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What’s Next and best For Social Media in 2022?

What’s Next For Social Media?

Advertisers live in an era of ever-changing platforms, overcrowding, and intense competition across
social networks. So how do you meet all of these challenges and stay relevant to your audience?
During DMEXCO 2021, we presented a masterclass to encourage advertisers of what’s coming next
in the social media about style and movement.

Here are some ideas from our DMEXCO 2021 talk to help you shape your strategy and prepare for a
dense 2022.

Current situation.

In the past, marketing on social media seemed to be just another fad, but since then it has seemed
to be an important commercial vehicle that will stay here.
According to Statista, the average person in the U.S. he spends 2.4 hours on social media every day.
People are looking for engaging content, discovering new products, and connecting with their
favorite products.
With the right marketing strategy, your product can reach 3.6 billion users on social media to:
Build brand awareness and increase visibility
Drive traffic to the website
Generate sales
Benchmark and win the competition
Provide customer service in real time
The list of opportunities for your product in communication is ongoing.
Let’s dive into the current situation to see what’s going on right now and strategies that can help you
find clarity about your marketing efforts:
Return of traditional channels.
The epidemic has affected the way people use content. Although it is not possible to see results
similar to those of the previous COVID-19, we believe that normal marketing and advertising will
return. There is more work on offline channels, and TV, audio, and outdoor advertising are expected
to grow by 2021.
Global advertising is already growing at a faster rate than the 19% forecast for the year, and TV
advertising is expected to increase by 9.3%, mainly due to the return of some major sporting events.
Therefore, brands should consider traditional channels and integrate them with their digital and
communication strategies.

Use of ads in all new forums.

social media post ai
social media post ai

We also see platforms like Amazon, Pinterest, and TikTok becoming important investment vehicles
during the epidemic.
For example, Amazon has earned $ 21 billion in advertising by 2020. By 2021, demand has continued
to rise, and median costs per click have risen to $ 1.20 by June 2021, showing a 30% increase.
At the same time, WARC reports that 44% of products expect to increase spending on TikTok this
year, due to the rapid growth of consumer and operational communication platform by the 2020
Change from short-term response to long-term planning.
The epidemic has shifted the focus of many products to short-term planning and quickly adapted to
a challenging marketing environment.
But according to Forrester Research, by 2021, B2C advertisers will increase their revenue from longterm loyalty and final marketing by 15% and reduce short-term product or performance-based
At the time of the closure, product loyalty had plummeted in many companies, with almost half of
their customers switching to new companies. Businesses should focus on building lasting
relationships with their customers and use a long-term planning approach focused on business
sustainability to recover from this.
Balancing your various marketing efforts successfully will also play a major role in building successful
credibility and lasting strategies.
Complete balance and very fast planning are essential.
Marketers need a data-driven approach to building their social media strategies and defining their
budget in order to make informed business decisions and generate community ROI.
“A new way of measuring and budgeting is needed. Without this information, it is very easy to make
poor investment decisions – as advertisers claim to spend 26% of their budget on channels and
ineffective strategies. ”
~ Spencer Ng, GfK’s Marketing Analytics Lead, APAC.
What can social media look like in 2022 and beyond?

image dataset in machine learningTrend 1: Divided territories.

The epidemic has disrupted traditional ways of communicating and doing business in general. And
investment and redistribution could be the future of social media.
What if the next big forum for social media uses blockchain and open source technology for the
purpose of making the forum democratic and give its users full ownership of their accounts and
In view of the future of social media, users can have direct access to shared platform algorithms.
There will be no intermediate rules for engaging and making money, which will free content creators
from having full ownership of the following and the investment it provides.Read this if you want to learn more about how to balance personalization and data privacy.
Trend 2: Investing in brands and influencers.
Imagine a world where content creators are making
money from their influence on social media in a new way. Currently, they have no choice but to
share a portion of their profits with the forums.
But what if the social media are turning to a mixed
media connection, where fans can invest directly in the products and celebrities they support and
believe in?
Let’s take this step further. What if, by doing this, fans get a premium on their investment when it
turns out they believe in the right people and products?
It remains to be seen which platform will emerge as the way to go for companies that like to use the
monetization feature on social media.
Trending 3: YouTube is becoming more and more popular.
According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 81% of adults in the U.S. they claim to be using
The social network is widely used in the consideration category for leading and returning customers.
It gives brands a good opportunity to explain more about the benefits of the products and services,
to balance those against their competition, and to stand out from the crowd with their unique
marketing points.
YouTube can also be used to deliver tutorials and input videos to help you build trust between your
You can also use the forum to personalize your product with in-video videos.
And don’t forget to re-use long-form video content by cutting back on small content and sharing it
on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc.
Trend 4: Facebook and Instagram are still important.
Public marketing has long been here, but 2022 promises to be the year of eCommerce on social
Many social networks have worked to create new and easier shopping information for their
audiences. And COVID-19 significantly changed the behavior of people online, which increased
eCommerce on social media.
Social networking sites are where leaders look for evidence to communicate with people about
products or services they like to buy.
Facebook and Instagram are a great start to your product. 43 million people have been using
Facebook in Germany since July 2021, and 40 percent of US adults say they use Instagram.
Trend 5: Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest.
You can use Pinterest to generate traffic, leads, and revenue. Most people also use Pinterest as a
search engine, and have a 70% chance of engaging with product branding in the forums.
Consider this opportunity and show your product works. You can also aim for visual content on the
network to increase your web traffic and engagement.
Trend 6: Identify B2B Professionals on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is a place to find and direct your B2B tracks. 28% of U.S. adults use LinkedIn, and 51% of
adults with a Bachelor’s or advanced degree use LinkedIn. Here are some ideas on how to use social
LinkedIn groups.
LinkedIn groups seem to be here to stay, so why not get acquainted (gain, obtain) with your
LinkedIn videos.
LinkedIn users have 20x more video sharing in this forum than any other post. Therefore, LinkedIn
seems to be investing heavily in video acquisition tools and promoting video content.
With that said, they have recently withdrawn their Story format with a view to focusing on
permanent videos, which their community requested.
Content generated by LinkedIn users.
Engage your audience by sharing important content from your users. Consider updates, blogs,
professional publications on your social media platform, and forums such as Trip Advisor, Food, Yelp.
Trend 7: The neglected generation of digital advertisers is growing on social media.
From Gen Z and their TikTok dance to the millennial news on Instagram, we think of younger
generations when we think of the social media platform. However, the ‘old’ audience is also
From staining the walls and ‘Things I Wish to Know in My 20s’ to fashion advice and rediscovering
their style, older generations are increasingly raising their voice in society, seeking advice from – and
giving advice to – the younger.
This new level of crossover and inter-generation communication means that products have to think
twice about who they can access and when it comes to their communication systems.
Trend 8: Nostalgia Marketing.
For products with a rich history, it is worth referring to the past while looking to the future. That is
called nostalgia marketing.
Nostalgia is like a luxury. It takes us back to a simple, happy place and gives us comfort and stability –
things we all long for in times of uncertainty.
It has been more than a year since the first lockdown was closed which put our lives at risk and
downplayed everything. Since then, masking, distance learning, and homework have become quite
commonplace, having a profound effect on the types of content people use.
A recent study examining the effects of COVID-19 on entertainment decisions found that more than
half the consumers enjoyed luxury TV programs, movies, and songs from their youth. Pokémon cards
go up in value, and the stars of 2000s TV shows such as High School Musical have had a huge impact
on TikTok.
Use this opportunity to bring happy memories to your audience and thrive on social media as a
That wraps up.
By embracing these styles and movements, your product will gain the attention and loyalty of your
current and past customers.
Despite the fluctuations of the social media platform, long-term planning is by no means a bad idea.
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