“10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place

“10 Simple Ways to Make the World a Better Place

As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the
world for one person. ” ~ Paul Shane Spear
I have always wanted to change the world.
I remember being four years old, sitting staring at the television on
Sunday morning, not watching cartoons, but completely
fascinated by World Vision. I cried for justice in the world, and I
begged my mother to let me support Maria, a girl with big, sad
eyes who was my age.
My mother patiently tried to explain that we had no money to
send her money. I did not understand, since we seemed to be
living in luxury compared with Maria.
Growing up in a community of about 800 people in the suburbs of
Newfoundland, I had never before seen much difference between
rich and poor. We all looked the same in my four-year-old eyes.
My heart is broken for Maria, and all the other kids in the program.
I made a commitment that one day I would help people like him.
From childhood, I told everyone I wanted to change the world.
Many did not take me seriously. They said, “One man cannot
change anything.”
Still, I knew I wanted to make a good difference by helping people,
animals and the environment.
I started volunteering at elementary school, and I became a
vegetarian at age 13.
People ask, “Why bother? You know, that cow will never live again
because you can’t eat it. ” And they used to say, “It won’t make any
I tried to explain that all actions are numbered, and that we all had
to make little or no effort.
In time, people around me started to criticize me less, and many
friends and family members decided to try some of the things I
was encouraging.
Each time I did something to make a difference, it left me wanting
to do more.
You may think you need to be a world leader or a millionaire to
make a difference.
I have always believed that being a good person is related to little
things. It is about how you treat other people, not how many
people you have control over.
If you would like to make the world a better place, but are not sure
how to incorporate it into your busy life, these ideas can help the
most important 3.

1. Volunteer.

Volunteering does not have to consume all your free time. You can
volunteer for as few hours as you would like! You can find an
organization in your community, or you can volunteer online,
through websites that will allow you to help even a few minutes at
a time.

2. Donate blood.

This can be one of the most satisfying ways to make a difference.
You can save real life in just an hour of your time.

3. Donate used clothing.

There are many places and ways you can donate your used goods.
Some organizations even provide download services, donate to a
shelter for the homeless, or a charitable organization.
The others are….

4. Foster animal.

This can be a very rewarding experience. If you can get rid of pets,
they leave a hole in your heart, but raising your next pet helps to
fill it, and you will be making a difference in the lives of many
animals that need it.

5. We spread the word about different causes in your

See an exciting fundraiser for the host organization? Share it on
Facebook! Do you see the animal that is ready to be found? Share
it. There are many ways you can help an organization with just a
click of a mouse.

6. Donate something you have done to an organization that
I can use.

I make jewelry, hats, scarves, and other craft items in my spare
time. I donated a lot of hats and scarves to homeless shelters, and
donated jewelry to a cat rescue organization for sale or auction to
raise funds. You have the skills — use them!

7. Join the bone marrow transaction.

It’s incredibly easy to sign up to donate a bone marrow transplant,
and you never know when you might save a life.

8. Spread some kind.

Small acts of kindness can go a long way in making the world a
better place. Think of a time when someone did something
unexpected to make your day. Wouldn’t you be a good person all
day because of that?
I am willing to bet that anyone who receives an act of kindness
conveys it in some way, even if only for the sake of being better,
and as a result treats the people around him with extraordinary
Send someone a kind message. Give a small gift. Do something for
someone. Tell someone how important they are to you. There are
many ways to brighten a person’s day.

9. Change your diet.

Many people will oppose the legitimacy of this land development
strategy; However, what you buy reflects what you value.
If you do not want to be a vegetarian, try to have one vegetarian
day a week. I
f you do not want to reduce your meat intake, what
about buying meat or free eggs? Or, buy organic food products.
There are many ways you can change your diet to reflect your

10. Make your purchase based on your prices. World

Every purchase you make supports something. You can support a
large business that exploits people, animals and the environment,
or you can buy local, organic, or commercial goods.
It’s hard to
change all of this at once, especially if you tend to buy things for
sale, but try to change a few things you buy to make it reflect
better the things you value.
These are just a few of the thousands of ways you can make the
world a better place! J
ust remember that everything you do
makes a difference. Never let anyone — including you —
discourage you from trying to be better and help others
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