and editing companies and prepare articles based primarily on what you are looking for. 

If you’re looking for speed, I wrote an article about the fastest proofreading and editing companies.

If you have an academic record, I published a post on the best educational review services.

Ultimately, if you have an ebook manuscript, create content around quality offerings to shape your ebook manuscript.

Selecting an Independent Proofreader vs. a Commercial Proofreading Company
Now we’ll go over the pros and cons of hiring a contract proofreader vs. a proofreading organization so you can see which option best suits your needs.

Pros and cons of hiring a contract proofreader

  • The Pros of Hiring a Contract Proofreader
  • They are much less expensive than the services of an online review company
  • which have a quick turnaround time and will cost more (but not too much) more
  • easily to expand an ongoing business relationship. with an independent professional
  • Disadvantages of hiring a freelance proofreader
  • The first type of work varies from one freelancer to the next,
  • You will have to wait longer to get a fee quote
  • , you will no longer be able to appeal if you are not satisfied with your work
  • top-notch takeaway
  • , hire a freelance proofreader if cost is your biggest issue and you’re willing to spend some time finding a certified, responsible freelancer.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring an online review company

  1. Advantages of hiring an online review company
  2. Excessive high quality is almost assured due to the strict research of the reviewers,
  3. many companies offer instant charge rates,
  4. more possibilities of recourse if you are not satisfied
  5. Cons of Hiring an Online Review Company
  6. It is much more expensive than hiring an independent professional,
  7. you need to pay high fees for tight delivery times,
  8. It’s hard to build a company and come out with an individual proofreader. For
  9. top-notch carry,

Use a proofreading company if you don’t have time to find a qualified proofreader and be willing to pay much more to ensure optimal results.

I hope this article has given you a clear picture of the ways proofreading is charged depending on whether you hire a freelancer or an online proofreading service. And, hopefully, it has helped solve the mystery of why review rates vary.



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