12 Best Places to search out on-line Transcript

If you are looking to Places urge into the globe of transcription, I’ve compiled a listing of firms you ought to contemplate trying to find work on, as well as many choices for legal transcription.

They are loosely hierarchic by a lot of what proportion|what quantity} expertise you would like to figure there and the way much you’ll expect to earn from these jobs. thus, if you are looking for on-line transcription jobs for beginners, the primary few things on this list ar the simplest places to start out.

Keep in mind that most of those firms Places pay a per-minute rate for audio, which does not translate to however long it takes to transcribe it.

The general commonplace within the transcription business may be a quantitative relation of 4:1, which suggests that one minute of audio typically takes concerning four minutes to transcribe.


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Here is wherever to seem for on-line transcription jobs.

1. Rev

One of the most important and most well-known transcription firms Rev appears to continually be hiring new candidates. it’s checks you have got to finish before being accepted – a Rev transcription test and a synchronic linguistics quiz – however it continually appears to own work on the market.

You can typically opt for your own schedule Places and do the maximum amount or as very little work as you would like.

Rev incorporates a name for low pay, concerning thirty cents to $1.10 per minute of audio or video. however, if you would like to urge started and have a very versatile schedule whereas you learn and build your skills, this may well be an honest possibility. it is also the simplest way to undertake on-line editing and earn some cash to check if you relish it before investment in coaching.

No expertise is needed, though you need to pass the check. Rev conjointly has video captioning choices that pay fifty four cents to $1.10 per minute of audio or video, and if you recognize a far off language, subtitles work for $1.50 to $3 per minute of audio or video.

My friend and colleague Kristie Cooley started operating for Rev and says, “I darling having the ability to log in at any time of the day and opt for employment. His system is additionally super user-friendly!” On the opposite hand, she conjointly aforementioned that the those who grade your completed transcripts may be inconsistent and provides completely Places different directions or feedback.

2. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is another sensible possibility if you’re trying to find on-line transcription jobs for beginners.

The company solely pays twenty five cents per minute of audio, however breaks all of its work into smaller elements of 2 to four minutes every. This makes this company a good alternative if you merely have a restricted quantity of your time to transcribe or if you would like to realize expertise with an outsized quantity of audio material.

3. SyncScript

SyncScript’s rate still is not spectacular, however it’s beyond the primary 2 choices on this list, beginning at fifty seven cents or sixty three cents per minute of audio counting on the assignment sort. this can be another company to think about if you would like to urge your feet wet within the transcription business.

SyncScript nearly always runs ads to recruit new transcribers. the corporate needs a writing speed of 70+ words per minute and ninety eight % accuracy. It conjointly needs new candidates to transcribe a seven-minute audio check and pass a synchronic linguistics check. Once you are on the team, they will raise you to be on the market to transcribe a minimum of 3 audio hours per week.

Cooley says of operating for SyncScript, “Their Places communication is amazing! each single one among the files I got incorporates a super clean sound.”

4. Focus forward

Focus Forward is another transcription company that permits you to work the maximum amount or as very little as you select. It will all types of transcription, from focus teams, conferences and television recordings. the corporate pays forty cents per minute of audio, paid bi-weekly via PayPal, with the choice to participate in higher paying tasks the longer you’re with the corporate. It conjointly needs candidates to pass a high quality transcript check.

5. Daily transcript

Daily Transcription typically advertises for brand new transcribers to affix their team and pays a better rate than a number of the businesses represented higher than, concerning seventy five to eighty five cents per minute of audio.

It provides coaching thus you’ll learn as you go and is paid weekly by check. His work tends to target video and tv transcription, however you will conjointly notice some legal and tutorial work.

Daily Transcription needs a skills check and a transcription check to urge started, and you need to have writing skills of a minimum of fifty words Places per minute.

6. Ubiqus

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I spent it slow operating for Ubiqus after I initial started, thus I will make sure that they’re an honest company to figure for. the corporate offers general, legal and medical transcription.

Ubiqus’ pay structure may be a bit completely different from most alternative companies; you pay per word rather than per minute of sound. The reward quantity varies counting on the audio content.

It’s exhausting to check the speed per word to the speed per minute, and there ar several variables like how briskly or slow somebody speaks, however it’s roughly around $1 per minute of audio, offer or take. I in person like the per minute rate as a Places result of then you recognize precisely what quantity the task can pay you before you get into it. With a per-word rate, you actually don’t have any plan what quantity you will earn for employment till it’s done.

7. Allegis

Allegis focuses on a good kind of industries, as well as insurance and legal transcription (so this company would be an honest suited you if you choose to require the legal version of the Transcription course anyplace I did my training).

The company typically posts openings for newcomers with no transcription expertise. you only got to follow their job offers.

Prices ar proportional to the shopper contract, thus Allegis doesn’t list rates on its web site. in addition, the quantity you earn for transcription jobs depends on however quickly (and accurately) you’ll complete the task.

However, Glassdoor reports that hourly wages vary from $2 to $36 for editing assignments, whereas one Reddit user says you’ll expect to create $15 to $20 associate degree hour if you sort one hundred or a lot of words per minute.

It is troublesome to check the hourly or Places page rate to the audio per minute rate, however you typically have a lot of earning power as a legal transcriptionist than a general transcriptionist as a result of it’s a specialised field. Legal transcription jobs ar typically formatted terribly exactly, with specific margins, a collection variety of lines per page, and a definite variety of characters per line, in order that there’s associate degree equal quantity of writing on every page.

I haven’t in person worked with Allegis, however my transcriber friends say it needs a weekly quota of transcribers, thus you do not have quite a similar quantity of flexibility. It conjointly has periods of your time once there’s less work on the market thus it’s not continually consistent.

8. Deposition Services, Inc.

This is another choice to search out legal transcription jobs. repository Services, Inc. provides a two-week on-line educational program for its legal transcription work. He focuses on the transcription of statements, hearings, conferences and Places seminars.

They pay a per page rate, however do not in public specify what that rate is, solely that it equates to around $15-$20 per hour.

9. Audio Transcription Center

Audio Transcription Center incorporates a higher rate than several of the antecedently listed firms for his or her freelance transcription jobs: $1 per minute of audio.

Its transcription check is hard and you will in all probability want a good quantity of expertise – particularly with audiences involving multiple speakers – to pass it.

Much of his work focuses on oral history interviews and focus teams. it’s an internet application and conjointly needs a resume and canopy letter. It conjointly needs a screenshot of the writing check showing performance of seventy five words per minute or a lot of with a minimum of ninety eight accuracy.


Another company that reports continually Places hiring remote transcribers is

It needs you to pass a 10-minute check to affix the team, and it states that it involves quite an difficult audio. supported the issue of their check, this company sounds best for those that have already got some expertise with on-line transcripts.

Transcribers WHO work with this company have complete flexibility in setting their own schedule with no production commitments. though this rate is unclear, the web site says they pay competitively for transcription work. However, it accustomed begin at $25 per audio hour for terribly clean audio to $50 per audio hour for the foremost hard to please audio.

One of the outstanding facts concerning this company is what it calls its social mission: “For each order, we offer a month’s price of hearing aid batteries to a recipient during a developing country.”

11. Transcriptions of GMR

GMR Transcription works with universities, government and medical establishments, non-profit organizations and a lot of, thus you’ll Places expect legal, tutorial and medical on-line transcriptions after you work with this company.

Although it does not list rates on its web site, the corporate says, “Our translators/translators generally earn between $1,000 and $3,000 per month, counting on their skills and also the kind of work they are doing.”

If you are willing to require on harder tasks or complete tasks with quick times, you will likely earn loads a lot of. in addition, whereas no expertise is needed for this transcript, the a lot of expertise you have got, the better.

To apply, submit your resume and take a brief transcript check. Like several others on our list, GMR transcripts allow you to work after you wish and as typically as you would like. and every one you would like may be a laptop with high-speed net, Microsoft workplace, a lever and headphones.

12. Scribe

Scribie offers general transcription jobs Places that you just will do from home and provides freelancers with short audio clips of ten minutes or less that you just will opt for yourself – that means you are not obliged to figure on any task you are not inquisitive about.

Before you register and take the certification check, you’ll apply a bunch of apply tests to create certain your skills ar up to par. as a result of additionally to an honest employee, the corporate continually desires transcribers WHO will correct each manual and automatic transcriptions.

Once hired, transcription jobs with this company pay $5 to $25 per hour of audio. rather than obtaining paid weekly or monthly, your earnings ar attributable Places daily to your Scribie account and might be transferred to your joined PayPal account at any time.

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