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Best Application Support And Management Services

Application Support And Management Services

What is Application Support and why is it important ?

Application support is a type of service that makes sure that all the operational processes in a business runs smoothly and the business owners are able to conduct their business without any difficulty.
Now, let us come to the point that why Application Support is important ?
Application Support is important because it reduces the possibility of failure and at the same time it provides the assurance of good performance of the app or the application that is being used. It also helps in retaining customers as it reduces the probability of failure and so with less failures it helps to attract new customers and to retain existing customers.
So, this is known as  application support.
Now, there are two types of application support: Reactive and Proactive application support.
Types of Application Support :

  1. Reactive Application Support :
  • It helps to solve issues related to app usage and other basic problems like help with logging in/out, resetting password, etc.).
  • It helps to fix operational issues of the application without doing any code changes. For e.g., addition of new columns in the existing data sheets and improving configurations of different types of platform-based applications.
  • It helps to resolve complex problems by introducing new types of  changes in the code and also in the database.  For e.g., for a custom software – fixing defects on the code level, correcting issues with customizations for platform based applications.
  • It is only applicable to the platform-based apps that are provided by the software vendors such as Microsoft, Salesforce, etc.


  1. Proactive Application Support :
  • It includes Introduction of new app features and integrations for custom softwares, for redesign of legacy code /application restructuring.
  • It is used for application performance monitoring (APM)  and it is also used for optimization of the application.
  • It is used for Security code reviews and also for monitoring processes.
  • It is used for exploratory purposes and regression testing. It is also used for testing newly introduced features during the app’s evolution time.

So, these were the two types of Application Support. Now let us discuss the process and how to set up application support.
How to set up Application Support ?
The setup plan for application support is different according to the scale, requirements and type of the app.

  1. Estimation of the scope of the Application :
  • First, there is always an estimation of the support and of all the resources that are required depending on the type of application.
  • It includes the application’s age i.e. the legacy software can experience more issues and so it may experience frequent fixes and updates many times .
  • It requires average as well as the large number of intended users, and also the average and large load.
  • It also includes a number of integrations, the more the integrations are the more scenarios will be ready to monitor and the more potential issues will be there to resolve. It does not stop here, after each and every change that has been made  in the integrated software, there is a strong need to validate data sharing between systems.
  • Its average duration is almost 1 week.
  1. Design the process for Application Support :

In this, there are 2 types of metrics for application support :

  • Common Metrics : Reactive Application Support
  • It shows the first response time.
  • It calculates the score of user satisfaction.
  • It determines the resolution rate of the application.
  • It also determines the average time to the resolution.
  • Common Metrics : Proactive Application Support
  • It shows the availability of the application.
  • It shows the outage time of the application.
  • It determines the Meantime to the recovery.
  • It shows the number of implemented change requests so that the necessary changes can be made.
  1. Preparation of the Application Support :


  1. Launching of Application Support :

To launch your application support you need to follow some steps, rules and regulations.

  • First, you have to negotiate your service level objectives and your KPIs, i.e. your pricing model with the chosen vendor.
  • You have to sign a collaboration contract and an NDA.

These are the steps that are to be taken in order to launch your application support.
After the application support is being launched then you may now offer to manage that application support as an additional part of your service.

If we talk about the client side then, there are advantages as well as disadvantages for outsourcing application support.
Advantages :

  • It is completely managed by the professionals and so you don’t have to worry about its functioning and management.
  • It is according to your budget.
  • The KPI – collaboration is transparent.

Disadvantages :

  • You may select the wrong vendor.
  • Scalability issues from the vendor’s side.
  • Pricing transparency is lacking somewhere.

Now, let us talk about some reputed companies providing Application Support.

ScienceSoft :
It is a reputed company offering Application support. Its services include :
Application Support :

  • Creating as well as maintaining information for self service of the user, which includes guiding materials like manuals, FAQs, product and also technical information, etc.
  • Solution of some basic application based issues. It includes, recognising support requests, solving user issues, etc.
  • Fixing application configuration.
  • Resolving issues in the application also on the coding level.

Application Maintenance :

  • It will work on the introduction of new application enhancements.
  • Testing and QA.
  • Management of Application Performance
  • Security management for Application, etc.

If you wish to make a visit to its site, then just click on the link below :

NextGen :
It also offers all the services mentioned above and it is also a reputed company which provides application support as well as management services.
If you wish to visit its site, then click on the link given below :

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