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Lithuanian Alphabet Chart

Lithuanian Alphabet Chart

Lithuanian language Lithuanian Alphabet has its own alphabet. Find out what letters are used in the Lithuanian alphabet.

Lithuanian is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Baltic languages group. It is closely related to Latvian and Estonian. The Lithuanian language was first written down in the 13th century.

А – A
The Lithuanian alphabet consists of 26 letters. There are no diacritics (accents) in the Lithuanian alphabet, so there are only two vowels – a and e.

Ӓ – O
А – A
Б – B
В – V
Г – G

Բ – D
In Lithuania, Lithuanian Alphabet the letter “D” is pronounced as “dz”. It is written with two dots above the letter.

Գ – G
Д – D
Е – E
Ж – ZH
З – Z

Դ – J
The Lithuanian alphabet consists of 26 letters. It was developed by the Germanic tribes who settled in Lithuania during the early Middle Ages. The first letter of the Lithuanian alphabet is “д” (d). This letter is pronounced as “D”. The second letter is “е” (e) and it is pronounced as “E”. The third letter is “ж” (zh), which is pronounced as “Zh”. The fourth letter is “з” (z), which is pronounced as “Z”. The fifth letter is “ё” (j), which is pronounced as ‘J’. Lithuanian Alphabet


Lithuanian foreign language (lietuvių kalba). Lithuanian Alphabet

Lithuanian belongs the family of Baltic  languages. Presently there are only two  Baltic languages communicated in the globe: Lithuanian as well as Latvian however previously there were even more, such as: Galindian, aged Prussian, Yotvingian, Skalvian, Selonian,  Semigallian.

They became died out throughout the training program of record. Lithuanian is a really old foreign language. Linguists are actually particularly intrigued in Lithuanian due to the fact that it is actually thought about to become the oldest surviving Indo-European foreign language. It maintains lots of antiquated attributes, which are actually strongly believed to have existed in the onset of the Proto-Indo-European foreign language. What does that indicate? Properly, it implies that Lithuanian is actually as antiquated in many of its own types as Sanskrit, a classic Indian foreign language, which likewise grew from  the Proto Indo-Eurpean language. Simply compare several terms coming from Sanskrit and also Lithuanian:. LithuanianSanskritEnglish. sūnussunusson. vyrasviraman. avisavissheep. dūmasdhumassmoke. padaspadassole. ugnisagnisfire. Lithuanian has over 3 thousand sound speakers worldwide, the bulk of all of them being actually in Lithuania. Nevertheless, if you are actually in the UK, United States, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark,  Estonia, France, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Russia,  Sweden or even Uruguay you may wish to make an effort finding out Lithuanian as there are actually rather large Lithuanian communities certainly there. Lithuanian handwriting. Lithuanian handwriting. The Lithuanian alphabet. Lithuanian ABC. Lietuvių kalbos abėcėlė. The Lithuanian alphabet (abėcėlė). The Lithuanian alphabet is actually gotten in touch with abėcėlė. It is based upon Latin and also recorded Latin manuscript coming from entrusted to right. The existing Lithuanian alphabet possesses 32 letters (12 vowels and. 20 consonants) and also appears much like a British alphabet except there is no Q, W or even X. As an alternative, you may discover a number of. peculiar looking characters,. i.e. Ą, Ę, Ė, Į, Ų, Ū, Č, Š, Ž. Ą, Ę, Į, Ų have a little bit of tail (linguists call it caudata). It is made use of to show lengthy vowels which traditionally the moment were actually dipthongs. with an n audio. Č, Š, Ž, Ė as well as Ū are actually named characters with diacritics. Below is actually how our company affirm the letters of the alphabet:. A a in papa (if long), u in dirt (if quick). Ą ą regularly long, like a in daddy. B b in infant. C c ts in tidal wave. Č č ch in youngster. D d in day. E e a in poor (if long), e in bedroom (if short). Ę atm machine regularly long, like a in bad. Ė ė (long or even brief) comparable to e in German geh. F f in fool. G g in goose. H h in hen. I i in it,. Į į always long, like ee in deed. Y y likewise long like ee in action. J j like y in of course. K k like k in key. L l in waistband (if tough), l in least (if delicate). M m in mama. N n in nose. O o oo in door; o in bog (in global words). P p in marker. R r is spun. S s in rest. Š š sh in sharp. T t in ping pong. U u consistently short, like u in butcher. Ų ų always long, like oo in institution. Ū ū likewise long, like oo in university. V v in voice. Z z in zoo. Ž ž s in measure (can begin a phrase). In some cases 2 consonants produce one noise:. Ch, ch in German acht. Dz, dz ds in mends (can easily begin a word). Dž, dž j in laugh. Occasionally two vowels create one noise:. ai i in snack. au ow in cow. ei ay in technique. ie ea in dear. ui ooey in gooey. uo oer in doer. Now, as you ve come to be knowledgeable about Lithuanian audios, make an effort reviewing these terms. Click the terms to hear the pronounciation:. Ežeras( lake). Sūris( cheese). Gaidys( fowl). Šiaudas( straw). Obuolys( apple). Ėriukas( sheep). Žvaigždė( celebrity). Elnias( deer). Vabzdys( pest). Listen to talked Lithuanian:. Obuoliukai. Ant šitos obels matai?. Obuoliukų attempts šimtai. Raudonskruosčiai, dideli,. Nenuskinti negali. Ei sesyte, ei broliuk,. Šok į saują, obuoliuk! Obuoliukas toks gardus,. Sultys varva kaip medus. (Janina Degutytė). Ar norėtumėte pramokti lietuviškai? Would you just like to attempt learning some Lithuanian? Taip?


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