Are Chinese Dragons Real and the best in 2022?

Are Chinese Dragons Real ?

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Significance of Chinese Dragons :

Dragons in China are considered as the most powerful and benevolent symbols. They are supposed to have control over water like for eg, summoning of rain during the type of drought.
Dragons in China are a symbol of luck and goodness. These depictions are totally different from the ones we see in movies like, evil fire breathing monsters.
Let us now discover some amazing facts about dragons.
Amazing facts about Chinese Dragons :

  • Among the 12 zodiac signs, the dragon is the most popular one.
  • In ancient China, the rulers and emperors were considered as the sons of dragons.
  • Ordinary people back then were not allowed to possess anything which had pictures of dragons.
  • Chinese dragons are said to bring prosperity into the kingdom.
  • Most of the dragons were depicted to have long snake-like bodies and hawk-like claws.
  • They were said to have lived under water bodies like seas, rivers, lakes, etc.

These were some amazing facts about Chinese dragons.
Ancestors of the Chinese :
Now, let’s talk about the ancestors of the Chinese people.
Thousands of years ago, Yandi, the legendary tribe leader who was born from his mother’s telepathy with the dragon and Huangdi, another tribe leader formed an alliance and opened up the prelude to the ancient Chinese civilization. So, they are considered as the strongest ancestors of the people of China.
Dragon’s role in festivals :

  1. Dragon Dance : It is one of the famous folk dances in China that is performed and elaborated in most of the festivals. In this, there is a very long dragon over 70 meters. It is made by using hoops that are made of bamboo and covered with glistenic fabric. This dragon is held by the performing dancers.
  2. Dragon Boat Racing : Boats are covered and decorated like a Chinese dragon. It is done on the day of the dragon boat festival.

Different types of Chinese Dragons :
There are 9 types of Chinese dragons. They are :

  1. Bixi : It is a turtle – shaped dragon with large teeth. It is said to be fond of carrying heavy objects.
  2. Qiuniu : It is a dragon with yellow scales. It is often resembled with music and adorns musical instruments.
  3. Yazi : It is a dragon with a snake-like belly and a leopard head. It resembles fighting and killing. It is often used to decorate sword grips.
  4. Chaofeng : It resembles adventures. It is seen on roof ridges.
  5. Pulao : It is known for loud crying. It is found on bell handels.
  6. Chiwen : It usually lives in the sea and resembles water. It has a harsh voice.
  7. Bi’an : It is a type of dragon that likes lawsuits and is often found on the stands by the gates of the jail.
  8. Suanni : It is a dragon which resembles a dragon. It is seen sitting cross-legs and smelling incense.
  9. Fuxi : It looks like a legendary dragon that is often found on stone tablets

Origin of Dragon in China :
There are a number of stories resembling the origin of dragons. One of the most important and famous stories is :
Huangdi, The Yellow Emperor, attacked nine different tribes on the Yellow River Valley and wn it under his own Dragon Totem. That is why a dragon has attributes of nine creatures like, eyes of a shrimp, antlers of a deer, nose like a dog, a big mouth of a bull, whiskers of a catfish, name of a lion, tail of snake, scales of a fish, and claws of a hawk.
Decorations of Chinese Dragon :
There are many drawings, scriptures of dragons in China. Some of them are :

  • On buildings : If you enter The Forbidden City, you will be able to see many elements resembling many types of dragons everywhere. On the golden roof, you will see the nine sons of the dragon, and every kind of dragon on stone sculptures, pillars, chair decoration, handrails, etc.
  • On artifacts : They can be seen everywhere in a museum. At the first glance it would look similar but when you look carefully then you will notice that they are all different.
  • Dragons on a Chinese Opera : There is also a culture of opera in China. There are many shows based on dragons, you will be able to see them on imperial robes in the opera stage show when the actors will act for the role of the imperial family.
  • Beijing City : Beijing has many tourist spots resembling dragons. Some of them are : 8 day Golden triangle Tour, 11 day Classic Wonders Tour, 3 day Beijing discovery tour.

So, these were some of the things about Dragons.
Now, let us come to the question again, do dragons really exist ?
Well, there is no significant answer to that, but if we talk facts, dragons do not really exist. They are just depictions and tales of the ancients.
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